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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows:

(The Lynching OF Rasheem Carter, The Consequence Of Rejecting GRCAM And Democrat Frienemy)

Our First Topic — The Lynching OF Rasheem Carter.

There was a brother by the name of Rasheem Carter. Many of us have not heard about his story. The way this brother lost his life is one of the most heinous ways carried out by the White Supremacists I have ever heard of in a long time. He had some issues with his boss. I want you all to hear what his mother has to say about this case. To watch the video just go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to show and prove fair use NBC. According to his mother Rasheem Carter text her and told her had was having issues with his boss and now he was being chased by three truckloads full of White Supremacists. She told him to file a complaint at the local police station. He went to the police station for help and told them his life was in danger. He’s telling the authorities about his circumstances they are not buying it. He told his mother if something happens to him then his boss is responsible.

Rasheem Carter tried to get away but they caught up with him. According to NBC, his body was found, law enforcement said there’s no evidence of foul play. I am not sure if this is police corruption or incompetence. This is clearly racially motivated because according to Rasheem Carter he was being chased by White Supremacists in Mississippi. There are other factors about the deaths of young black men that are not being mentioned by the Mainstream Media. Well over here I want to make sure my group members and our listeners know about this story from New Black Voices of Media. The murders that get the most media attention are those done by Rogue Cops and Urban Terrorist. Black Lives matter to me no matter who they are killed by. If a black person is murdered by another black person chances are there won’t be any justice served or any media attention given to it. There are thousands of black families that are mourning the death of a loved one. They reached out to Benjamin Crump I bet you they won’t get a phone call back because those cases do not sell. Why is it a problem to bring up the victims of senseless violence due to urban violence? Until Black America get the resilience to fix the African American community senseless violence will continue.

Ladies and gentlemen this is why you need to support GRCAM I am doing my best to move GRCAM beyond just news commentary and from behind a computer first by getting our story on the big screen in order to reach the black masses. As well as make our presence known in the African American community to serve black families and their children. The proceeds from the film would allow me to hire competent Black Men and competent Black Women to be on my management team. We don’t have mainstream support, we don’t have corporate support. All I have is my group members and our listeners. GRCAM has been on Facebook for 19 years it’s time that We move GRCAM to the next level I am calling on everyone on my Facebook friends list and everyone in my social groups to help me build GRCAI of Chicago by purchasing my e-book for $9.99 on Amazon, purchasing items on our virtual store and donating what you can to our film project. I provide the links in the comment section of this video-podcast.

Getting back to the story black people who live in these small towns are not safe. Those same people in the police department are in cahoots with the same people who were in those trucks. So they caught up with our brother and they cut off his head and disperse his body parts. The local media hid this story. What we want to know is who were those people in those trucks? This happen in 2022 and they are still finding his body parts this year. If his could happen to him then this could happen to me and you.

Black People need to live in urban areas where we have the numbers in case something goes down. Black People who reside in urban areas need to get involved with their local politics. We need to get into positions of being the Sheriff, The DA, The Judge, Members of the School Board and takeover those cities. It doesn’t make sense if you have a city full of black people and yet black people are not running nothing. Just like Ahmaud Arbery two White Men chased him down and killed him in cold blood. They would have gotten away with murder if there was no video footage. My goal for trying to create GRCAI of Chicago is for us to create a new Green Book to warn Black People and Black Immigrants in America places where to go and where not to go. Because in America they still have Sundown towns.

White Supremacists feed on our pain, oppression, and death. They have a track record of taken black people’s life because they can because they create the laws. This is a spiritual warfare as I mentioned in my revised book in chapter three On Faith in the book of Luke Chapter two verse One “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed” King James Version.

Caesar Augustus was a White Supremacist he imposed his system and his economy on the world that was not from God. He actually thought he was God. Acts chapter 17 verses six and seven “And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus” King James Version.

For example, when the White Supremacist came to Africa they came to kill, steal and destroy our way of life. When the White Supremacist came to The New World they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. When the White Supremacist came to The Caribbean they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. When the White Supremacist came to Latin America or South America they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. When the White Supremacist came to Australia they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. The scripture that represent our Christian business is Ezekiel chapter 34 verses 11–16. King James Version.

It’s my hope that justice will be served in the case of Rasheem Carter. My heart goes out to the family my heart also goes out to other black families that have experience a death of a loved one due to senseless violence. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — The Consequence Of Rejecting GRCAM.

