(The NYC Subway Shooting and the Four Major Shootings In The U.S. Over Easter Weekend, Black Democratic Shills Exposed and The LGBT Indoctrination OF Our Children In Public Schools)


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Today’s topics of discussion are as follows:

(The NYC Subway Shooting and the Four Major Shootings In The U.S. Over Easter Weekend, Black Democratic Shills Exposed and The LGBT Indoctrination OF Our Children In Public Schools).

Our First topic — The NYC Subway Shooting Suspect Frank James and the Four Major Shootings In The U.S. Over Easter Weekend. As I have stated time and time again America is becoming more violent due to the easy access to guns. On Tuesday April 12th their was a mass subway shooting in Brooklyn New York. Ten people were shot thirteen others were injured. He made Youtube videos threatening to harm people. In New York and across the United States of America the financial elites are placing Negro puppets in certain positions in order to justify the oncoming anti-black targeting of black people. They are trying to bring back Stop & Frisk and black criminals are making it easy for them to do just that. These incidents come on the heels of a mass shooting in New York. A week prior to the shooting, on April 3, shots rang out in the streets of Sacramento, California leaving 12 dead and six injured. In the wake of worsening gun violence, President Joe Biden announced tighter restrictions on Ghost Guns mandating that gun kits include serial numbers and that sellers of the kits follow the same background check procedure for buyers that normal guns are subject to.

Pittsburgh party erupts in violence

Two minors have died and eight others were injured after a shooting at an Airbnb rental property in Pittsburgh that was being used for a massive party.
According to a press release, when Pittsburgh police responded to the call, they witnessed a chaotic scene of shots still being fired and young people fleeing the area on foot and trying to escape into cars. The investigation revealed that “as many as 200 people (were) in attendance, many of them underage. “During a Sunday news conference, Pittsburgh police Chief Scott Schubert told reporters that more than 90 rounds of ammunitions were fired, as gunfire was exchanged both inside and outside the Airbnb. Some partygoers jumped through windows to escape the shootout, leading to reports of broken bones and lacerations. Casings found at the Airbnb indicate that there were multiple shooters using handguns and one rifle. For more detail just go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to show and prove. In contrast, law enforcement is letting white criminals off the hook for their criminal behavior. For example, the MAGA crowd who trashed the State Capitol Building many of them aren’t getting cited anymore. This is a clear case of White Supremacy immunity from the law.

There’s a video that was released of an African Immigrant by the name of Patrick Lyoya from the Congo who was shot and killed. A police pulled Patrick Lyoya over for a minor traffic stop. Patrick Lyoya was seen on video getting out of his vehicle and tried to run. The police jump on his back and shot him in the back of his head. My message to our young black brothers & young black sisters just do what the police tell you. It’s imperative that Black Immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean befriend Black Americans when you arrive in the United States of America. We have the knowledge about this bias system that you’re stepping into. Separating yourselves into enclaves won’t protect you from White Supremacy. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago will reach out to Black Immigrants from Africa, the Caribbean & Brazil in order to form a global alliance with Black America. I believe if we unify and work together then we can begin solving our problems.

The first thing we have to do as a group is heal collectively those of us in the Diaspora must heal from this Willie Lynch mentality within black society and our brothers and sisters on the African continent must heal from the Colonized Mindset then we can move forward as a group in solving our domestic issues and our global issues. GRCAI of Chicago will take the lead in creating a code of conduct for our members those who are not part of us we will pray for them and show them tough love. Black Americans think they will force this system to respect and accept our humanity it’s been 400 years and they haven’t respected it yet. We have to follow the rules of engagement. It’s better to take the ticket or be arrested then to end up losing your life for nothing. Policing is all about immediate compliance if you don’t comply then chances are they will kill you if you’re black because of Qualified Immunity. I don’t do these shows to hear myself talk this is to help save black people’s lives. As long as we remain living in America we will be treated as third and forth class citizens it’s not right but until we learn how to work together and separate ourselves from off code Negros then we will continue to be in this mess.

