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I use this platform to interact with everyone on my Friends List and everyone in my Social Groups by giving Black Business Owners free air time to promote their products and services, I give people in the Faith community an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I give Black Authors and ordinary law abiding citizens an opportunity to share their special talents/skills to my listeners from around the globe.

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This podcast is an extension of the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. Over here we promote critical thinking while discussing social issues throughout the Diaspora and on the African continent until the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago materialize. It’s my hope through this podcast and through my social groups I can connect with other like minded Black People, African People, Afro-Caribbean People, Afro-Brazilian People and others who will work with me directly in turning my vision and plan for Black America and Africa into a reality. Once we get this film project fully funded and made and get our Christian business up and running then I would love to invite many of you to Chicago Illinois to speak or preach during our live events. Through the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago we will help pay for your travel and hotel expenses pending on our budget and sponsorship. We will also compensate you for your time and talent. Our objective is to keep our community informed and connected.

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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows:

(Reviewing Joe Biden Interview With Black Celebrities during The 2020 Election, Matt Walsh Comments About Colonization, CNN Fires Don Lemon After 17 Years and John Leguizamo Says Latinos Built America).

Our First Topic — Reviewing Joe Biden Interview With Black Celebrities during The 2020 Election. Remember when Simone Sanders and Kareem Pierre was capping for Biden during the 2020 campaign? I tried to warn my group members and my listeners about how these black sellouts were nothing more than Democrat shills. Simone Sanders told a bald face lie claiming that it was the state who were responsible for mass incarceration not Biden 94 Crime Bill. These black sellouts don’t give a rip about the African American community nor the black youth who are suffering from senseless urban violence that is plaguing our community in every inner city in America. These sellouts are all about themselves they have no sense of community.

I recall back in 2020 when Joe Biden was running for office against Donald Trump I encourage my group members and my listeners to demand tangibles from both Democrats and Republicans in the form of reparations. Don’t believe me than go to my audio, video or written archives on my Medium Transcript. During that time I felt out with Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell the founders of (ADOS) American Descendants of Slavery because of their political slogan vote blue no matter who or vote Democrat down ballot. At the time I was trying to get them to come on my online talkshow to discuss their political views with my listeners. They declined to come on my show so I decided to look into their organization what I discovered was they just rearrange the words from a respected black leader named Norris Shelton found of (DAS) Descendants of American Slaves.

To learn more about DAS just go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to show and prove. Antonio Moore and Yvette Carnell were Democrat shills just using reparations to get Black People to vote Democrat. The Democrats used “Get Your Booty to the Polls” as a public service announcement to target young Black men who patronize strip clubs, encouraging them to get out the vote during the 2020 presidential election which was an insult to Black People. Notice they don’t do this with other groups only black people.

Joe Biden went on several interviews one of those interviews was on the Breakfast Club with Charlamagne Tha God. Biden said publicly Black Voters ‘Ain’t Black’ if They’re Considering Trump. Out of all the political black people that Joe Biden could have interviewed he decided to interview an entertainer Cardi B. The Democrats have no respect for Black People. I will play the audio version fair use ET. To watch the video clip go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to show and prove. The first thing she said I just want Trump out. Well 90% of Black America help the Biden Administration get into office now look at all of the mess we’re in. The second thing Cardi B said she wanted Free Healthcare. As I mentioned in my revised book their are lots of countries that offer free healthcare to their citizens like Canada. Unfortunately in the United States of America the White Supremacist Financial Elites believe that quality healthcare should be only for those who have money it’s big business. Cardi B said she would like for Americans to go to college for free. I believe college should be free and to my surprise it was until Ronald Reagan help create a bill to make it tuition based when black people started attending college. To learn more just read the article from the LA Times entitled “Letters to the Editor: Tuition-free college used to be common in the U.S. It can be again” on my Medium Transcript scroll down to show and prove.

College now is becoming obsolete because the high cost of student debt. Unless your going to major in business, become a doctor or a lawyer. In GRCAI of Chicago we will offer vocational training for those who are good with their hands and want to learn a skill to provide for their family. We will also offer an Associates degree to help our students prepare for obtaining their Bachelor degree at a university. Cardi B also discuss police brutality now let’s fast forward today. What has the Biden Administration done about any of these issues? He never promise you anything. I found a video clip of Cardi B complaining about the food prices and all of the inflation that is happening under this administration. She is cussing to much for me to play it but you can listen to it
if you want entitled Cardi B inflation, grocery prices under Biden.

Black voters did not review Biden’s track record. To me this man was worse than Trump. He has done nothing for black people in three years since he’s been in office. Biden has just cut another two billion dollars to Ukraine. The only groups who have benefit from this administration is Ukraine and Illegal Latino Immigrants. Black Americans have been voting 90% for the Democrats for 60 years and yet Black America is getting worse for our children. The reason why we are at the bottom is because our politicians don’t feel they have to do anything for us.