My message is to Black Millennials & Generation Z let’s face it our so called black leaders in America have fail us. All of these other groups are on code against us that’s just reality. Yes you may find a few non-black sympathizers who will work with black people but not as a group. We have to separate from other blacks who are not in agreement with our vision and plan point blink. The Black Baby Boomers are our biggest problem within the African American community because they continue to vote against our interest. For 31 years online and offline I’ve been doing my best to reach other like minded Black People, Afro-Brazilian People/Afro-Latino People, Afro-Caribbean People and African Immigrants to join a new movement in Black America called the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. I have been paying out of pocket of the business title since 2010 and yet I am still on first base. It’s not White People who is giving me push back it’s Black People.

I refuse to be ignored this is why my film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group in America. The whole purpose of me creating GRCAM is to build our own black institution called the Grass Roots Community Activist institute of Chicago serving the African American community. Our mission to eradicate urban violence in Chicago through Arts, Culture, Commerce and Spiritual Development. We also plan on hosting African tours to ten African nations they are as follows: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. We will setup a chapter in each African nation so that we can do international trade among our brothers and sisters on the African continent.

I need my African group members from GRCAI of Africa to step up and encourage your family members and friends from your nation who live abroad in Canada, Europe and the United States of America tell them my vison for Africa and encourage them to read my revised book and to get in touch with me don’t act like Black America I don’t have another 31 years to waste. Since Black America has rejected and overlooked my vision and plan for the past 31 years my Christian business will be membership based. (M1) Melanated First (GRCAM M1) Grass Roots Community Activist Movement Member’s First.

Why is GRCAI of Chicago needed? There’s a case taken place in New York City with a brother by the name of Jordan Neely. Jordan Neely was a street entertainer he did Michael Jackson impersonation. His step father killed his mother which had an impact on his life. He experience being homeless. It’s very expensive living in New York City. So Jordan Neely was on the subway train having a mental health episode. According to witnesses he was talking out loud saying he was hungry because he’s homeless OK he was a public nuisance got it.

According to the Business Insider “Penny’s name appeared on Twitter Thursday. The Daily Mail briefly included his last name in a photo caption on its website Thursday, and the website published an article Friday morning naming Penny” The Mainstream Media was determine not to release the name of the suspect until Thursday this incident happen on Monday May first seems like a cover up to me. The article from Business Insider entitled “Daniel Penny, a 24-year-old Marine vet, is the man seen choking Jordan Neely in subway death” Notice the tricky language they did not say strangled to death. The Press is working overtime to make sure they don’t use that kind of language. The murder occurred on Monday May first. They all got together to get their story in order so they can release the information on Thursday May 4th.

According to New York Post entitled “Straphanger who put Jordan Neely in fatal chokehold hires DA Bragg’s former rival as attorney” Daniel Penny Attorney argued that Daniel Penny with the help of others acted to protect themselves until help arrived in self-defense during the fatal encounter with Jordan Neely. Question how was it self-defense if Daniel Penny sneak up on Jordan Neely from behind? Daniel Penny hide behind having PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder as a defense. There was other ways to subdue a person without killing him. We as Black People are not protected in America and yet 90% of Black People continue to vote for the Democrats who refuse to give us tangibles and a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill.
Jordan Neely was choked to death by a White deputized vigilante. The same way like our brother Eric Garner. Carolyn Bryant is an example of how White Supremacy protect their own. As Black People in America this is yet another reminder why we need to build GRCAI of Chicago so that we can take the lead in solving our social problems in America and why we should get on code with each other and begin forming an alliance with Black Immigrants in America so that we can do international trade with our brothers and sisters in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil.

Again this is why Black People need to create our own Grass Roots intelligence. We’re going to have to be in a position to begin to identify people who are harming us and not wait for the mainstream Media for information. We have to stay alert and start working with each other. We have too many black people online who act like they know everything yet when I open up the phone lines for Q and A on my online talkshow they don’t know how to get on the show. Let’s get off that know it all nonsense and start learning how to use this new technology. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Third Topic — Democrat Frienemy

The term frienemy is an oxymoron of “friend” and “enemy” that refers to a person with whom one is friendly, despite a fundamental dislike or a person who combines the characteristics of a friend and an enemy. Many Black People in the community really think that the Democrats are our friends but social policy proves them wrong. When you have a Mayor, A Governor and The Press on code with White Supremacy then you better know what you are up against.

