(The African American Community Taking An L On The Immigration Crisis In New York & Chicago, The Coups In West Africa, What Does This Mean For The Rest OF Africa?)

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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows:

(The African American Community Taking An L On The Immigration Crisis In New York & Chicago, The Coups In West Africa, What Does This Mean For The Rest OF Africa?)

Our First Topic — The African American Community Taking An L On The Immigration Crisis In New York & Chicago. We’re going to start with New York City Mayor Eric Adams. Mayor Eric Adams stated a year ago that his city was a Sanctuary City. After a year of Illegal Migrants coming to his city, now he is saying Influx of Migrants “Will Destroy New York City.” According to a video clip entitled Mayor Eric Adams says migrant crisis ‘will destroy New York City’ If you would like to watch the full video then I encourage my listeners to follow me on my Medium Page look for the exact title of this presentation. Then click on the topic and scroll down to show and prove. Basically to sum up what the video is saying New York City Democrat Mayor Eric Adams has sounded the alarm on the strains that migration is causing in New York City. The busloads of migrants being sent up from Southern states are pushing the city to the limit of its budget and resources. At a town-hall-style meeting on Sept. 6, Adams said: “Let me tell you something, New Yorkers, never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to, I don’t see an ending to this. This issue will destroy New York City.”

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott, decided he wanted to bus Migrants to Sanctuary Cities like New York City 110,000 migrants. Adams has been a vocal critic of both President Biden and New York Gov. Kathy Hochul for failing to provide resources, funding, and expedited work permits for Migrants and Asylum Seekers. Adams projected that the city’s budget gap could grow to $12 billion.

The scope of migration in the city

The city has seen an influx of 110,000 migrants since last year. New York City has a mandate that it must provide shelter to anyone who needs it, and the migrant surge has led to the opening of 200 emergency sites. Criticisms Murad Awawdeh, the executive director of the New York Immigration Coalition, criticized Adams: “The comments are uncalled for. Using dangerous language sometimes leads to dangerous acts and we don’t want people put in that situation. So it’s important that leaders understand how to communicate not put people’s lives on the line.” The Legal Aid Society and the Coalition for the Homeless said: “His comments dehumanize and villainize people who fled unimaginable situations in their home countries merely for an opportunity to provide for their families and secure a better life.”

The strain on schools

There are 1,700 certified bilingual teachers fluent in Spanish across the city’s 1,900 public schools, but the enrollment of 20,000 migrant children in New York City schools has tested the system. The city has attempted to create some sort of plan, but there is still just not enough there, just not enough resources to go around.

New York City’s mayor Eric Adams declared a state of emergency over an influx of migrants sent to his city by Texas’s Republican Gov. Greg Abbott. During a meeting with administration officials in Washington, D.C., last Friday, he requested that the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) stop sending funding to cities that ship migrants north. He also called on emergency federal and state relief. Activists have decried Gov. Abbott’s moves and argue that GOP lawmakers use asylum seekers and migrants as pawns in political stunts, undermining their humanity and autonomy.

Adams says that New York will be responsible for spending at least $1 billion dollars by the end of the fiscal year on the migrant crisis alone and that the influx of unexpected migrants is putting a strain on the city’s resources. City officials project that they will spend at least $4.3 billion on the crisis by June 2024. Adams said: “There was never any agreement to take on the job of supporting thousands of asylum seekers. This responsibility was simply handed to us without warning as buses began showing up. Adams implored FEMA to act: “We need real leadership from FEMA. This is a national crisis. FEMA deals with national crises. FEMA must step up and there should be one coordinator to coordinate everything that is happening dealing with migrants and asylum seekers in our country.”

Adams has criticized Biden’s response to the crisis in NYC “Washington, it’s time to respond. Enough is enough.” Abbott has been sending buses filled with migrants north before the midterm elections to increase support among his anti-immigration voter base. Abbott’s actions mirror Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, who flew asylum seekers north to Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts, in September 2022. Republican leaders like Abbott and DeSantis are trying to highlight what they perceive as the failed border policies of the Biden Administration. Gov. Abbott said: “Adams talked the talk about being a sanctuary city — welcoming illegal immigrants into the Big Apple with warm hospitality. Talk is cheap. When pressed into fulfilling such ill-considered policies, he wants to condemn anyone who is pressing him to walk the walk.” Abbott has spent over $14 million dollars sending more than 10,000 migrants to cities, including self-proclaimed “sanctuary cities” like Washington, D.C., New York, and Chicago.

