(My Vision To Transform Black America & Africa — Uniting Like Minded Black Americans & Like Minded African Immigrants In America)

Emmanuel Barbee
33 min readFeb 22, 2024


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We host our virtual conference every last Saturday of the month until we are able to raise funds for our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins).This is a solution base docu-drama based on my experience growing up in the inner cities of Chicago and the purpose why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. This is our Black Panther moment except it’s not owned by Disney it’s owned by GRCAM Members.

We have a lot of material to cover, but before I go into my presentation I would like to encourage everyone on my Facebook friends list which is (1,908) people and everyone in my social groups please join the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. You don’t have to live in the Black Ghettos to be part of us. You don’t have to live in the United States of America to be part of us. All I ask is that you purchase my revised book (The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America) second edition and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on this platform so that we can talk about it and get others involved.

My book is on my Amazon Author Page it’s available in two forms. The Kindle E-book for $9.99 and the Paperback for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. I also have items on our virtual store to help raise funds for our film project. We have renewed our GoFundMe Page, it will be used as an indicator of our progress towards getting this film project fully funded and made. We’re using crowd funding so that everyone know where the money will be use for. We’re asking that you donate what you can we aim to raise $250,000 dollars to start with. Our goal is to raise $500,000 Five Hundred Thousand dollars. If you are a US citizen then you can donate through our Paypal Giving Fund. You can use this as a tax write off because this is a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit Faith Based and Community Advocacy Organization. You can find all the links below this video podcast in the comment section.

I have invested 32 years of my life trying to connect with other like minded Black People and like minded African People I refuse to be ignored. My film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group before I cut and run to Africa. Lord knows I would like to do more than just news and social commentaries but without financial support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my God given assignment and that is to build the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago. This is a Nehemiah assignment.

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The title of this presentation

(My Vision To Transform Black America & Africa — Uniting Like Minded Black Americans & Like Minded African Immigrants In America)

Stagnation in Black America:

I have many people in my family that are full of Willie Lynch they love to complain about the White Man but when I ask them to read my story they make up all kinds of excuses not to support me and this is why I turned to the internet and this is why I created my platform so reach like minded Black People and like minded African People I don’t want to be doing this another 32 years. We are going to separate ourselves from those who don’t want to see us make progress I am determine to move forward in this journey. I feel the Global Black Awakening is in the air. The Bible says those who were at the top shall be at the bottom, those who are at the bottom shall be at the top Matthew 20:16. In other words, the first shall be last and the last shall be first. There’s a shift that’s taking place and it’s inevitable. I am all over the internet. People are putting me on their platforms so that I can spread my vision and plan about Black America and Africa.

I’ve been discussing Black issues on Facebook now for 20 years and the spirit of Pan-Africanism. As I mentioned many times before, the only issue I have with Pan-Africanism is that they left God out of the equation. Over here we promote GRCAM which stands for the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. Our goal is to connect with other like minded Black People and like minded African people. We welcome like minded and Afro-Brazilian/Afro-Latino and like minded Afro-Caribbean who identify themselves as Africans. I’m noticing the spirit of Entrepreneurship among Black youth. It’s not easy being a young person trying to make it in a world that is very expensive. As an upcoming entrepreneur I can’t help but feel very inspired to do my part in whatever way I can to support GRCAM Black Youth through our soon to be Black Empowerment films not only in America but in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. I admit I get very frustrated at the circumstances my people in America get themselves into. For example, 90% of Black Americans continue voting for the same political party “the Democrats” for the past 60 years without demanding tangibles for our vote.

I am so glad to be in the information age with having access to all this technology it gives me hope that I would live to see my vision come to pass in my life time. In GRCAI of Chicago we will work together locally, nationally and internationally but we have to believe in ourselves and in each other that’s why I am pushing hard for us to get this film project fully funded and made so that the proceeds from the film would allow us to build GRCAI of Chicago in America first before we expand to Africa. Black People are becoming aware of all of the injustices that are happening among our people worldwide. For example, the George Floyd incident which was live streamed in real time. Also the colonization and exploitation that the French had in West Africa specifically in Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger for almost 50 years, those African nation’s finally were able to kick out France. I am so proud of them that gives me a reason to want to relocate back to my ancestral homeland Africa. Japanese Americans got their reparations and Native Americans got their reparations. This is our last fight in America Lineage based, cash payment Reparations for Descendants of American Slaves. I’m going to live this world having done my part in building GRCAI of Chicago & GRCAI of Africa, getting this film project fully funded and made. Black Americans and African Immigrants are different because of our culture and that 400 year separation and time. But before we expand GRCAI of Chicago to Africa both Black Americans and African Immigrants will play a vital part in building this Christian business for credibility.

I want the whole Black World to know my story and what I have been going through for the past 32 years trying to get Black Americans to work with me. Based on what I went through, my business will be membership based. My African Dream is African children around the globe and on the continent will unite and realize that while we may not like each other as individuals or because of being from different tribes there comes a point that we must come together and speak with one voice for the sheer survival of our racial group and for us to reclaim our Africa and reclaim our land which rightfully belongs to us because it was given to us by God. If you have children, look at them and ask yourself co you want to leave this world for them the way it is today? Why should your children have to grow up in a world that is disadvantageous to them all because of this global system called White Supremacy. We have to preach the Gospel of Truth with facts. We have to create our own system using an Afrocentric perspective this is what my revised book is all about.

