(Psychological Warfare Weaponizing The Buffer Classes)

Emmanuel Barbee
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With that being said tonight’s segment is entitled
(Psychological Warfare Weaponizing The Buffer Classes)

I read an an article from the Atlanta Black Star concerning crime in the black community. The reason why crime occurs in the black community is because of social economic conditions. The lack of jobs for a better word. This system in America continues to punish people who have served their time in prison. When ex-offenders try to do right and turn their life around and attempt to become productive citizens many employers won’t hire them because of their past criminal record. Most likely they will become repeated offenders. This is what I’ve been trying to share with Black America for the past 29 years to work with me in turning my virtual Christian business into a real Christian business (GRCAI of Chicago) the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago. Once we get our film project fully funded and made and the proceeds start kicking in then we can focus on creating our second chance program for ex-offenders of non-violent crimes and for former gang members within our community. You can’t get these brothers off the streets if you don’t offer them an incentive.

According to the article if the homicides reduce by 76% by giving ex-offenders a thousand dollars a month to not shot then it tells you the problem is economics. What the financial elites have done was to cause a division within the African American community by allowing black middle class professionals to move into their community while flooding the black ghettos with drugs, guns and liquor stores which what I call in my revised book perfect genocide. GRCAI of Chicago would help create a legitimate economic base because we will hire Black Middle Class Professionals to help us become effective and successful for years to come. Just like we did when we created Black Wall Street.

What’s happening now is that the Financial elites are pushing and funding other groups into the black community such as Arabs, Asians, and East Indians but black people who reside their. The Financial elites are not funding black business owners like they are with foreign business owners. If the same assistants was given to black business owners then we would see a turn around within 6 months. If we were properly funded and has access to credit then we could offer good paying jobs in the black community for black people. I want this podcast and Youtube channel to grow big enough where we can reach the Global Black Family and connect black customers with black entrepreneurs locally, nationally and internationally. This objective would not only help stop the genocide in American ghettos but also help get brothers and sisters off the streets and into the workforce.

The sad part about this is a lot of black owned businesses don’t want to advertise with us because they don’t want to offend white people because our focus is on solving black issues head on. This is why we have to focus on our film project because I’ve been reaching out to black people online and offline for 29 years. People like entertainment so I have to get my story on the big screen in order to reach the masses and put the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement on the map. Once I start making big money mark my words everyone will come out of the woods and play like they want to be apart of this business. Because Black America has rejected my vision and plan for 29 years this business will be membership based and private. Those who are not part of us we will pray for them show them tough love and keep it focus. Once I am able to get GRCAI of Chicago established in America I will try to expand it to at lease five cities then I will turn it over to responsible people so that I can take my talent and skills to the continent.

One of my group members sent me a video clip from ABC Nightline mainstream media propaganda about Black Americans hurting Asian Americans. They have started this narrative based off an isolated incident by a mentally ill person who pushed down an elderly man who eventually died from his injuries.

One thing we should get upset about is when the mainstream media try to generalize all black people because of one person behavior. When Obama was in office we notice in the mainstream media black teenagers was caught on video running up on people and punching them which was called the knockout game. That was a media propaganda trying to criminalize and get laws on the books against black people. Now they’re at it again using isolated incidents that has happened to someone from the Asian community. Joe Biden have signed an executive order talking about hate crimes against Asian Americans. In the state of Oregon they gave black businesses some set asides to help them during COVID-19 what ended up happening people filed a law suit against the Oregon State Government saying it discriminated against non-black businesses.

I believe that black people should file a law suit against the Biden Administration for discrimination against black people. He created an executive order specifically for Asian Americans to protect them against hate crimes. It is proven statistically that black people suffer more hate crimes than any other group in America. I encourage my listeners to listen to this video clip and leave your comments in the comment section below. I will play the audio clip but you can watch the actual video on my Youtube channel from my Medium Page under show and prove.

The first issue that I have with this clip is they were showing a Korean man shooting during the LA Riot in 1992 not 2021. What about before the LA Riots, storekeeper Soon Ja Du shot and killed Black ninth-grader Latasha Harlins after a physical altercation. Du was convicted of voluntary manslaughter and the jury recommended the maximum sentence of 16 years, but the judge, Joyce Karlin, decided against prison time and sentenced Du to five years of probation, 400 hours of community service, and a $500 fine instead. There are many videos of Asian Americans business owners fighting black women in nail salons no hate crime legislation was taken against them.

That incident plus the Rodney King verdict set off the LA Riot. You have this Asian woman talking about all these black people attacking Asian and suggest that black people should talk about this issue in our community. It’s not happening that was just an isolated incident it’s not happening nationwide. This is contributing to the anti-black sentiment in the Asian community. They’re weaponizing this in the media because we just saw in California and New York they are creating legislation specifically for Asian Americans. All the hate crimes that have been happening to black people all these years in Democratic states they’re doing more for Asians, LGBT Community and Illegal Immigrants.