More than 17,000 asylum seekers have been bussed into NYC since the spring. A vast majority of the migrants are from Venezuela. Adams said that once the most recent crop of asylum seekers is processed and given shelter, the city will have the highest recorded number of people in their shelter system. NYC currently has more than 61,000 individuals almost 20,000 children in its shelter system. NYC has set up a “tent city” emergency relief center where asylum seekers can rest and get assistance. The vast majority are seeking legal permission to remain in the U.S., often citing poverty, cartel violence, and environmental degradation as the source of their bid for asylum. If you have watched the video clip you heard him say that New York City is a Sanctuary city. Notice Mayor Eric Adams did not say he wants to hold a town hall meeting and see what New York City residents feel about their resources going to people who are non-citizens he wants to maintain a Democrat policy. If you vote Democrat then that includes the Immigration policy. The Republicans are not promoting that policy. I support Republicans all day when it comes to Immigration and the border.

I agree with Mayor Eric Adams they have a 12 billion dollar deficit as a result they’re going to have to cut services that’s not fair to New Yorkers or Chicagoans but this is what Black Voters voted for. The Biden Administration is not supporting him he’s not getting Federal assistance from the Government. Now they’re calling Mayor Adams Xenophobic. I give Eric Adams credit for admitting that they can’t handle the influx of Immigrants bus to New York City. Since New York City is a Sanctuary city they can’t deport them. The Democrats also have to take accountability for having a policy that does not line up with Federal laws. Notice we tend to see xenophobic behavior during an economic crisis. A lot of Americans are struggling and they fear more immigrants coming to these cities will have to compete with them for resources.

In contrast, in the city where I live Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson is calling on Chicagoans to make sacrifices for Illegal Migrants coming to the city. He proposed raising taxes and cutting the budget to help pay for this out of our taxes. According to Tyrone Muhammad these Immigrants are getting involved with criminality. He also said Chicago has spent 76 million dollars on Illegal Migrants in Chicago yet none of that money has gone towards assisting the local homeless population in Chicago. Over here we don’t do propaganda we tell the truth and provide receipts. When I said back in 2020 during the election You get what you vote for this is what I was talking about.

I found an article from Fox News entitled “Chicago mayor plans to relocate nearly 1,600 migrants from police station to tents before winter” If you would like to read the full article then I encourage my listeners to follow me on my Medium Page look for the exact title of this presentation. Then click on the topic and scroll down to show and prove. Basically what the article is saying is that Chicago’s Mayor Brandon Johnson plans to relocate the city’s nearly 1,600 asylum-seeking migrants currently living in police stations to winterized camps with big tents before winter. In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, Johnson said the relocations will happen “before the weather begins to shift and change.” Each of the massive tents will be able to hold up to 1,000 migrants, the mayor said, and under his plan the camps will provide meals as well as recreational and educational programming. He did not offer any specifics on the cost Black Chicagoans this is what you voted for. None of those resources are going towards your families or mines it’s going to other people who are not suppose to be on the soil.

The Democrats are in favor of open borders and Sanctuary cities. Notice these black mayors are secretive about tax payers money yet they are not saying their city is no longer a Sanctuary city. For example, Mayor Eric Adams said 12 billion dollars is being taken away from the city budget in order to fix the Migrant crisis. Then you have Mayor Brandon Johnson saying he’s either going to have to raise taxes or cut the city budget or both. Again this is the policy of the Democrats. The Biden Administration is not giving Chicago or New York millions of dollars a month to handle the Migrant crisis. These politicians don’t care about tax payers nor American citizens at the end of the day.

Black Voters when you vote for these Democrats you are willfully participating in situations like this. Notice we didn’t have these issues under Trump. How is Democrats better than Republicans when the Democrats are draining your bank account? Inflation is on the rise and food prices are constantly increasing. If you continue voting for Democrats these issues will continue. When are these Black Mayors going to take a stand and say I have to protect my city no more Sanctuary cities? It appears that they tend to be more concerned about upholding Democrat policies than they care about American Citizens. If they’re serious about fixing the Migrant Crisis then demand an end to Sanctuary city status and policies. In America we have approximately 330 million people and we also have a housing crisis. Why should we accept more people without building more affordable housing?

These Democrat cities and Democrat policies is harming Black America. The Democrats don’t give us anything specific for our group yet they dump other groups in our neighborhood so we can compete for resources. Notice all of these resources can go to non-citizens but when we start talking about reparations then that becomes an issue. We as Black People have to examine every policy that these politicians are promoting. Notice they’re not promoting any policies that give us Federal protection even after Jacksonville they’re not saying a word. The White Supremacist Financial Elites are using Non-white people in these positions of power to carryout a white agenda.

