(Shooting In Edge Water Community, Supreme Court Sides With Biden’s Open Border Policy And NYPD Officers attacked By Migrants)

Emmanuel Barbee
15 min readFeb 2, 2024


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Without financial support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job. This is why I am reaching out to African Immigrants within the United States of America from the following African Nation’s: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria.

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We will bring the best of the Diaspora to each African nation so that we can setup local chapters and do international trade among our people. We will reconnect Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist. In This Christian business our objective is to heal from enslavement and colonization.

The title of this presentation

(Shooting In Edge Water Community, Supreme Court Sides With Biden’s Open Border Policy And NYPD officers attacked By Migrants)

Our First Topic — Shooting In Edge Water Community. Edge Water is close to where I live there was a shooting that killed one Black Teenager and wounded 2 others. To learn more about this please go to my Medium Page and look for the exact title of this presentation then click on it and scroll down to show and prove. The video clip is entitled
“Officials, parents speak out after shooting near Senn High School leaves teen dead, 2 others wounded” There was also another shooting last Friday in the down town area of Chicago. Two Black Teenagers were gun down in brought daylight. To learn more about this please go to my Medium Page and look for the exact title of this presentation then click on it and scroll down to show and prove. The video clip is entitled “Mayor releases statement after shooting in Loop in downtown Chicago” This is Chicago alone across the United States of America our youth are being targeted by Urban Terrorist and it seems like no one cares.
Our hearts goes out to the parents and their loved ones.

Over here we don’t use tunnel vision we talk about what’s happening to Black Youth and how we can improve the African American community. These stories alone is one of the reasons why African Immigrants don’t want to be around Black Americans because many of them have left violence from their homeland. I did not ask for this assignment The Lord has placed this on my heart every since I was a teenager. I long to be on the Africa continent with my Christian business welcomed by Africans that want more out of life. The reason why I call this podcast Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos is because you can’t sugarcoat genocide ain’t nothing funny about a child’s head being blown off by gunfire.
Truth be told I don’t want my members living in an urban war zone that’s why I have been trying to connect with the right people who have the means to support our cause so that we can build GRCAI of Chicago in America first for credibility before we expand anywhere else.
A lot of my predictions are starting to come to pass like the migrant crisis. Those people are on code with one another they don’t care about our history and what our ancestors went through they are here to get the bag. We have moved from the era of warnings to now the era of consequence. At this point of the game Black America has only two choices either embrace annihilation or embrace survival. I will only work with those who want to survive. This Willie Lynch mentality will be the down fall of Black America because of this off code behavior within Black society. A majority of our people have became Americanized and having a narcissist behavior. A lot of Black People that I run across in real life and online tell me they are not interested in a solution for Black America. They have fallen into the trap of the White supremacist Financial Elites.

For example, we have 500 migrants in Chicago that are placed in the Black Community. Notice they are not placing them in the White Community; they have apartment buildings in the White Community. The Democrats are trying to force Black People out of these urban areas by using these migrants. Black Chicagoans should be demanding to see the books to know where every tax dollar is going. These are the same Democrats who want you to come out and vote for them in November. Black Chicago & Black America should be supporting Governor Greg Abbott because he is trying to stop the flow of Illegal Immigrants coming to our state. The Biden Administration went to the Supreme Court to cut the razor wire.

Over 300,000 Illegal Immigrants crossed the border. This is an invasion. There’s a video out of California showing people pulling up in boats and helping Illegal Immigrants cross the borders. We have a president in office who is fine with his open border policy. This is literally an invasion and this Invasion happened because of President Joe Biden he has the ability to stop it. 2.5 million people came across the border last year and they placing these people in the Black Community yet they expect Black Americans to come out and vote for them. Notice they don’t place African Immigrants, Afro-Caribbean or Afro-Latinos in the Black Community. In a few years Chicago will begin to look like Los Angeles California. Only 6% of the population is Black and their vote is neutralized meaning it’s worthless. Black People in Chicago better hold the line and speak up about other people being put in our neighborhood. These White Supremacist Financial Elites own properties throughout the Black Community. You don’t have a community if you don’t own it. Let me repeat that again you don’t have a community if you don’t own it. This is why they can gentrify the Black Community left and right. 88% of Black Chicagoans voted for Brandon Johnson are the ones who are suffering the most. He is not trying to stop the Migrants Crisis, he wants more money to help the migrants.

Many people in Chicago no longer want to be a Sanctuary City but the people in City Hall veto that decision. We have to give these Democrats a referendum in November. If you don’t want to vote for Donald Trump that’s fine with me just sit it out just don’t reward the Democrats. They are allowing people who have Anti-Black sentiment towards Black Americans to come here and be placed in our neighborhoods. I don’t see how any Black Person could go vote for Democrats.

The American dream is in many ways the world’s nightmare, the way that we’re living is causing such destruction and it’s dominated by corporations telling us that we need to buy this in order to be happy healthy members of society. Our Federal taxes contribute to funding Police Brutality, Mass Incarceration and Military-Industrial Complex.

For 32 years I’ve been trying to warn Black America/Black Chicagoans about dealing with this Willie Lynch mentality within Black society and if we don’t it’s gonna harm us politically and socially. Our Black politicians are selling us out because they are in the pockets of these White Supremacist Financial Elites. For example, Cities For Action has been used to undermine Black Americans through these Sanctuary Cities, and these Mayors. It’s sad that Black People truly believe that these Democrats have our backs. When you look at all of these Police Brutality cases have been in Democratic cities, Democratic Mayors and Democratic Governors.

