(Putting The Black World On Notice: GRCAM Members Worldwide Stand Up and Help Me Get Our Film Project Fully Funded and Made So That I Can Do My Job. And Solving Diaspora Conflict By Pointing Out Anti-Black American Sentiment from African Immigrants & Afro-Caribbeans in America)

Emmanuel Barbee
28 min readApr 25, 2024


Welcome Family to our Monthly Virtual Conference. I’m your host Emmanuel Barbee. I’m glad to have everybody tuning in. I need you all to do me a favor, first hit that Like button, Subscribe button and share this video podcast on Facebook, X formerly known as Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn and any other social media you are on thank you ladies and gentlemen. This video-podcast is available in three forms: Audio, Video and as a Written Text in order for us to reach our audience. I encourage all of my listeners to please follow me on my Medium Page so that you can have access to this transcript and all of my sources. To find my Medium Page just go to my YouTube Page and next to my photo on the far right side it says more links click on it and scroll down until you find my Medium Page click on it and look for the exact title of this presentation and click on it. Those of you who are serious about doing business with me then send me your email address to my Facebook inbox and I will email you everything I do online.

We host our virtual conference every last Saturday of the month until we are able to raise funds for our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins).This is a solution base docu-drama based on my experience growing up in the inner cities of Chicago and the purpose why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. This is our Black Panther moment except it’s not owned by Disney it’s owned by GRCAM Members.

Join our crowdfunding on our GoFundMe Page or on our PayPal Page for this historic film project. The donations will help with our marketing campaign, production and legal expenses to make this docu-drama. What made the Black Panther movie successful? When you look at the Black Lives Matter Movement and the killing of Mike Brown we can go on and on so Black Americans start marching and protesting in the streets this inspired many black youth to become conscious of our fate in America. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney decided to capitalize off of Black Americans frustration by putting out a Black Panther Movie. A movie that made Black People proud to be ourselves. I admit it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Disney knew that the timing was right as Black Americans marched in the streets against Police Brutality. This movie for many of us represented a win for us. It was a defining moment. We all wanted to be in that Wakanda environment. We didn’t make any money from the film. It made 1 Billion dollars worldwide. I was saddened that the film was not produced by a Black owned production company. What made the movie a success was the commercials and the sales of West African Dashiki’s. Black Panther on social media was free promotion. I would love to see us put that same energy behind this Black owned film. Black Panther was well put together. There are certain things about Black culture and Black liberation that were dropped in the movie.

It depicted Black People in a positive light. Let’s take advantage of the Black Panther effect. These multinational corporations are creating products to cash in on the Black experience. The condition of our people has not changed. The Black Panther movie belongs to them not us. This film project belongs to us. We must use the Black Panther movie as motivation and inspiration. What was brilliant about the movie was that it gave us a very powerful picture of what our unity could look like if Black Americans and Africans worked together as a team. Our condition will never change unless we unite with other like minded Black People and African People. I don’t want to be doing this another 32 years.

We have a lot of material to cover, but before I go into my presentation I would like to encourage everyone on my Facebook friends list which is (1,970) people please join the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. You don’t have to live in the Black Ghettos to be part of us. You don’t have to live in the United States of America to be part of us. All I ask is that you purchase my revised book (The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America) second edition and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on this platform so that we can talk about it and get others involved. Also donate what you can towards our film project.

My book is on my Amazon Author Page it’s available in two forms. The Kindle E-book for $9.99 and the Paperback for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. I also have items on our virtual store to help raise funds for our film project. We have renewed our GoFundMe Page, it will be used as an indicator of our progress towards getting this film project fully funded and made. We’re using crowd funding so that everyone know where the money will be use for. We’re asking that you donate what you can we aim to raise $250,000 dollars to start with. If you are a US citizen then you can donate through our Paypal Giving Fund. You can use this as a tax write off because this is a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit Faith Based and Community Advocacy Organization. So far only one person have donated towards our film project on our PayPal Page “Minister Achelitta Sunday” shout out to that sister. Anyone on my Facebook Friend’s List that’s not interested in our cause then delete me from your friends list and don’t come to any events with my name on it and that’s real. You can find all the links below this video podcast in the comment section.