The Asian community focus on their economy work together as a unit. This is what I want us to do in GRCAM practice group economics starting with getting my revised book on the best seller’s list so that the Black World would take us serious. My brothers and sisters in Chicago and in New York this Immigrant issue is a Democrat policy which is affecting the African American community. Keep in mind we got 2024 election coming up we gotta get our voting in order. Y’all voted for Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City to be Sanctuary cities. Don’t complain now that you don’t have the resources for the newly arrived Immigrants and more are coming. As a result now more of our services will affected. These cities don’t have the infrastructure to handle mass Migration. These liberals claim to care about these Migrants, they only view them as a voting block and political pawns but they don’t want them in their neighborhood. Joe Biden said his top two priorities are Immigration and LGBT Rights that’s what Black Americans voted for. As a result of not listening to my advise in demanding tangibles from these politicians during the 2020 election now look at all the mess we’re in. During the 2020 election I encourage my listeners and group members who live in America to vote for Trump after Bernie Sanders lost his campaign. Now we’re already seen the results question do y’all want to your children indoctrinated by the public school system? Do y’all want to be locked down in your apartment or homes again? Black Chicagoans and Black New Yorkers are all of a sudden upset that our resources are being used for Migrants yet these same people vote 90 percent for Democrats no matter how much they ignore our interest. These Migrants are running here voluntarily they are the ones who decided to fled their homeland instead of fixing their homeland. Until Black America change our voting habits I feel like you get what you voted for.

Once I am able to get GRCAI of Chicago established we will teach our members and students the ins and outs of politics in order to produce smarter Black Voters who will vote based on policy that will help Black America because not every black person will be able to just up and leave America due to economics. We will teach financial literacy while promoting Black Economic Empowerment. Our Black Youth have been indoctrinated by the educational system to relinquish their ability to be critical thinkers when it comes to politics. Black Youth have plenty of opportunity to do what every they want to do up until they turn 18 then they tend to be un-interested in getting involved with politics they blame older people for not allowing them to be involved well over here GRCAM welcome Black Youth and Others to be apart of this new movement in Black America, Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil

Immigration is an orchestrated social contagion created by the White Supremacist Financial Elites in order to neutralize the Black Vote. This started back during the 80’s during the Reagan Administration under the term Amnesty. The Reagan Administration gave millions of undocumented people Amnesty. We had a chance to get it right during the Democratic primary between Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden I warned Black America about Biden track record and the 1994 Crime Bill I encouraged my listeners and my group members who live in America to demand tangibles from both political parties (Democrats & Republicans) Black America decided to listen to Representative James Clyburn he told Black America to vote for Joe Biden now look at all of the mess we’re in today. As a result we’re going to have other people coming over here and eventually we will have to take marching orders from them and learn their language because of this Slave Mentality within black culture.

Eric Adams is frustrated because there’s nothing he can do he’s part of that political Democrat machine that’s not gonna allow him to do right by New York City Voters and the same for Brandon Johnson. Eric Adams is trapped by his allegiance to his political party the Democrats. The only thing that can solve this issue is Federal intervention. Republicans wanted to build that wall but the Democrats was against it. I believe there should be no Sanctuary City in any Black neighborhood. Why are we allowing Sanctuary Cities where we’re rewarding people for breaking the law?

If only 40 percent of Black Voters would vote for Republicans in 2024 the Republicans will win the general election in a landslide victory against Joe Biden. We have one last chance to get it right politically. Black America have the power to do two things. First punish the Democrats for lying to us and swindling us for the past 60 years by voting for Republicans. Secondly by voting for Republicans this will hault the influx of uncheck Immigration. A majority of Black Americans who are off code are allowing our children to be targets by this system. Under the Democrats America could end up in World War Three and getting nuked by foreign countries like Chin and Russia all because of American policies.

My goal for creating this platform is to connect with other like minded Black People, African People and Others who are serious about solving Black issues in America and throughout the Diaspora. I also encourage my listeners to purchase my revised book and work with me in turning my vision and plan into a reality first by getting my revised book on the best seller’s list and donating what you can to our film project. I lack two things the capital and the manpower that’s why we are pushing this film project so that I can move from behind a computer and do all of the things which I have written. Without support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family I am unable to do my job. Truth be told Black America don’t want a solution other wise it would not have taken me 31 years to get my Christian business up and running but it is what it is.

