(The Republicans Are Starting To Pander To Black Voters Using Stereotypes & How Socio-Economics Is Weaponized Against Black Americans)

Emmanuel Barbee
16 min readFeb 28, 2024


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After the show I offer my guest speakers an incentive by teaching them how to create their own podcast and Youtube channel to help them earn extra revenue. I also assist people on my friends list with creating basic websites, finding college scholarships/grants; housing and legal services all for free.

we’ve setting up our Paypal Giving Fund and our GoFundMe Page as an indicator of our progress towards getting this film project fully funded and made. Our Paypal Giving Fund will only allow us to raise Ten Thousand Dollars. Our goal is to raise Five Hundred Thousand Dollars so that the Black World would take us serious. I have invested 32 years of my life trying to connect with other like minded Black People and African People I refuse to be ignored. My film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group before I cut and run to Africa. My assignment is to generate enough capital from my revised book, my virtual and to raise donations through this video podcast so that we can get our story on the big screen. We offer something that no Black Politician has in America and that is a solution which will solve all of our social problems but we have to build it first. I am talking about GRCAI of Chicago. We will offer a 21 Century solution within the United States of America before we expand to Africa. Since I have little to no support for my cause all I can do at this time is news and social commentary.

Without financial support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job. This is why I am reaching out to African Immigrants within the United States of America from the following African Nation’s: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria.

Stand up and work with me the sooner we get this film project fully funded and made the sooner we can build GRCAI of Chicago. Once the proceeds from the docu-drama starts pouring in then I will be in a better position financially to purchase property in Chicago, buy office equipment and hire qualified Black Middle Class professionals and African Immigrants within the United States of America. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago mission is to eradicate Urban Violence in Chicago through Arts, Culture, Commerce, Spiritual Development and hosting African tours in 10 African nations. We’re going to meet people from my African group GRCAI of Africa.

We will bring the best of the Diaspora to each African nation so that we can setup local chapters and do international trade among our people. We will reconnect Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist. In This Christian business our objective is to heal from enslavement and colonization.

The title of this presentation

(The Republicans Are Starting To Pander To Black Voters Using Stereotypes & How Socio-Economics Is Weaponized Against Black Americans)

Our First Topic — The Republicans Are Starting To Pander To Black Voters Using Stereotypes. The bidding war for Black votes has begun. This is a good position for Black Americans so that we can receive our tangibles which are our reparations. The Republican Party is trying to pander to Black Men. It’s good to have the Democrats and the Republicans trying to compete for our vote. The Democrats had a monopoly on the Black Vote for the past 60 years because they helped pass the Civil Rights Bill and since then they always had 90% of the Black Vote. They assumed that they didn’t have to do anything else for Black America. The Democrat Shills try to shame us for demanding tangibles for our vote by saying things like our ancestors fought and died for us to vote. No, they fought and died for us to be free. Republicans you need to listen don’t make the same mistake that the Democrats have made the pandering stereotypes about Black People instead of offering us policies just for our group.

Some Republican pandering I didn’t like at all. If you really want to compete for the Black Vote stop pandering. I saw a video clip on Fox News about Donald Trump limited edition sneakers at a Sneaker Convention. I want you all to hear what this reporter had said about sneakers in relation to the African American community. To watch the actual video just go to my Medium Page and select the exact title of this presentation then click on it and scroll down to show and prove. Fair use Fox News. In a nutshell, this dude really thinks he is an expert about Black Culture. I wouldn’t buy those shoes but when you say Trump is connecting because of sneakers that’s stereotyping not all Black People are into buying sneakers. Prove to Black Americans that you’re better than the Democrats and point out to Black America what the Democrats have not done for us then tell us what you are going to do for Black America economically.

A lot of Black Americans told me that life was better under the Trump Administration due to those stimulus checks. You can’t connect with us with sneakers, sports or music that doesn’t connect you with us. If you’re serious about connecting with Black People then offer us policy that will benefit Black Americans as a whole. Treat us no differently than you treat other groups and or make arrangements with me to come on this podcast and let’s talk about the issues that are important to our community. Trump spoke at a Black Conservative event even though the majority of the crowd was not Black but let’s hear what Trump had to say about fair use ABC News.