I have invested 32 years of my life trying to connect with other like minded Black Americans and like minded African People I refuse to be ignored. All I have is my revised book, my virtual store, this online platform and my social groups. This film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group before I cut and run to Africa. The purpose for me doing all of this is to gather like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants in America to work with me in building a black institution for our Black Youth & their families in Chicago for credibility to let the Black World know who we are and making a positive impact in the African American community and in the African Immigrant community before we expand to Africa.

Lord knows I would like to do more than just news and social commentaries but without financial support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my God given assignment and that is to build the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago. This is a Nehemiah assignment.

I encourage all of my international friends in my African group (GRCAI of Africa). Even if you are unable to participate in this event please watch the replay, leave a public comment about it on my YouTube Page and share with all your friends on all social media sites you are on this will help get the ball rolling.

I encourage all of my Christian friends in my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group & Christian Spoken Word Network) Even if you are unable to participate in this event please watch the replay, leave a public comment about it on my YouTube Page and share with all your friends on all social media sites you are on this will help get the ball rolling.

I encourage all of my supporters in my Secular groups (GRCAI of Chicago & New Black Voices of Media etc…) Even if you are unable to participate in this event please watch the replay, leave a public comment about it on my YouTube Page and share with all your friends on all social media sites you are on this will help get the ball rolling.

I would like to publicly thank Minister Stephanie M Seaton and Mr. Ferman Jackson Jr. for allowing me to come on their platform to promote my vision and plan for Black America and Africa. Those of you who have a large platform please allow me to come on your platform so that I can promote my vision and plan for Black America and Africa.

I am calling on African Immigrants within the United States of America from 10 African Nation’s: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. We will bring the best of the Diaspora to each African nation so that we can setup local chapters and do international trade among our people. We will reconnect Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist. In This Christian business our objective is to heal from enslavement and colonization. GRCAM will take the lead in solving black issues within the United States of America before we expand to Africa, The Caribbean & Brazil.

The title of this presentation:

Putting The Black World On Notice: GRCAM Members Worldwide Stand Up and Help Me Get Our Film Project Fully Funded and Made So That I Can Do My Job. And Solving Diaspora Conflict By Pointing Out Anti-Black American Sentiment from African Immigrants & Afro-Caribbeans in America.

Our First Topic — Putting The Black World On Notice: GRCAM Members Worldwide Stand Up and Help Me Get Our Film Project Fully Funded and Made So That I Can Do My Job. I am not getting push back from White America I am getting push back from Black America. Let’s keep it a buck none of my family members will be part of my business because a majority of them are full of Willie Lynch. They won’t buy my revised book, they won’t buy items from my virtual store, instead they tell me to get a real job, that’s code for just work for the Man and leave all that Black stuff alone. I ain’t trying to hear that I know my purpose. I don’t like what is happening in Black America and I plan on doing something about it through my Christian business before I cut and run to Africa. This is not business as usual for me this is personal and I am putting the Black World on notice. This is why I am online to broadcast my vision and plan in hopes of connecting with other like minded Black Americans, like minded African Immigrants, like minded Afro-Caribbean and like minded Afro-Latinos.

It’s important for GRCAM Members in America to step up so that we can get this film project popin and fully funded then we can begin building GRCAI of Chicago for credibility among the African American community and the African Immigrant community before we launch our African tours and begin our international trade with African nations. We aim to make an economic impact in the inner cities of Chicago by establishing more Black Businesses and creating jobs for our Black youth through our Black Empowerment films, our Black Entrepreneurship programs and so on. We aim to become a One-Stop shop for local residents, Black Artist, African Artist, Black Entrepreneurs and African Entrepreneurs. We will host webinars, seminars and workshops for our students and members on such topics like Real Estate, Financial Literacy, Community Safety etc… We will offer a Food Pantry to help feed those in our community, Affordable Childcare, Tutoring Services. In other words, GRCAI of Chicago will be a multipurpose facility. It’s my hope that our Christian business will become the heart of the African American community and the African Immigrant community. We’re not a social justice agency, we’re an economic development space. Over here we are not going to be out marching and protesting we focus on building Black Institutions for the African American community and the African Immigrant community. We focus on the economic side and the two-way pipeline of trade such as Food and Music among the Urban Community in Chicago and the Urban African areas and Rural areas on the continent.

