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I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement on November 10th 1991, on a site called Gopher in order to connect with other like-minded Black People, African Immigrants, Afro-Brazilian/Afro-Latinos and Afro-Caribbeans to discuss social issues in America and throughout the Diaspora as well as on the African continent. The movement’s objective is to build a new Black Movement/African Movement by building our own cooperative enterprises within the African American community.

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As I explain to my listeners it’s not my burden alone it takes a team to make a dream work. Black America has rejected my vision and plan for 31 years this is why I am reaching out to the Blackgrass Roots and the Global African Family. My film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group before I cut and run to Africa. At this time all I can do is news commentary.

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I created a GoFundMe Page last April 2022 as a crowd funding source so that everyone on my Facebook friends list and everyone in my social groups would know exactly where the funds for our film project would go. This will also indicate our progress in getting this film fully funded and made. Out of 1,783 people on my Facebook friends list only 5 people have donated to our Film Project on our GoFundMe Page then you wonder why our community remains jacked up. All I have is my Revised Book, my Virtual Store, my Online Groups and this platform. I recommend that if you are serious about working with me and Sister Rena in turning my vision and plan for Black America and Africa then purchase my revised book first and read my story. If you agree with what I am trying to do then make arrangements with me to come on this podcast so that we can talk about it. I am using this technology to broadcast my vision and plan to all who will listen.

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GRCAI of Chicago mission is to eradicate Urban Violence in Chicago through Arts, Culture, Commerce, Spiritual Development and hosting African tours to 10 African nations they are as follows: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. I want to bring the best of the Diaspora to each African nation so that we can setup local chapters and do international trade among our people. We aim to reconnect Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist. In This Christian business our objective is to heal from enslavement and colonization. Since Black America & Black Chicago overlooked and rejected my vision and plan for 31 years my Christian business will be membership based. I am only responsible for my members those who are not part of us we will pray for them show them tough love and keep it movin. #NotAnother31Years

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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows: The Uprising In Gabon.

For people who don’t know there has been another coup in Africa this time it’s Gabon. President Ali Bongo has been in power for 20 years. His father was in power for 40 years they have turned Gabon into a Monarchy. When the military coup took power France start crying foul. It is allegedly that the President of Gabon had bought luxury sports cars and homes in America. I found an article from The Global Herald entitled “Gabon: hundreds celebrate while president pleads for help after coup declared” If you would like to read the full article then I encourage my listeners to follow me on my Medium Page look for the exact title of this presentation. Then click on the topic and scroll down to show and prove. Basically to sum up what the article said African youth are tired of this fake democratic system. The citizens of African nations are sick and tired of these puppet African leaders serving the interest of France instead of the interest of the people. These Franco Phone countries print the money in France so that France can continue colonizing them. The African Union was threatening Niger because of their coup now it has happen in Gabon which is not an ECOWAS country. I wonder how the African Union is going to respond to this latest coup.

I believe either Cameroon or Senegal will be the next coup. I remember back in my college days reading about how coups are formed for my public speech class. First you need the support of the people and then the military has to co-sign the coup. The military will arrest the sitting President and remove him from power. Then the military will attempt to restore civil society such as having financial institutions, infrastructure like electrical grid, law enforcement, food industry etc… A military coup could also back fire and lead to a civil war if segments of the population is loyal to the President. What these coups are exposing is all of the corruption that’s been going on for years. It’s a money grab for many of these African leaders they don’t care about the people. The coup leaders did it the right way they operated covertly unlike Black Americans who tell all of their plans online.

I am happy that we’re witnessing the destruction of former colonized African nations starting to stand up across Africa because it’s time. Malcolm X said if you want your freedom then you have to fight for it. France has been bleeding Africa dry since West Africa so called independence and they continue charging former colonies for their freedom. The Global Imperialist or the White Supremacist Financial Elites usually try to collaborate with African politicians so that they can continue to receive the natural resources while trying to bribe African leaders under the table to turn a blind eye to the impoverishment of ordinary Africans living from hand to mouth. It appears that these coups are focus on getting France puppets out of power. It’s my hope that all these African Nations will obtain their freedom from the the Western nations. I also hope these African nations will trade among themselves and do away with those borders that was imposed on them during colonization. Western nations are strengthening these Coup Leaders every time they go against the opposition that the majority of what the people want. I support all of these African nations trying to rebuild their country from scratch. In contrast, as it pertains to Black America a lot of things happens to us continuously because we refuse to work together. For example, all of this year I’ve been doing my best to get people on my Facebook friends list and people in my social groups to participate in these weekly conversations I hold on my platform. I have upgraded my online talkshow by using Stream Yard technology so that my listeners can watch me and my guest speakers in real time and they can interact with us in the chat room or the comment section on Facebook. On this platform I want to keep the Global African Family informed about what is happening beyond America.
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