Through GRCAI of Chicago we will teach our members how to get our politics in order and have our lobbyist in place then we can put pressure on our State Legislators to have Rogue Cops removed off the police force. GRCAI of Chicago will encourage out members to practice group economics. Our only options for survival is for us to apply for dual citizenship in an African nation this is why we want to launch our African tours and Caribbean tours not just hide behind a computer. As I told you all before I am here to recruit and promote my ideas to like minded Black People, African People, Caribbean People and People in Brazil. I offer something that no black leader has in America and that’s a solution to solve all of our problems in America I can prove it if given a chance I said that 30 years ago and today ain’t nothing change. I don’t have another 30 years to waste I am reaching out to our Global African Family to work with me in getting our film project fully funded and made so that I can do all of the things which I have written and what I’ve been talking about for the past 30 years. Before I cut and run to Africa I want Black America to know I was here. We will get this organization up and running in Chicago. Then I will lead by example by applying for dual citizenship I want to make sure that I am able to sustain myself and be in a position financially to set up our Christian business in South Africa. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and or on my Youtube Page. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — Black Democratic Shills Exposed. Black People pay close attention to what these Democrats are doing. They need our vote but they are going to turn against us in order to continue to stay in power. When you go to the polls in November during midterm election think about how the Democrats treated us and how they treated everyone else. We need to show them that their are political consequences for not doing right for black people they gave resources to every other group except our group. The best way to deal with them at this point is by doing either a protest vote meaning voting for the opposite political party Republicans or sit it out. I believe black people need to be proficient in Law, Education and in Economics in order to help advance our group in America. For two years the Democrats had a chance to do right for black people like they did for all these other groups. All they gave us was symbolism but everyone else received resources for their group. For example, Afghans are not even citizens the moment they arrived in the United States they received $500 million dollars for relocation yet you have American citizens who are homeless sleeping under bridges. The Democrats sent $13 billion dollars to Ukraine. The Democrats gave Asian Americans Federal Protection over us who have been here for 400 years. We only get things like Hip-Hop month, Juneteenth and Katanji Brown Jackson a bunch of symbolism with no substance. The Democrats have not done anything for black people why should we vote for them? Tell the Democrats to ask all those other groups that received something to vote for them.

Our first Black Democratic Shill Keisha Lance Bottoms Tells Black Voters To Stop Playing Because This Election Isn’t A Joke. To read tweet just click on my Medium Transcript and scroll down to Show & Prove and click on her Twitter Page then scroll down to April 9th. Her Symbolism Politricks isn’t going to work on us any longer because the New Black Voices of Media is on the scene. This election is a joke because we don’t have a sake in the game. Many of these Democratic shills don’t understand the issues nor what these candidates have done for black people. Barack Obama open our eyes about the political game. He messed up his own legacy with black people. He had an opportunity to do right for black people. Instead he decided to please the financial elites which put him on the wrong side of history. Another Black Democratic Shill Stacy Abrams. She is not B1 or Black First she is D1 Democratic First. If the Democrats want our vote then they need to give us tangibles. We need specific policies for black people. We need reparations in the form of cash payments. Black faces in high places does not fly with black people anymore. These black faces are only used to pacify black voters. When Democrats talk with other groups they put tangibles and policies on the table. Black Americans are watching all of these things that the Democrats are doing for other groups.

The Biden Administration welcome Ukrainians over here but not Haitians that alone is racist but no one from the Congressional Black Caucus is saying a word. Afghan Refugees, Illegal Immigrants and Ukrainians are going to take more resources away from black people. Over here the New Black Voices of Media is going to stay on top of the Democratic Party because they cannot win an election without black people. We’re going to continue to remind black people why we’re in the position we’re in as a group and why we’re taking the position that we will not vote for Democrats until they provide us with resources specifically for our group. I found an article on CNN entitled ‘We hear you’House Democrats’ campaign arm touts early investment in Black voter outreach. To read the entire article just go to my Medium Transcript and click on Show & Prove. When you these career politicians say we hear you that’s coded words meaning we ain’t going to do anything for you or your group. Democrats plan on spending $30 million dollars in advertising to get Black Voters to the polls. All those Democratic Shills will get a check people like Roland Martin and Joy Reid.

