(The Minority Coalition Is Dead, Prioritizing The Buffer Classes Over Black Americans and How Do We Fix The Black Community?)


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Purpose: To educate Black People/African People and Others who are serious about solving Black issues in America, solving African issues on the continent and throughout the Diaspora. As well as to raise funds for our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins).

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I created (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement on November 11th of 1991 on a site called Gopher in order to connect with other like minded Black People/African People and others who were serious about solving black issues in America, solving African issues on the African continent, solving issues in the Caribbean and solving issues in Brazil. I believe this new technology called the internet would help connect us together so that we can do great thing on a domestic front and on a international front.

So far we have raised $1,000.00 dollars our goal is to raise Five Hundred Thousand dollars so that I can can be in a better position financially to hire professional black production company or an African production company with quality actors. Without support from the Black Grass Roots and the Global African family I am unable to do my job. I will continue to use my show every week until we are able to raise funds for our film project.

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Today our topics for discussion are as follows:
(The Minority Coalition Is Dead, Prioritizing The Buffer Classes Over Black Americans and How Do We Fix The Black Community?).

Our First topic — The Minority Coalition Is Dead. I discuss this topic last week I decided to discuss this important case and should be a wake up call to Black Americans. Judge Regina Chu sentenced Kim Potter to only 24 months in jail. This is your minority coalition at work. We witness a White Supremacist Judge sympathizer Judge Regina Chu who got on this anti-black code and decided to reduce former rogue cop Kim Potter sentence to only 2 years for killing Daunte Wright. Black People in America have been thrown in jail much longer over having small amount of drugs on them. Family this case is an example of why this minority coalition is dead. This is anti-black warfare. Last year we had all of these off code black people running around talking about “Stop Asian Hate” while these Asian White Supremacist sympathizers are getting on code against us. There’s a brother who has been sitting in jail for a while without bail according to the New York Post “BLM protester charged with trying to intimidate judge in Daunte Wright trial” We’re on our own we need to take on a unified front and stop looking for these non-existing allies.

Kim Potter is sentenced to only 24 months in jail for killing Daunte Wright. The prosecutors were trying to get Kim Potter seven years in prison. Let’s look back at the Latasha Harlins Case and the Peter Liang Case I provide both cases on my Medium transcript under show and prove if you would like to read more about it. In the case of Peter Liang the Asian community was protesting not because some injustice happen to Peter Liang but because they didn’t want him to go to prison for killing an unarmed black man. Dr. Claude Anderson said the worse thing Black People did was to allow other groups to latch on to our struggle and claim that they have suffered just as much as us. No other racial group in America was enslaved for 250 years followed by Jim Crow and systemic racism. Immigrants chose to come to America our ancestors were force here against their will.

I believe the worst thing that happen to Black America was allowing the financial elites to select our black leaders who are from the Boule crowd, who are given high position which translates “black faces in high places” The financial elites have imported White Supremacist sympathizers. Let’s keep it 100 Immigrants who come to America are looking for a better life for themselves and their families. There not coming here to contribute to Black America.

The main reason why things like this keep happening is because of this Willie Lynch mentality a form of narcissist-ism and not focusing on the collective. We have to cut our ties with other groups and focus on getting our house in order first before we allow guest into our space. The financial elites have allowed Illegal Immigrants to flood this land. They are bring Afghan refugees, Arabs, Asians, East Indians and Europeans to compete for resources against (DAS) Descendants of American Slaves. Their goal is to erase and replace us. The Democratic Party have created sanctuary cities for Illegal Immigrants. The Biden Administration has passed Federal Hate Crime Bill for Asians.

I need Black Americans to pay close attention to these two cases. In Oregon politicians set aside 62 million dollars for COVID-19 Relief Fund for Black Businesses. Yet a White man and a Latino man sued to stop Black Businesses from obtaining the funds based on racial discrimination. The Government tried to give resources to Black Farmers White Farmers sued to stop Black Farmers from obtaining resources based on racial discrimination. Black People need to start filing discrimination law suits against each state because black people have also suffered during the pandemic.

The Obama Administration elevated the Gay agenda while black people were getting killed left and right. The Biden Administration is attempting to elevate the Buffer Classes in order to neutralize the black vote. We have to show these other groups that side with White Supremacy there will be financial consequences if were able to stay on code. It’s not enough just to be upset we as a group have to stop patronizing their place of business which is their Beauty Supply Stores and their Restaurants because of this Judge we have to send a message. If GRCAI of Chicago was up and running we would call for a nationwide boycott against all Asian businesses until this Judge is removed out of office. This Judge is supported by major corporations in America. Let’s take a look at who’s supporting Judge Regina Chu. First go to my Medium transcript page and click on the link then scroll down to Public Record and click on the link. Then scroll down to Securities to see all of the companies that support her. These are major corporations that citizens united allowed corporations to donate to political campaigns. This is one reason why there is so much corruption in America.

These Judges are bought and paid for by the financial elites. The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a good example of sending a message to those in power that they had no choice but to make changes in the law. I believe black people should have created their own bus company. The main problem in Black America is we have become to comfortable with our oppression. Today we are failing our ancestors by supporting a political party that does not have our best interest. If we as a people don’t deal with this Willie Lynch mentality within black society then we’re finish in America. Leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube channel. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling thanks.

