(The Financial Elites Want Us To Stop Talking About Police Brutality In America -We Won’t)

The Financial elites are using black celebrities like Oprah Winfrey and others as well as the white media to force the national focus from police violence against Black People to a black homophobia narrative. This is meant to distract us with pointless argument or talking points in an effort that this uprising will die down and for the status quo to will remain in place and nothing actually change. Black People have been marching and protesting in the United States for 52 years and still these social issues continue. I have a solution but I am unable to find brave and smart Black People to come forth and work with me and Sister Rena. This is why I am taking my story to the next level The Big Screen in the hope of reaching the masses, generating enough capital so that I can be in a better position financially to hire Black Middle Class Professionals, purchase business equipment and property in Chicago as well as in Africa.

On Wednesday June 17th, 2020 at 8:00PM I will be holding a Facebook Live free webinar entitled (Black Unity & Support For My Film Project) through Facebook messenger. I am personally inviting everyone on my friends list and everyone in my social groups to participate if you can. I plan on having at lease six people from my friends list to be on my discussion panel. After we discuss the topic among one another then I will open up the discussion for Q & A.

How you can participate? First, you would need to be on my friends list on Facebook. Secondly, you can call into the show in real time through Facebook messenger as a voice call by clicking on the Phone icon. You can also do a video call by clicking on the Camera icon.

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Emmanuel Barbee

I am a professional blogger, blogtalkradio host, an upcoming social entrepreneur and a new urban author.