Trump needs to get more Black People around him to school him on Black Culture if he really wants to get the Black Vote. He said these lights are so bright in my eyes that I can’t see too many people out there but I can only see the black ones and I can’t see any white ones. He said I got indicted for nothing for something that is nothing they were doing it because it’s election interference and then I got indicted a second time and a third time and a fourth time and a lot of people said that’s why Black People like me because they have been hurt so badly and discriminated against and they viewed me as being discriminated against. Donald Trump, let’s address the light thing that didn’t make any kind of sense what you said. I know you thought you were being funny in your mind, that’s how you think. Now talking about the indictment part, you’ve been indicted several times does not make Black People like you Black People are not going to connect with you about your indictments because the majority of Black America is not being indicted. Now do we see it being used as a political witch hunt sure we see that as Black People.

You’re not really connecting with Black People the only way you can connect with Black America is simply tell them about your track record from your last Administration. Black People I talked to from behind the scenes who have been hardcore Democrats admit that they were doing financially better under the Trump Administration than they are doing now under the Biden Administration but they are afraid to say that in public because they fear retribution in the African American community. If Trump really wants to hit the Democrats where it counts then he should come to my city Chicago and New York to talk with Black People like me and others from the Black Grassroots about the Migrant Crisis. The Republicans don’t need to Pander about gym shoes or talk about indictments, just focus on the issues the Migrant Crisis in Chicago, New York, Denver and Boston as well as talk about the Economy. Start going to these cities where the Migrant Crisis is a big issue that would be Trump’s strong point about Immigration. That’s how Trump is going to connect with Black Voters through the Migrant Crisis.

Talk about economic empowerment that will bring Black Voters to support you. Just focus on the Migrant Crisis in these cities and focus on economic empowerment for Black America. Those things will get you back in office. If you really want to crush the Democrats then talk about giving reparations to Descendants of American Slaves that would be a game changer. It would end the Democrat Party and the Republicans would have every Black American vote for the next 100 years. Right now the Democrats have a majority of the Black Vote because of the Civil Rights bill. We need policies that’s going to help Black America and we need economic empowerment along with an Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill.

Donald Trump called out Democrats for abandoning Black Americans. Trump stated Democrats only come around us for votes and then disappear. Trump claims the Republican party will fight for Black Americans. Now you have both the Democrats and the Republicans trying to win the Black Vote which is a good thing because it puts us in a good position now we can demand tangibles in the form of reparations. We’re going to home in on the speech that Donald Trump made at the Black Conservative Federation fair use Fox News Trump said “in this election will be a very simple one if you want strong borders, safe neighborhoods, Rising wages, good jobs, great education and the return of the American dream then congratulations you are a republican. Joe Biden and the radical left have abandoned everything Black Americans care about they’ve really let you down look we all understand it they’ve thrown Black Americans overboard and it’s been not a pretty thing to watch look at some of these inner cities but I and the Republican party will fight for the Black community like you have never had anybody fight for you be here and with me you will never be taken for granted notice they always come around about two months before an election then they get your votes and then they go on and you know four years later they come around, they do nothing they do absolutely nothing until it’s election time then they come and seek your vote the future we want is one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all”

That’s Donald Trump’s appeal to Black America let’s break some of that down he mentioned strong borders is Joe Biden promising strong borders for Black Americans? President Biden has opened up the floodgates and let everybody in that want to come in from all over the world like a free for all and now they are in your city taking resources from your Schools, your Parks, your Shelters they are prioritizing foreigners over American citizens. I don’t know about you but I prefer strong borders. We have enough we need to help and feed American citizens first before we can help others. Look at the inflation under the Biden Administration; it’s out of control. A lot of you who are renter’s your rent keep going up the Biden Administration is saying nothing about it and yet they are supposed to be the party of regulation. Notice they’re not doing anything about all these rents going up you having to work two and three jobs when prior to Biden getting in office you didn’t have to do all that. The Biden Administration is spending billions of dollars on Ukraine when they should be spending that money on American citizens. They are spending millions of dollars on migrants in Chicago and New York. I bet you the Republicans won’t allow that under the Trump Administration. I agree with them on dealing with unchecked Immigration. I’m not with them on racism that’s for sure and that’s what keeps a lot of Black People away from that party in order for that party to survive it’s going to have to overhaul itself and get rid of the people in there who are hardcore racist. But as I said many times before, as long as we live in America we will have to deal with racist people every day we got racist supervisors we got racist co-workers.