The African American community is depleted of a tax base, we have high unemployment, low marriage rate which means we have less disposable income to launch businesses and our educational institutions are not Black own. In order to bring about social change within the African American community we have to form an alliance with the African Immigrant community and heal collectively from the scars of enslavement and colonization through education and doing international trade exports and Imports made in America and made in Africa. Products coming into the state of Illinois creating Black Entrepreneurship and African Entrepreneurship through GRCAI of Chicago. Our Black Politicians only want to focus on social justice issues in America. They’re supposed to be policy makers putting the needs of the community first but as I explain to my members a majority of these career Black Politicians are in the pockets of the White supremacist Financial Elites their job is to undermine the African American community. For example, I found a video clip on YouTube from Forbes Breaking News entitled “Chicago Citizens speak at a City Council meeting about a Proposal to spend $70 Million more on migrants” Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson continues to betray the residents of Chicago by asking for $70M to fund migrants.

He’s not doing nothing for Black Chicagoans or other Chicago residents instead his priority is on assisting Illegal Immigrants. Chicago is dealing with a Migrant Crisis that no resident asked for but we understand the policies of the Democrat Party. Well Mayor Brandon Johnson wants more money for Migrants not more money for American Citizens. As I said before this is not a Brandon Johnson problem, this is a Democrat policy problem. If you vote out Brandon Johnson and vote in another Democrat we’re still going to be dealing with the same issue. I don’t see how anybody in their right mind would re-elect Biden at this point. None of these migrants voted for him. No country in the world would be facilitating this.

Every other country would be like hey you didn’t come here the right way you got to go because you’re violating our laws. If any American citizen violate the law they would go to prison. For Brandon Johnson to ask for more money in the millions of dollars but check this when we say we need reparations for the Descendants of American Slaves you got all this money for these migrants well clearly you got money for reparations cut the check. When we talk about reparations these career politicians want to deflect. When we point out how these White supremacist Financial Elites obtain their wealth from Slave labor but get an attitude when we demand reparations. Most billionaires got their money from inherited wealth, government subsidies, tax loopholes or from labor exploitation.
I remember taking a business class in college I learned that there are five ways to become a billionaire

1. Being a monopoly
2. Inside trading
3. Political corruption
4. Fraud
5. Inheritance

The American dream is rigged because it only benefits White Americans. For example, Elon Musk has access to 180 billion dollars while Black Farmers are under funded by design. Elon Musk business is properly funded because he receives government subsidies to fund his electric vehicle as tax credit. In contrast, Black Farmers have been suing the US Government for decades in order to obtain government subsidies they’re supposed to receive like any other American farmer. We’ve been told that Illegal Immigrants are hard working. These construction companies won’t hire Black Men, they prefer to hire Illegal Immigrants because they don’t have to pay for their medical insurance and they’re cheaper labor than American Citizens. Economic warfare is happening in Black America. The next generation is not prepared. It’s up to GRCAM members, which is the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family, to get this film project fully funded and made so that we can build GRCAI of Chicago.

I think there should be a balance between social justice issues an Economic Development issues. No urban community in the United States should be broke when we have an entire continent and African Immigrants that’s already here my goal for creating my African group (GRCAI of Africa) is to tap into building an alliance with African Immigrants in America so that we can do business in America and on the continent but we will weed out those who mean us no good Black Sell Outs and Off Code Negroes over here we are raising the bar this is what I want to be remembered for trying to build something positive for the African American community and the African Immigrant community. Africa has African Entrepreneurs, Human Capital and most of all influence this will help all parties involved with moving forward.

As president of GRCAM I encourage GRCAM Members about thinking in terms of ownership. In my business we will focus on the importance of financial literacy and for us to practice group economics in real time that will get us out of poverty as a collective. When Black People sing “We shall overcome someday” or “Kumbaya” the White supremacist Financial Elites see us as beggars. They owe Black Americans, Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinos and Continental Africans reparations because they have stole our wealth and this is why we are in the condition we are today. Black Americans have been marching and protesting for 60 years begging them for Freedom, Justice and Equality that’s not working. Over here I encourage my members to demand these politicians to give Reparations to Descendants of American Slaves and also demand for Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill if they want our vote. Our for profit portion of the business will focus on owning and controlling our own Community Grocery Store, Community Healthcare Clinic and Community Housing. We will also create a distribution Commerce Hub so that our members and students can benefit economically from this business.