This year I want GRCAM Members and everyone on my friends list to help me get this film project fully funded and made as well as help get my revised book on the best seller’s list so that the Black World will take us seriously. I’m prepared, I’m ready, I’m battle tested and I need your help to take GRCAM to the next level, the big and then to the African American community starting in Chicago. The Supreme Court has sided with the Biden Administration to allow Border Patrol to cut the razor wire Texas set up to deter Migrants from entering the country Illegally. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Second Topic — Supreme Court Sides With Biden’s Open Border Policy.

I found an article from the Associated Press entitled (Supreme Court allows federal agents to cut razor wire Texas installed on US-Mexico border) According to the article it say a divided supreme court allow border patrol agents to resume cutting razor wire that Texas installed along a stretch of the US Mexico border that is at the center of an escalating standoff between the Biden Administration and the state over Immigration enforcement. Over the past two years it is estimated at least a half million people have crossed the border; this was not happening during the Trump Administration. This all started when the Biden Administration came into office.

As president you’re supposed to be securing the Homeland and he’s not doing it. American workers have been demanding a livable wage and these mega corporations don’t want to pay a livable wage; they prefer people who will work those jobs. Texas has installed razor wire to deter migrants from entering the US Illegally. I just want to emphasize that point. The Justice Department has argued that the barrier impedes the US government’s ability to patrol the Border including coming to the aid of Illegal migrants.

The order it said is a victory for the Biden Administration while the lawsuit continues over the wire. We are in an election year. This is a victory for the Biden Administration not fixing the American economy, not fixing inflation, not controlling the cost of rent prices or stopping these hedge funds and major corporations from buying up all the single family homes. No victory on homelessness in America but his victory is the Supreme Court saying you can cut the razor wire so you can continue your agenda of open borders that’s a win for the Biden Administration. I want people who are going to vote this year to pay attention to where the Democrats’ priorities are. The article said Texas Governor Greg Abbott has taken on the Border in the name of curbing Illegal crossings from Mexico. Federal appeals court last month had forced Federal agents to stop cutting the razor wire. The Texas Military Department seized control and began denying access to border patrol agents now Eagle Park has become one of the busiest spots on the southern US border for migrant illegal crossings from Mexico.

My question to those of you who are still interested in voting: How does voting for the Democrats benefit you and your family? How does that benefit the African American community? I would like to know. All these foreigners are coming over here to compete for jobs and resources against you and your children. They don’t care about our history, they are here to get the bag and anything else they can get. We don’t have the money to take care of everybody from south of the border. These Black Mayors in Chicago and New York still refuse to remove Sanctuary City status which is attracting these migrants to America. These career politicians don’t care about migrants, they only care about staying in power at the expense of the American People.

I am not discussing these issues to get clicks and Views Black America failed to heed my warning during the 2020 election I encourage all of my listeners who reside in America and all of my group members to demand tangibles for our vote instead of voting for nothing. 90% of the Black Vote has been going to the Democrats and for 60 years Black Americans have been giving away our votes today is a new day. Over here we will teach our members and students the importance of politics and how we can benefit from it through the Black Grassroots. Notice that the Democrats are making sure to give migrants food, shelter and medical care when you have Americans that are homeless right now. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Third Topic — NYPD Officers Attacked By Migrants.

In New York City there were several migrants caught on video jumping on NYPD officers over the weekend and the suspects were released without bail. You can’t make this up. To watch the full video and read the article behind it just go to my Medium Page and look for the exact title of this presentation. Then click on it and scroll down to show and prove. Surveillance footage released by the NYPD shows that law enforcement were asking the migrants to move along a scuffle ensued as the officers were seen trying to subdue someone on the ground. Several migrants are seen kicking the officers before running off. They’re causing problems because they don’t really belong here. They came illegally. They were all charged with assault and released without bail.

In contrast, Eric Garner was placed in a choke hold because he was selling loosie cigarettes, a broken window crime he lost his life in the hands of a Rogue Cop. He didn’t put hands on NYPD cops. These migrants come over here after everything is built. Black People have been gunned down for running away from the Cops people like Walter Scott or Jayland Walker just to name a few. I’ve covered these stories for years on how Black Americans are treated by law enforcement in this country. These Black Politicians think Black Americans will continue to give our vote to the Democrats those migrants who assaulted law enforcement need to be deported out of here. Pushing for open border policy will result in more incidents like this.

My question to those Democrats that maybe listening to this video podcast is why don’t you go look at what’s happening at the border. When the Trump Administration was in office we did not experience all of these issues. Migrants are allowed to break laws and commit crimes even against the police. Nearly 100 migrants have been suspected of lawlessness. Since America is not vetting these migrants it’s allowing the criminal element to enter the country. Biden has a hands off approach when it comes to migrants. They come over here and do whatever they want. They’re taking our resources. We all have enough issues of our own, taking resources from the Black Americans that’s what got me talking about the Migrant Crisis. Under Jim Crow ancestors created their own schools, hospitals, banks and grocery stores. The Black Community has always been pro business. They hire people within the community. The Biden Administration has money for Ukraine, they have money for migrants, they have money for the Middle East but no reparations for the people who built this country Black Americans. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Thank you all for listening and we’ll see you on the next video podcast. Please join GRCAM by joining either my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group or Christian Spoken Word Network) or join my Secular groups GRCAI of Africa, GRCAI of Chicago or New Black Voices of Media etc… also exchange emails with me so that we can stay connected because this is my third Facebook Page hackers are forever bugging. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all, share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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Show and Prove

Officials, parents speak out after shooting near Senn High School leaves teen dead, 2 others wounded


Mayor releases statement after shooting in Loop in downtown Chicago


Supreme Court allows federal agents to cut razor wire Texas installed on US-Mexico border


NYPD officers attacked on surveillance video near Times Square by migrants later freed without bail


Walter Scott Case


Jayland Walker Case


Office OF New Americans


Cities For Action


Norris Shelton founder of Descendants of American slaves


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