I would rather deal with the MAGA racism because that’s open racism as opposed to covert racism by the Democrats who play like there your allies while trying to undermine the black agenda. Just think about it who created the three strike laws? Who created the 1994 Crime Bill? They have been practicing an ideology called benign and neglect by Patrick Moynihan. He said something along these lines when you approach black people just listen to them, empathize with them, tell them you will see what you can do for them but don’t promise them any specific legislation. This came about after the Civil Rights Era. White supremacy on the left and on the right will not help us. These career politicians is not committed to ending White supremacy in America.

They are incentivizing non-black groups to join them again us this is what’s happening. Their goal is to stir up other groups to fight against black people.
Mainstream media is about protecting the image of White supremacy. White supremacy is the system of racial subjugation against non-whites in every area of human relations Family, Entertainment, Education, Politics, Law, Religion, Media and Economics. For example, it was Trump and his supporters who went in on Asians because of COVID-19 but the mainstream media overlooks white Americans attacking Asians and instead focus on one incident of some mentally ill person pushing elderly Asians on the ground. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will not sit here and stay quiet we will take the lead in getting black people on code.

If we are such a threat to Asian Americans then we’re going to have to start teaching any group who’s going to openly disrespect us that we’re not going to patronize their businesses any longer. At the end of the day they don’t care about your marching what they care about is your money. White Americans are also dependent on black people’s money that’s why they don’t really want us to repatriate back to our ancestral homeland Africa. Family this is our chance to get it right otherwise we are done as a group in America. We need to work together with other like minded Black People, practice group economics by listening to what Martin Luther King Jr. said we need to distribute the economic pain by taking the money away from businesses who are disrespectful to us.

I will also add political parties as well. Number one it’s peaceful number two your not committing any crime and number three you have a choice to where you want to spend your money I strongly suggest with black people. Boycotts must be the agenda of the day. That’s why it’s really important to support our film project because once this virus is cleaned up then the proceeds from the film will allow us to launch African tours to connect the Diaspora with Continental Africans. We will learn first hand about each others culture, arts and conduct business affairs among each other. I would encourage our members to apply for dual citizenship so that we can help build up Africa and on the domestic side help improve our inner cities by creating satellite communities within the African American community. This is important because we can support those who are trapped in American ghettos by doing business and trade with people on the continent and vice versa.

Family y’all voting for these Democrats was a huge mistake. The Democrats are passing laws for everyone else except for the people who help put Joe Biden in office. It was black people who help the Democrats win the Senate and Congress. Biden is signing executive orders specifically for Asians, Illegal Immigrants, White Women and the LGBT Community. His job is to rush through as many laws and policies to benefit as many non-black people as possible because they’re in a race against time. Joe Biden said that by 2040 white people will become a minority in America. So the Financial elites are trying to create a South Africa type of environment where the minority control the economy. They want to get their buffer classes solidified. On the other hand, black people are beginning to get mobilized and on code. The Financial elites are noticing Generation X, Black Millennials and Generation Z are making our voices heard loud and clear in the streets during the George Floyd and Breonna Taylor protest. Biden has been fighting against black people for 50 years. Everybody else is going to be elevated over black people.

None of this would be happening if black people made it clear there’s a price to be paid for ignoring our interest. Instead Black America rewarded Biden by helping him win the presidency. Anytime black people are pushing our interest there’s always a few negroes trying to include everybody about what we got going on. When everybody else is pushing their interest not only are we not mentioned we’re not even invited this is coming from your so-called allies. Since we don’t have the ability to hold our allies accountable for breaking the alliance than there can’t be an alliance because we’re not in a position to hold allies responsible.

The LGBT Community has resources, economics and political representation they are fighting for social acceptance. Where as black people are fighting for basic survival. America is far away from resembling equality. When we talk about equality we’re talking about having equal power in society. Whether or not black people can be killed by Rogue Cops with impunity or whether or not our rights are going to be enforced and protected under the law. These are not issues that affects the LGBT Community.

The mainstream media notice that the grassroots media is not backing down from pushing our interest which are economic tangibles. The black media is pushing punishment for Rogue Cops who have harmed or murdered black people. What you’re seeing is everybody is being prioritized over us and we’re being ignored not because there aren’t enough people in Congress to pass it but rather this is the agenda and plan all the long. White supremacist at the policy level are trying to neutralize the black threat by solidifying all other groups in the social order for the next 100 years. To make sure black people are so far behind that the racial pyramid will never be threatened.

There’s a documentary series on Netflix called Amend: The Fight For America. It’s talking about the 14th Amendment. The 14th Amendment was designed for Black Americans but it doesn’t get enforced for us. This is another black people stuffered and let everybody else piggyback off our struggle. Here’s the trailer. This documentary started off talking about black people then on the other parts of it they start including other groups to our issue. This is the propaganda they’re pushing. We’re not equal law makers are not enforcing the 14th Amendment for black people Rogue Cops are still killing us with impunity because of the common law white supremacy.

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u69RMlX5zp8 (18 Yr old arrested while walking home)


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