In other words I want to create a global supply chain in Chicago and across the United States of America as well as in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. GRCAM is a real movement this is not a Mickey Mouse operation. I encourage our international audience to get involved with this film project. If we lose Africa we lose everything. In GRCAI of Chicago we’re not going to talk only about culture but also about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) It’s my hope that GRCAI of Chicago and GRCAI of Africa will become an Innovation Hub for Black Entrepreneurship and Technology. It’s my hope that GRCAI of Chicago would launch African tours and Caribbean tours and attract new talent and new businesses that would be interested in partnering with us as well as doing international trade with us from the continent into these urban communities this will help turn around the African American community then the African American community can begin focusing on owning and operating franchises in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil.

GRCAI of Chicago would make an impact not only locally by hiring our youth to work teaching our members and students about entrepreneurship, ownership and most importantly having a tax base. We will have Black Americans not only visiting Africa and getting to know the locals, the language, the food, the culture and how things work and operate but also interested in doing business in Africa. When it comes to Black Americans, Continental Africans, Afro- Caribbean or Afro-Latinos we have to learn how to work together as a team so that we can move forward together if we’re going to be competitive and be taken seriously in the 21st century. How can we continue to allow an Arab, Chinese, East Indian or European to come to Africa and buy up the block and build wealth on our continent? Because we still have an old mindset we need to shift our mindset and see ourselves in a different light. These other groups are able to come into our community because they are on code with each other. All of the principles in my revised book is the code for GRCAM members.

GRCAI of Chicago will provide our members and students with a support system and resources they need to help them reach their life goals. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement objective is to get in a better position financially so that we an offer economic tangibles to our members in America eventually in Africa, the Caribbean and in Brazil. Our focus on the business side is to promote global trade, investment and education between Sub-Saharan Africa and the inner cities within Chicago and hopefully throughout the United States of America. This is why it’s important for us to support this film project. Since the Civil Rights Era a majority of Black Americans have become Americanized to the point that a majority of our people careless about the community and Black Youth because we’re on this individualistic mentality or narcissist behavior that’s part of the reason why Black America is struggling.

Our people have bought into the idea that I don’t need the community. I’m independent yet a majority of Black Americans are working for the Man or someone else instead of working for ourselves and providing jobs for our youth in the African American community. GRCAM is about making sure our members are able to obtain a quality of life through our programs and services that will benefit both the African American community and the African Immigrant community in America and eventually on the African Continent, the Caribbean and Brazil. We can’t just blame the Europeans, we have to examine ourselves. Africans have the resources under their feet but they don’t have the means of production.

In GRCAM we want to help Africans become a competitive force throughout the world instead of being seen as beggars. The Diaspora will help Africans to become productive and create factories so that together our people will become productive to grow and feed ourselves without depending on foreign aid from the West. Africa has fertile land. When we look at the Mali Empire it was a slave based Empire. Our ancestors sold each other as indentured servants until the Europeans came to our shores and began to take advantage of our people. If you examine European history during the dark ages they had nothing going on until they came to Africa. Because of the Slave Trade that our ancestors made with the Europeans selling your own people and thinking everything would be fine is the reason why Africa is suffering today. It was wrong that if we lose Africa we lose everything. If Africa would receive me and my vision then we can turn Africa around without bloodshed. All I ask is for a chance starting in South Africa. The nature of capitalism is to exploit labor and to own land. Nowadays, Africans are exploiting each other and when Black Americans come over there they fall victims of land scams. We have a unique opportunity to pull our resources and to create a Black Institution that will create a bridge between America and Africa that we have the capacity to solve our own problems at the local level or Grassroots level. I want to encourage all of my listeners worldwide to please support our film project, purchase my revised book and make arrangements with me to come on this platform so that we can discuss my revised book and prove to ourselves that we have the ability to solve our own problems and create our own standards of excellence until we solve the problems that need to be solved within the African American community, the African Immigrant community, in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil.