Our Second topic — Prioritizing The Buffer Classes Over Black Americans. The financial elites five decade long campaign to replace Black Americans and place us under the buffer classes of Immigrants has come to past. I found an article from NPR entitled “1 in 10 Black people in the U.S. are migrants” The buffer class strategy is bearing fruit. Please read the article and check the data to understand what I am talking about. I touch on this issue in my revised book this Willie Lynch mentality is going to be the end of us in America if we don’t act soon. We are only 12% of the population and within that 12% I predict only 2% of black people in America thinks outside of the box like me. It is essential that (DAS) Descendants of American Slaves raise the bar in Black America for our children sake.

Black People have to get serious about creating an economic base which is the black community it’s not enough to complain about the issues but rather getting on code with other like minded brothers and sisters around the United States of America. The financial elites are using other groups to replace us in the workforce and to keep us economically disenfranchised. If we don’t build our own economy then we’re going to end up becoming a permanent underclass. Black America you have a choice either embrace annihilation or embrace survival I don’t have another 30 years to waste my film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group in America. Leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube channel. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling thanks.

Our Third topic — How Do We Fix The Black Community? When I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement my focus was on connecting with other like minded Black People/African People who was interested in improving the social conditions in the black community. Our objective was to create two fronts a domestic front and an international front. The domestic front would focus on improving the black community within the United States of America starting in Chicago. The international front in such places as in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. At that time we only had something called message board. We discuss creating a global Black African infrastructure in order to replace the 500 years of destruction of Black People and our land by the financial elites.

Social integration in America has failed we as a collective will never become assimilated in the United States of America. Black People who have embraced integration then you have to give up our culture. This is why the HBCU’s are in trouble with getting funding. Notice this only happens when black people have authority over our institutions. Before integration we had functional communities. Since integration our community is being gentrified left and right front and centered. The little community we have left is being destroyed by harden criminals, black politicians and urban terrorist. On the evening news we hear about failing school system, high unemployment and car jackings or the increase murder rate. The worse of our community dominates the traditional black community in mainstream media.

The suburbs are becoming a refugee camp for Black America. We can’t just go back to the hood and rebuild it does not work that way. People like me who was mocked and overlooked many of them gave up on the idea of saving Black America. Look at my situation 30 years online and offline reaching out to local black businesses and black churches to work with me in turning my vision and plan into a realty they refuse. After 15 years of being overlooked and rejected I wrote and published my experience in my revised book yet it is barely selling. Now my focus is on turning my story into a docu-drama in order to reach the black masses and generate the capital I need to hire my staff and purchase property in Chicago, Africa and the Caribbean. Since Black America has rejected my vision and plan for the past 30 years my organization will be membership based.

None of my members will never have to endure such foolishness that I had just for trying to do something positive and productive in the black community. Those who are not part of the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago we will only pray for them show them tough love and keep it movin. I refuse to allow my members to live in an urban war zone we will do the best we can to improve Black America but our main purpose is to reconnect the Diaspora with Continental Africans from my African group called GRCAI of Africa so that we can do international trade among ourselves. We will raise the bar in Black America, Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. There is no real black unity because of this Willie Lynch mentality within black society. California and New York is to expensive for black people to live. In California Black people are 8% of LA’s residents, yet they make up 40% of the homeless population. Gary is a failed city while Detroit is on it’s death bed. Black People allowed this to happen because we did not want to preserve what we had. The Black Baby Boomers believed that social integration was suppose to fix the problems in Black America.

I mentioned this in my revised book how the financial elites divided us based on social class, religion and political affiliation. When the black middle class relocated to the white suburbs it made the black community vulnerable. The financial elites flooded the black community with drugs, guns and liquor stores. This gave rise to harden criminals, black gangs and urban terrorist. The financial elites are the same people who enslaved our ancestors and made all of their wealth. These same people are still in charge of our fate in America. After 1865 when American slavery was some what over they created slavery in the back door called Convict Leasing. This was a system of forced penal labor that was practiced in the South. They draw voluntary labor from the prison population and has been instituted in the Thirteenth Amendment of the United States Constitution which abolished slavery and involuntary servitude, except as punishment for a crime. Our ancestors should had a mass exodus away from America. 400 years we still have no real power as to who can immigrant here or who can start a business in our community.

I’m not going to turn my back on my ancestors they were American slaves I am apart of them. They didn’t have a choice but they knew one day that people like me were going to come along and vindicate them. I don’t have respect for anyone who does not love their African roots or who does not connect to his or her African homeland. We’re all catching hell from the financial elites because there is no Black/African infrastructure on Earth until now. This is why oue Christian business is so important we need more skill training and we need our youth involved.

In our inner cities across the United States the financial elites targeted the black family first through the so called War on Poverty, then through the War on Drugs which gave rise to the Mass incarceration prison pipeline industrial complex. The financial elites love to see the division and destruction of the black family but today is a new day. We have to get serious about our culture. Our aim is to strengthen the black family by promoting traditional marriages. Improve the black community by providing quality programs and services. Through our black media component we will create positive images of black people doing great things in the community and throughout the Diaspora. Leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube channel. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling thanks.

Show and Prove

Ex-Cop Kim Potter Has Been Sentenced To 2 Years For Killing Daunte Wright


BLM protester charged with trying to intimidate judge in Daunte Wright trial


Latasha Harlins Case


Peter Liang Case


Public Record


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1 in 10 Black people in the U.S. are migrants. Here’s what’s driving that shift


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Black Texas farmers were finally on track to get federal aid. The state’s agriculture commissioner wants to stop that.


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