I don’t want to hear about racism from the Democrats any more because they don’t do anything about it. Racism is very important to me as a Black man sure but Democrats don’t do anything about racism when they’re in office. They’re using racism to get votes and I don’t like that they’re playing on my people’s pain. Trump’s speech touched everybody’s talking about it for sure how the Democrat party just threw Black America under the bus after a majority of Black Americans voted them in office during the 2020 election. Don’t reward the Democrat Party with your vote because we’re going to get more migrants to deal with and many city budgets will be cut as a result. Black America this is your last chance to get it right. It’s these off code Negroes who is making it hard for us to live in America because they keep voting against our interest and participate in our own oppression because of this Willie Lynch mentality. The Democrat Shills are paid to misinform Black People and keep you as a permanent underclass in America that’s why I created this platform to help expose those people and to mobilize like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants in America to work with me so that we can build (GRCAI of Chicago) together. I wrote my revised book to help get GRCAM members on code throughout the United States and around the globe. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all, share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — How Socio-Economics Is Weaponized Against Black Americans. The White Supremacist Financial Elites are Culture Vultures. They are determined to colonize our arts and culture in order to pass it down to their children. For example, I found a video clip entitled (Dr. Umar Johnson On China Controlling Jamaica And Jamaican Politicians Selling Out The Country). To watch the actual video just go to my Medium Page and look for the exact title of this presentation then click on it and scroll down to show and prove. I will play the audio version free use I Never Knew TV. They stole Rock and Roll from Chuck Berry and gave credit to Elvis Presley and named him King of Rock and Roll because the White Supremacist Financial Elites wanted monetary control of our music. When Michael Jackson came on the scene he helped open the doors for Black Artists to get their music played on MTV. The rapper Nelly sold his catalog for around 50 million dollars. The question is what will be left for the children? It’s not just about the money, it’s also about leaving your cultural legacy. If your catalog and your publishing belongs to other people then your music legacy also belongs to them. It’s not just limited to music for example, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. family members decided to sell all of his famous speeches so now whenever someone makes a film about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. they will need permission to use his speeches in their film otherwise they could face a potential lawsuit.

I created this platform as a virtual space where like minded Black People and like minded African People could gather and discuss social issues that are important to us. I have (1,927) people on my Facebook friends list. It’s my hope to encourage everyone on my friends list to join GRCAM and for everyone to help get my revised book on the best seller’s list so that the Black World would take us seriously. I also hope and pray that through this platform we will get our film project fully funded and made so that I can do all of the things which I have been talking about for the past 32 years. I am not getting push back from White America I am getting push back from Black America but at least I am documenting what I am doing. If it was up to me everyone would be on board to support what I am trying to do for our Black Youth & the African American Community but God gives us free will. The sooner we get GRCAI of Chicago up and running the sooner we can make plans about expanding it to the African continent. If only we would practice group economics then we could turn around our inner cities in America within 2 years. Everyone talks about how money in the African American community doesn’t stay in the community no longer than a day but in the White community money remains two or three weeks before it leaves.

I am trying to create our own system that will benefit our group. That’s why I need Black thinkers and African thinkers on my team so that we can turn my vision and plan into a reality. We have to start valuing our creations. All these other groups already have a 100 year plan but Black America only have plans for the weekend. In GRCAI of Chicago we will teach our members and students not to get caught up in ego starvation meaning if I can’t be the limelight then forget the community or I got mind you get your’s type of attitude. If our black celebrities won’t promote our issues then we as members of GRCAM must do it by making Black Empowerment films that’s what I am trying to do y’all. A majority of Black Americans are not interested in creating generational wealth but the White Supremacist Financial Elites they are and they are determined to take ours if you continue to allow them. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all, share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.
Please join GRCAM by joining either my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group or Christian Spoken Word Network) or join my Secular groups GRCAI of Africa, GRCAI of Chicago or New Black Voices of Media etc… also exchange emails with me so that we can stay connected because this is my third Facebook Page hackers are forever bugging.

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Show and Prove

Scriptures to back up my claim for our Christian business (GRCAI of Chicago) Genesis 15:13–14, Deuteronomy 28:68 and Ezekiel 34:11–16.

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