This article suggest that the Democrats were the only party attuned to the stresses faced by African Americans during the global pandemic. Not adding black people to the Asian Hate Crime Bill when in fact black people suffered more hate crimes than Asians. The American Rescue Plan was for everybody. The Child Tax Credit was for everybody. When black people get something then these other groups also piggyback off our struggles like the Civil Rights legislations these other groups were not enslaved and they don’t share there resources with us. Infrastructure package that’s what the government suppose to do for the country. When the Democrats came into power in 2021they had both the House and the Senate. They gave Federal Protection to Asian Americans & 50 million dollars. New York Governor gave them an extra 10 million dollars. The Democrats would have been better off using that 30 million dollars on helping their black constituents instead on political ads. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and or on my Youtube Page. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Third topic — LGBT Indoctrination of our Children In Public Schools. Maybe some of you have not heard about the Florida Bill called “Parental Rights In Education” If you would like to read the bill I have the PDR on my Medium Transcript under Show & Prove. This bill has nothing to do with “Don’t Say Gay Bill” the mainstream media lied. Over here in the New Black Voices of Media we’re giving you the truth. We will take our time to walk you through state bills. We talk about the hidden agendas against our community and our people. We’ve been hearing about what’s going on with Disney. Disney said they’re going to introduce up to 50 new characters that will be LGBT for children.

I don’t have any children of my own but for those of you who do then you need to pay very close attention to this topic. It appears that the LGBT agenda is to target our children at an early age. I’ve taught my group members and my listeners for 30 years that white supremacy is about targeting our youth they are doing everything they can do indoctrinate them starting at Kindergarten, Elementary School and High School. I am very sympathetic to those of you who are raising children in America. You send your children to these public schools thinking that your children are going to learn how to become productive citizens in the society you have no idea of what’s being taught in those class rooms.

I found an article by CNN entitled “Gay substitute teacher says he was fired after handing out Pride bracelets to students” Let’s be clear he’s not there to pass out gay bracelets to minors. This teach was there to recruit students and groom them. He is only one of many Jeffrey Epstein, Harvey Weinstein and R. Kelly just to name a few. They have infiltrated everything from Media, Government and Academia. I ran across another article from Daily Signal entitled “Leaked Videos Expose Disney’s ‘Not-At-All-Secret Gay Agenda’ Latoya Raveneau job title is Disney television animation executive producer in order others children’s programming. They’re not in the business of making money anymore they’re in the business of Indoctrinating your children. She’s not promoting a black agenda instead they got a black woman to promote the gay agenda. Vivian Ware is the Diversity and Inclusion Manager. Notice when ever there’s a Diversity and Inclusion there’s no black people in charge only white people.

Mega corporations have more influence than governments. Corporations set the trend on a society. It’s these private industries and silent partners that also push hidden agendas on a society. For example, Sigma Pi Phi is known as The Black Boulé it’s the oldest Greek fraternity for African Americans, founded in 1904. They are also the ones who co-op governments and then get them to co-sign their agenda. Proposition 8 in California proves that the LGBT agenda is a lie people are not on board with pushing such a radical agenda. We don’t have a show teaching the greatness of black people but there is no shortage of films promoting the gay agenda. The DSM changed homosexuality from a disorder to an orientation. The gay movement tried to latch their struggle with the Civil Rights Movement.

Five decades of Sexual Revolution in America all you really got was a bunch of people having kids. On the one hand you had men who were not interested in leaving a legacy and on the other hand you had women who was not interested in being a mother. The government intervene and this is what destroyed the black family as we know it. This is cultural warfare meaning you have to rid the household from the father. Then you are left with a bunch of single mothers and children. The real agenda is to depopulate the black race. Obama Administration help advance the gay agenda through marriage. Obama tried to impose gay rights in Africa when he visit Kenya. President Joe Biden has threaten to withhold Foreign Aid from Nigeria if they don’t accept gay rights. That’s western nations once again trying to impose there will on African people. We African nations need to do is reject foreign aid and demand reparations from Europe we did not invite Europeans to come to Africa and colonize our continent and enslave our people for their enrichment. Africa is in the state that it is in today because of the damage Europeans has done. Only in South Africa is where the gay rights exist. I provide video clips about Obama Trip in Kenya to President Joe Biden threatening Nigeria over gay rights on my Medium Transcript under Show & Prove. I am just one person with one microphone hopefully these topics would motivate black people on my friends list and black people in my social groups to take my online talkshow serious. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and or on my Youtube Page. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Show and Prove

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Apr 9 Keep playing y’all….this election is not a joke. If Reverend Warnock is replaced by a man who claims to have found a cure for COVID and is the handpicked candidate of the previous president, we should all be afraid.

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