Watching the video of Jordan Neely was very despicable. Daniel Penny need to be charged and those other people who assisted him they need to be charged too. Jordan Neely did not attack anyone there was no reason to put him in a choke hold for 15 minutes. The African American community failed him and New York City failed him. These career politicians would rather spend more money on putting more cops on the streets instead of funding homeless shelters and mental health clinics. The Biden Administration would rather prioritize spending money on Ukraine and on assisting Illegal Latino Immigrants then on American citizens.
I have a video clip of Governor Kathy Holchel let’s see what she had to say about this case. Did you hear her she said some actions bring consequences. She is indirectly in support of Daniel Penny. When y’all tell me that the Democrats are much better then those Republicans that did not sound like she supports Black People. A lot of black people in New York went out and voted for her.

On this platform we present information along with credible sources. When you vote we’re suppose to be voting off of policies that will benefit the African American community. If no candidates give a policy for the African American community then don’t vote for them point blink. Mayor Eric Adams a former NYPD he is not for black people. He’s just like Obama a black face maintaining White Supremacy. I always encourage my group members and my listeners to pay close attention to a politicians policy not their skin color. Let’s hear what Eric Adams had to say about this case fair use CNN. Did you hear what he said? He said we shouldn’t say what a passenger should or should not do. He is speaking no different than Rudy Giuliani. These are your Democrats you all keep supporting. My advise to Black America stop voting based on someone skin color and start looking at their policies. If there policies don’t benefit the African American community then don’t vote for them point blink. I notice that the White Supremacist Financial Elites are using black politicians to carry out there agenda that’s their new strategy against black people.

So far we have two Democrat politicians who agree with what Daniel Penny did to Jordan Neely. If the roles we’re reversed Jordan Neely would be charged. The only Democrat that I agree with is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She said Daniel Penny needs to be charged for murder. We got these elections coming up in 2024. Your friend Biden is not talking about this case nor is Kamala talking about this case. They all toll the line for White Supremacy and we have black collaborators involved. This is why Black America is in the condition we’re in. If every black person in America would patronize our film project we could turn around Chicago and 10 other cities within three years if Black America was serious. Unfortunately too many black people have became Americanized and rather participate in maintaining White Supremacy. The Democrats are not interested in investing in Black America they are interested in maintaining White Supremacy. Jordan Neely needs justice. Daniel Penny needs to be charged because he knew what he was doing he was trained to kill by the U.S. military.

The Democrats have sent out one of their shills Joy Reid to started her fear mongering campaign to get Black America to vote for Biden re-election. Fair use TikTok. As you heard Joy Reid is nothing more than an actress she gets paid to get you to continue voting for Democrats. Democrat shills make their money by keeping you on the tread mill or Democrat Plantation. Remember when the Biden Administration won the election in 2020 the first thing Biden did was to demonized the African American community by saying Black People were attacking Asians. They ended up getting an Anti-Asian Hate Crime Bill along with resources. Black People willingly participate in a system that helps to harm and kill us. Instead of calling out Democrat shills like Joy Reid, Roland Martin and others they are an enemy to the African American community they don’t care about the collective. They don’t use their platform to advocate for Reparations and a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill.

The White Supremacist Financial Elites have imported millions of people from Latin America, Central America and Mexico to compete for resources for their group. While Black Americans in large numbers continue to vote for the Democrats our vote only benefit other groups not ours. For example, Illegal Latino Immigrants have access to sanctuary cities, free housing, free education and healthcare while brothers like Jordan Neely are living in the streets because he don’t have access to housing due to inflation. This is why I wrote my story in order to reach like minded Black People and African People to work with me in building something positive for our racial group so that the Global Black Family can know what we’re trying to do and what we plan to do when we come to Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil but it starts here in America first for credibility.

Once the Latino start voting then it’s game over for Black People. This is our last chance to get it right before the Fall of American Empire. The people who are crossing the borders by Corporate America are the people who will take those low skilled jobs. They don’t have any sympathy for our story they just want the bag. At this point Black America need to focus on policies that would benefit the African American community. The only way we can change our situation in America is if we fund this film project so that we can build GRCAI of Chicago. GRCAI of Chicago will help the African American community build up our skillset and host international trade in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil.

The Democrat Party will not protect black businesses because they’re the party of food stamps, section 8 and they’re the party of open borders which harm black people. We built America but we don’t control the policy in America. Why vote for the Democrats when only people who cross the border will benefit? Why vote for the Democrats when only the LGBT will benefit? Every other group will benefit except black people does that make sense? So don’t complain about your position in America if you gonna continue voting for the Democrats. If y’all want to continue voting for the Democrats do you. If we don’t unify and step up our technology and our skillset then by 2050 Black People in America as a collective could end up being net zero meaning black people will become a permanent underclass. Look at what black people got during the first term of this administration. It’s up to you to say the fear mongering doesn’t work anymore.
Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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