I am trying to build GRCAI of Chicago which is more than just a new business endeavor it’s going to be a new system because the current system we’re under is corrupt to the core. I hope and pray that GRCAI of Chicago would become a franchise across the United States of America and internationally just like McDonald’s. For example, Carlos Slim has a home base which allows him to run cell towers around the globe. Amazon also started out online and now it has a physical locations around the globe. We’re never going to get reparations with our voting patterns because we don’t talk with Republicans about our issues and the Democrats are going to continue to ignore us because Black America vote for them 90 percent of the time without making any demands for our vote this is our political dilemma. Black America needs to talk with both Democrats and Republicans and select policies which will benefit the African American community as a whole. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — The Coups In West Africa, What Does This Mean For The Rest OF Africa? A lot of things have been happening on the African continent specifically in the Franco Phone nations. Franco Phone nations are French speaking countries that was colonized by France. The Presidents in Cameroon and Rwanda have re-arranged their military for fear that they maybe overthrown. African leaders who have remain in power for decades are getting worried that their military could turn on them and cause a coup. They want to insulate themselves from becoming the next overthrown leader in Africa similar to that of the Arab Spring during 2010. The African youth are beginning to question what are these African leaders doing for them and their country? French colonialism has reap havoc on the African continent for centuries.

France and other Western nations continued Neo-colonization while giving Africans the impression that they are independent because the former colonizers did not want to give up those valuable resources in Africa. The post colonial French Africa Pact where agreements imposed on African leaders they were trick into turning over 80 percent of their reserve into the French Treasury. 14 African countries who still pay a colonial tax to France. A colonial tax amount to $500 billion dollars annually. These countries are Benin, Burkina Faso, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Mali, Niger, Senegal, Togo, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Chad, Congo, Equatorial Guinea, and Gabon. When these African nations need money to develop their own infrastructure the French would change them interest to borrow their own money. This is a clear case of predatory lending. Guinea refused to resign the French Africa Pact. France retaliated by almost destroying Guinea economic infrastructure. They were able to get support from Ghana. The uprising against France started in Guinea, Mali and Ghana. They were calling for a unified Africa. They wanted Africa to merge their markets together and have one Army to fight against Neo-Colonialism.

I believe Africa has good negotiators who understand geo-politics they should use this opportunity to advocate for better deals. African people need to make sure that they don’t elect corrupt leaders in power. There should be a overhaul of the current infrastructure and it should be replaced with a decentralized system which has a group of leaders who come up with a consensus on key issues. What Africa needs more than anything is to create their own system different from the European model. I encourage my group members in GRCAI of Africa to work with me in connecting with African Immigrants within the United States of America that will help speed up the process for me to come to Africa and establish GRCAI on the African continent. I believe Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Gabon should unite and form a confederate nation and use the pre-existing countries as states under the confederacy. It’s an opportunity for them to develop a new curriculum and get rid of the post colonial studies which is useless. African youth need new skillset and technology.

If GRCAI of Africa was established in West Africa we would focus on converting those raw materials into finish goods and become the largest Gold reserve in Africa. Gold is important because the dollar currency is under threat due to BRICS. BRICS is a grouping of the world economies Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa to create their own currency to compete against the dollar. We could then trade and sell our finish products at market rate in the global community. This would improve the living conditions of African youth and their families. GRCAI of Africa would train our members and students and give them financial resources in order for them to develop new markets in Africa which will help improve the African economy. For example, West Africa has oil reserves GRCAI of Africa would create courses for our members and students who want to learn petrochemical engineering. The post colonial arrangements where Western Nations suck African resources dry is coming to an end because Africa now have options like doing business with China, Saudi Arabia and Russia. The African American community can also play a vital role in this shift through our African tours and connecting Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist. We can build an alliance with the 10 African nations and turn around our inner cities in America while improving the African economy through tourism, music, entertainment, investment, etc…

If you look at these coups in Burkina Faso, Mali, Niger and Gabon these coups had popular support from the people. Over 50,000 people in Niger has signed up to defend their country. I believe the people in Niger have made a clear statement that needs to be respected. Look at the hypocrisy of ECOWAS with the case of Ivory Coast the President changed the constitution so that he can run a third time nobody threaten to invade Ivory Coast. That’s also a coup you don’t change the constitution after your term runs out. Why is ECOWAS quiet on this issue? Why is ECOWAS quiet about Cameroon President staying in power for over 40 years? Anybody that suppresses the will of the people to stay in power is part of a coup. ECOWAS need to look at what they are doing and understand that they cannot impose anyone on the people. As more African nations break away from French colonial regions they’re going to team up with those other nations. This is the time for every African to stand up and fight for what is rightfully yours, your land and your resources given to you by God. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

I would like to thank everyone who have contributed or will contribute to support us on our Paypal Page, purchasing items from our Virtual Store, purchasing my Revised Book or sending a direct donation through our GoFundMe Page we appreciate your support. You can find all of the links below this video podcast in the comment section. If you’re listening to this audio podcast on Anchor/Spotify just click on the YouTube icon and select the about section, then scroll down to links. Peace and blessings

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