This is why like minded black black people is going to have to leave America because it’s too many off code black people all I want to do at this time is to get our film project fully funded and made so that we can build GRCAI of Chicago for credibility within the African American community, Black America and the Black World. Our objective is to become the heart of the black community and to separate ourselves from those who mean us no good. I want to bring my skills to Africa so that we can have an international trade among our people. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — Matt Walsh Comments About Colonization. The White Supremacist Financial Elites maintain their system of oppression by falsehood case in point Matt Walsh is the host on the Daily Wire I found a TikTok video of him talking about Colonization was good. As you heard he said Colonization was good how they slaughtered Native Americans and enslaved our ancestors for 246 years. To him it was good to violate women and children as well as steal other people’s land and resources. The reason why the White Supremacist Financial Elites get upset when we demand reparations is because they feel everything they done was for the good for their people. This is why other countries from around the globe are starting to unify BRICS which is an acronym for five leading nations Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa against Western nations. Their sick and tired of the West hypocrisy. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Third Topic — CNN Fires Don Lemon After 17 Years. After 17 years of working for CNN Don Lemon has been fired I believe this video clip is the reason why this happen because he was standing up for Black America. He was on code with Black America and sharing American history. This dude from India don’t know our history. He made himself look like an idiot. This dude tried to argue with Don Lemon about our history. As a black person in America you can do all the shilling for the Democrats at the end of the day they will not save you. The main reason why I am trying to build GRCAI of Chicago is so that we as a people can heal from the scars of enslavement and for African Immigrants to heal from Colonization. I understand my role in life is to build a positive Black Institution in America with the help of other like minded Black People, African People, Afro-Brazilian/Afro-Latino People and Afro-Caribbean People.

We will do what we can to clean up the African American community starting in Chicago. We will also launch our African tours in order for me to lead by example and applying for dual citizenship in South Africa. Setting up a local chapter in South Africa and shooting our second film in South Africa. The goal to lead my people out of the New Egypt into an African nation or a Caribbean nation where my people can be at peace. The White Supremacist Financial Elites system is coming to an end. GRCAI of Chicago is a new system but we have to build it. Our ancestors built ancient Egypt and the great pyramids. Our ancestors also built the United States of America. I am called just like Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. I am called to rebuild the African American community starting in Chicago through my Christian business the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago.

I know my message is not for all Black Americans. Not all of you can receive what I am talking about and that’s alright. Advocates without a cause have no reason to exist. People who do not protect their advocates are people who won’t have any advocates. If you going to have a movement that’s going to continue for the next 75 years then you don’t just rely on one man you rely on an ideology. Life is too short to be going through unnecessary drama. I will run my Christian business the way I run my home drama free. I am not online for people to like me but you will respect me. Those who are not apart of us we will pray for them, show them tough love and keep it movin. I am glad to be able to use this new technology to get our message out there but in order for us to be effective we have to get this film project fully funded and made in order to reach the black masses.

A large part of the problem has been that we’ve been isolated from each other. When I created my first group on a site called Gopher back in 1991 I was able to connect with other like minded Black People, African People, Afro-Brazilian/Afro-Latino People and Afro-Caribbean People who saw the same problems as I did. When I started creating content on Blogtalkradio as an audio podcast in 2006 there was nobody doing what I was doing. I use to talk about the history of ancient Kemet. I ran across a few brothers who only wanted to debate me. I tell them my sources and leave it at that. We can learn from the past, we can be inspired by the past but we can’t live in the past. I have been immerse in this since I was a teenager. I need for my active group members to step up and be a team player our children deserve better. We need to move GRCAM from behind a computer and smart phone into the big screen so that the Black World will know who we are. This will give us an opportunity to gather in public spaces like the public movie theater.

Once the proceeds from the film starts pouring in then we will begin hosting live events at GRCAI of Chicago that’s the purest example of online networking translating into real life mobilization. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement have been around for three decades now we want to make our presence known first on the big screen then into the African American community starting in Chicago. It’s our time to take the lead in Black America and in Africa stand up GRCAM members and help me turn my vision and plan into a reality. Let’s show all these Off Code Negroes who aren’t taking us anywhere the door. We’re an exclusive club. The most oppressed people on the planet changed the most powerful nation on the planet because we stood our ground. In GRCAI of Chicago, we will pool our resources and create our own institutions. The purpose of this video podcast is to inform black people what is going on in our society. A population who knows what’s going on is a population that is hard to control. The White Supremacist Financial Elites have been hoarding all of the wealth and resources along the lines of race for their people. I despise the White Supremacist Financial Elites because they still treat our people like slaves.

I will break bread with my active group members and my employees once we are able to get GRCAI of Chicago up and running and our budget and sponsorship is intact. Before I cut and run to Africa I want to make sure that I invest in the African American community and in our black youth because in due time they will end up running the Christian business. We have to start banning together and coming up with ideas to protect our children. The dominant society agenda is well funded they have a blink check to target our children. The most important thing you can do is to support our film project and help make this video podcast go viral. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

The Fourth Topic — John Leguizamo Says Latinos Built America. John Leguizamo is going around lying about their history. How is it that Latinos built America when America enslaved our ancestors for 246 years? He is stealing our talking points. This whole Black and Brown coalition is a myth. MSNBC is giving him his own show called “Leguizamo Does America” high lights Latino excellence across the U.S. all of a sudden Latinos are claiming that they built America and trying to piggy back off our reparations claim ain’t happening. Their trying to get Afro-Latino politicians to co sign them. After we get our reparations from the U.S. Government then we need to get at these institutions, banks, as well as European nations such as Britain, Belgian, Spain, France, Italy, Germany, Portuguese also the Roman Catholic Church. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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