If you’re an African Immigrant, an Afro-Caribbean or an Afro-Latino I understand why you came to America you want to have a better life and be able to provide for your family. I also know what you’re up against racism, discrimination lack of a support system. This is why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to assist GRCAM members who are having difficulties in this country. I understand that you’re trying to accomplish your life goals and I want to help you reach your goals that’s the basis of GRCAM. In GRCAM you will understand your purpose in life, who we are as a people and how we can make an impact in our community and on the African continent. This is more than just a new business endeavor, this is personal. I don’t like all of this dysfunction I am seeing in Black America and I am going to do something about it through this Christian business by connecting with like minded Black America, like minded African Immigrants, like minded Afro- Caribbean and like minded Afro-Latinos together we will build GRCAI of Chicago so help me God.

For example, in the American Jews community they have built their own institutions and Industries that is all I am trying to do in the African American community through the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. I want us to move from behind a computer starting in Chicago. In other words I need smart boots on the ground. The only way I see that happening is by getting our film project fully funded and made. The proceeds from the film will allow GRCAM members to control our own resources, our own culture then we can expand to the African Continent because we have a real Black Institution called the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago that Black Americans, African Immigrants, Afro-Caribbean and Afro-Latinos have built together that’s our credibility. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — Solving Diaspora Conflict By Pointing Out Anti-Black American Sentiment from African Immigrants & Afro-Caribbeans in America.

We’re going to touch on a sensitive topic within Black culture that is the root cause of Anti-Black American Sentiment among African Immigrants & Afro-Caribbeans living in America. I listed several videos on my Medium Transcript as it pertains to this issue. I’ve never experienced this level of Anti-Black American Sentiment before coming from African Immigrants and Afro-Caribbean. After watching several of these videos I was trying to figure out where this is coming from. Before I plan on expanding GRCAI of Chicago to the African Continent I want to make sure that GRCAM Members confront these types of issues first. Like minded Black Americans, Like minded Afro Caribbeans and Like minded African Immigrants in America to first build this Christian business in Chicago and then work collectively on healing from Enslavement and Colonization. At this time we’re not in a position to fight against White Supremacy. I know that these videos are not a representation of all Afro Caribbean and African Immigrants in America.

On this platform we try to balance this will be a Unity conversation among our people and our audience worldwide. Just understand if you come over here with this extremely hostile attitude towards Black Americans then don’t bother trying to get involved with what we are trying to build for the African American community & the African Immigrant community. The purpose of GRCAI of Chicago is to bring Black Americans and African Immigrants together. I have explained this many times before to my group members and my listeners that the U.S. Embassy selects certain people to come over here. Do you really think they’re going to select people like Julius Malema or Professor P.L.O Lumumba? The White Supremacist Financial Elites prefer to bring over people like Candice Owens or Roland Martin crowd to be our so called spokes person’s but the issue is they’re not from our lineage Descendants of American Slaves. The video from Daily Rap Up Crew Podcast shows that African Immigrants are the first born generation in America; they’re not in their Homeland they’re over here in America. They said their parents tell them to stay away from Black Americans and don’t marry Black Americans.

First of all Black Americans never colonize anybody, we haven’t stolen other people’s natural resources nor have we invaded and destabilized any country but the White Supremacist Financial Elites have a track record of doing those things because they brag about it in our history books. This is why they’re trying to white wash their negative history but thank God we live in the information age. We didn’t steal anyone’s artifacts and put them in a museum. The Europeans did when African Governments demanded the return of their artifacts. Those same European nations that colonized Africa told them they could loan them the artifacts which they stole in the first place. Make it make sense? Notice that African Immigrants and Afro Caribbean have no hatred for the people that colonized and enslaved them but they have a lot of smoke towards Black Americans. I believe some of them hate us because some of them are descendants from tribes that sold our ancestor into slavery during the Slave Trade. We’re now in a better position as a lineage group to get our reparations from the US Government, American Corporations and the Catholic Church. Look at what Black Americans have done in America under oppression, imagine what we could do in 10 African nations. Black Americans built the White House and the capitol in Washington DC, Black Americans built the roads and the bridges way before the Chinese came over here. Black Americans as a collective have 1 trillion dollars of spending power. Africans have access to the world’s most resources beneath their feet in terms of Diamonds, Gold and minerals yet all these other groups in Africa such as Arabs, Chinese, East Indians and Europeans are taking your natural resources they own a majority of the businesses and yet your here in America and in Europe while foreigners are trying to recolonize your homeland what’s wrong with this picture?

These Western nation’s wouldn’t be where they are today without African resources but you rather sit up here and hate Black Americans then you wonder why all these other groups call us the N word. This is why it’s important for every Black Person on my friends list to join GRCAM and help me get my revised book on the best seller’s list to let the Black World know that we are here and we are going to build GRCAI of Chicago and expand to 10 African nations so help us God. Europe has an African Immigrant Crisis because they continue to steal resources from Africa and they’re destabilizing African nations so they can live a first world lifestyle. But they’re not upset with the former colonizers that started all of the mess in the first place; they’re not upset with the European Union or the World Bank. No one can justify Anti-Black American Sentiment. We have not collectively harmed any group of people. Before they came to our continent they were living in squalor in Europe they had nothing going on until they got around us. Let’s keep it a buck, the Arabs enslaved Africans in East Africa before the Europeans arrived. Europeans learned from the Arabs and they brought colonization to Africa in 1884 during the Berlin Conference. Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Spain and Great Britain these are the European nations that colonized Africa and who also enslaved my ancestors and forced them to come to the new world that became the United States of America.

No other group of people on Earth is hated more than Black Americans for no reason we haven’t done nothing to nobody. Over here our objective is to get our film project fully funded and made so that GRCAM Members can build GRCAI of Chicago so that we can start doing business with African, the Caribbean and Brazil. Black America has been the global leader in the global voice of the diaspora. Some people don’t like it when you say that. We have been put in the work we didn’t ask for that position but because of our fight and collective struggle we’re the only group that’s not trying to assimilate with White Supremacy. Sexy red is a symptom of what happened after the constant war against the Black Family by the White Supremacist Financial Elites after the Civil Rights Era under the War Against Poverty and the War on Drugs which gave rise to the School To Prison Pipeline which resulted in Mass Incarceration of Black Males. African Immigrants would want to work with us so that we can leave America and return back to Africa to help improve the social condition of our people by bringing our businesses, our talents and creating jobs for local Africans so that we can do international trade. Liberate Africa from those Neo-Colonizers by getting rid of all those selloutsmaking Africa a Black Utopia.

Busta Rhymes has been silent about this canceled tour. His disrespect of Black American culture had something to do with it. He decided to team up with Fat Joe. Nobody had an issue with Fat Joe until he started lying about the origin of HipHop by saying Blacks and Latino created Hip Hop 5050 that’s a bald faced lie. Busta Rhymes started getting involved with what Fat Joe had going on. I posted a video on my Medium Transcript under show and prove about Busta Rhymes causing Diaspora War among Black Americans. No one cared that he had Jamaican lineage, all we cared about was his music. Throughout his career he never mentioned he was from Jamaica but the issue we have here is that he was promoting a Diaspora War in a country that if he wasn’t here he wouldn’t have ever made it in the music industry. He disrespected Black American culture Hip Hop is part of our culture. Most Black Immigrants I met in college told me that they have the best culture. I used to ask them if your culture is the best then why did you leave your homeland? That’s a legitimate question.

According to the video Busta Rhymes said the US has no culture let’s define what is culture because a lot of foreigners Black Americans have no culture. I looked up the term what is culture? on Google it said culture is the Arts and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively. The second definition of culture is the customs, arts, social institutions and achievements of a particular Nation, people or other social group. We’re told that we lost our culture, that we don’t have a culture well. According to this definition Black Americans have many customs. We have our own Arts form like music specifically Hip Hop, R&B, Jazz, and the Blues just to name a few. The Black Church and Historical Black Colleges and Universities are social institutions. We built the United States of America. That’s one of the greatest achievements by Black Americans. But some Black Immigrants come over here and start talking down on Black Americans the country our ancestors built.

A country where our ancestors fought and died to get laws changed and to give our brothers and sisters in the diaspora an opportunity to come over here now all of a sudden we have a few Black Immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean starting to talk down on us. The same people that made a way for you to get here. Then they have the nerve to copy our culture, they’re not wearing their traditional clothing, it’s very offensive. We got to have these conversations. I believe like minded Black People can work together I believe like minded African People can work together. I believe Afro Caribbean and Afro Latinos can work together. Black Americans have been the only group of people that have stood up for the diaspora consistently. We have done it, we have a track record to prove it then you want to come over here and talk down on my people we’re not having that in my Christian business. We can’t stand by and watch injustice and oppression. I will only unify with like minded Black Person, like minded African People and Nonblack sympathizers not as groups but as individuals who want to unify with us and if you don’t want to unify with us we will pray for them, show them tough love and keep it movin. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

Thank you all for listening and we’ll see you on the next video podcast. Please join GRCAM by joining either my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group or Christian Spoken Word Network) or join my Secular groups GRCAI of Africa, GRCAI of Chicago or New Black Voices of Media etc… also exchange emails with me so that we can stay connected because this is my third Facebook Page hackers are forever bugging. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all, share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

I would like to thank everyone who have contributed or will contribute to support us on our Paypal Page, purchasing items from our Virtual Store or purchasing my Revised Book the E-book is $9.99 or the Paperback for $15 dollars plus shipping and handling. We appreciate your support. You can find all of the links below this video podcast in the comment section. If you’re listening to this audio podcast on Spotify just click on the YouTube icon and look to the far right next to my photo and it will say more links click on it and you will see the about section, then scroll down to links. The phone lines are now open. Call in for Q & A about the topics that were discussed, we want to hear from you.

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Francis Howell School District’s Plan To Whitewash Black History


Black People Stood Up To Police After They Detained Young Brothas For Eating Pizza


Black Owned Book Store Forced To Close Up Shop After Threats


White-Man Says His People Need To Know The Truth About ‘White-Black History’ In America


Asian Woman Checks WS For Disrespecting Black Americans And Schools Him On History Of His People


Migrants In Mexico Say They Want Biden To Win Because Trump Won’t Let Them In


Emmanuel Acho Checked For Claiming He Doesn’t Have Trauma Like Black Americans


Black Men Unite To Say It’s Time For Them To Become Leaders And Start Building The Community Again


Woman Says Latin Americans Do Not Like Black Travelers Or Black Natives Because Of Their Skin Color


Hillary Clinton Tells Voters To ‘Get Over Yourself’ And Vote For The Better Older Man


South Africa Is Now A Failed State And Political Corruption Is Looming!


Grape Is Black People’s ‘Pastime White South African Judge Says


Officer Allegedly Seen Planting Evidence On A Black Motorist (He Was Found Guilty)


Woman Claims Americans Are Jealous Of Immigrants Success


African Countries Selling Massive Hectares Of Land To A UAE Company Raises Concern


Black People Made Colonizers Run For Shelter After They Tried To Turn Their Beach Into A Resort


Guyana President Irfaan Ali Calls Out BBC Reporter For Asking A Disingenuous Question


Why Is The U.S Government Sending Food Donations To A Country With A Vibrant Agricultural Sector


Game Over || Malaysia Proposes Taming America’s Veto Voting Powers At The United Nations


5 Parties Join Forces To Take On The DA


Pres. Ramaphosa Angered Over U.S. Anti-South African Bill Passed By House Foreign Affairs


‘The Division of Africa Makes Europe Rich’ — Julius Malema


Are Coloured Communities Neglected? Exploring Inequity and Opportunity


South Africans Call For The Shutdown Of Foreign-owned Spaza After The Death of Two More Children


President Of Uganda Owns Reporter after Asked About Country’s Fate & Obama’s Disappointment Of LBGTQ


Aboriginal Australian Kids Arrested For Swimming In A Vacant Property’s Pool


Schools In Kenya Make Students Sing A Patriotic Hymn Praising Britain


Washington Instructed US Diplomats To Gather Fingerprints & Passwords Of African UN Delegates


You Will Never Forgive White People After Watching This


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