In my revised book I mentioned about the Berlin Conference of 1884–1885 meeting of major European powers Belgian, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, and Spain negotiated and formalized claims to territory in Africa this is the beginning of colonization imposed by the White Supremacist Financial Elites. We have to continue talking about the injustices they created and demand reparations for Enslavement and Colonization. The Berlin Conference is still alive and well because of its policy. The former colonizers created a policy to make sure that Africa and her children will remain defeated and dominated forever. Africa needs to say Africa for Africans no passports needed that simple. On our end the Willie Lynch letters on how to make a Slave explain how social engineering Black Americans and make sure that they’re forever subservient to the White Man 400 years later we’re still suffering from the legacy of enslavement. This is why Black America and Africa is not moving forward because the White Supremacist Financial Elites place Black People who are in their pockets to be our so called leaders or representatives. So how do we expect them to defend us or be our voice? We’re still using old colonial textbooks that’s intentional to make us think that European culture is better and everything African is inferior. Africa needs to change their educational curriculum and stop using the old colonial textbooks and use books such as mine and others from the Diaspora. Africa needs to challenge the World Bank and tell them with one voice that we’re no longer going to pay for these loans they have been paid.

Greece defaulted on their loans yet look at how much Greece’s interest rate is. Many African countries have never defaulted on their loans and yet the rating agencies give them poor ratings so they can justify charging them high interest rates. They created a system in place to steal and rob developing nations the majority are in Africa. The IMF survives because of the failures of developing nations. They will never put in place a policy to benefit African nations. They sell bad policies to African nations, they’re training our youth to push these bad policies to the development of African nations, they’re the ones being used as tools for our own self-destruction. We have to understand that we are part of someone else’s experiment that has won over. We’re slowly waking up. This is what I have been preaching about for the past 32 years. Now my listeners are starting to listen more closely. When are we as Africans going to say enough is enough? For example, Switzerland does not have a single acre of cocoa but it’s the largest producer of cocoa products Swiss Coffee. It’s our chocolate from Ghana. The teas and coffees come out of East Africa and go directly to Europe.

Once we expand to Africa GRCAI of Africa then we will tell Western nations if you don’t like how we do things in Africa then don’t come here. Africa belongs to Melanated People when we stand up and tell the former colonizer with one voice either do business our way or keep it moving. I don’t think any African nation should attend the UN General Assembly. We don’t have a seat at the table. African nations just go there to vote on other people’s issues. The biggest abusers of Human Rights are Britain, France, the United States of America and China. Yet they’re supposed to be the watch dogs for human rights violations. GRCAI of Africa will point out all of these foreign military bases across Africa and encourage African People to take a stand against this. If we can just connect with other like minded Black Americans and like minded Africans and come together, pool our funds together we would be able to raise funds and use our own natural resources to help improve the African economy in each African nation that we have chapters. GRCAI of Africa will tell the world to treat Africa fairly if you want to do business with us. We have to provide our African youth quality education that will teach them the truth that’s what’s missing from our textbooks.

GRCAI of Chicago role in assisting the African Diaspora’s Return:

The vision behind GRCAI of Africa is for us to make an impact in Africa for African People. You can’t expect the former colonizers who put us in these conditions in the first place to all of a sudden pull us out of them. We have to build our own system that will work for Africans. Our inheritance is Africa given to us by God. For centuries Europeans have imposed themselves on our continent. GRCAI of Africa mission is to tell the truth about our beloved continent the exploitation that’s taking place. Preaching the Gospel of Truth truth with facts this is what my book is all about. With knowledge and God’s help we can fight this war and we will win. How do Black People join GRCAM? By purchasing my revised book and reading my story. I am trying to mobilize GRCAM members across the United States of America, GRCAM members in Africa, GRCAM members in Europe, GRCAM members in the Caribbean and GRCAM members in South America.

I noticed a downward spiral of the African American community in the early 2000s. The Black Community lost that it takes a Village mindset. The main reason why I wrote my revised book was to connect with other like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants to join GRCAM and through this business raise the bar in Black America. Today our children are wilding out or acting a fool in public and if somebody says something to them like a teacher or someone with authority then all of a sudden someone is ready to jump on you. That’s not cool. I discussed on this video podcast a few weeks back about a video I watched on (African Diaspora News Channel) about a fifth grade teacher who was crying that her female students wanted to listen to Sexy Red songs instead of learning about ballet. After the Civil Rights Era Black America has become Americanized and is showing narcissistic behavior. Combined with this Willie Lynch mentality and the rise of single parent homes. The White Supremacist Financial Elites are promoting all of this degeneracy and calling that Black Culture they are putting this image before the world. This is why I am here online to mobilize GRCAM members from my social groups and to encourage people on my Facebook friend’s list to join us first by purchasing my revised book and reading my story for yourself. All of the principles in my book is the code that GRCAM Members will follow. I am only responsible for GRCAM Members those who are not a part of us. We will pray for them, show them tough love and keep it moving. I need African Immigrants within the United States of America to help get my revised book on the best seller’s list so that I can do my job and also for the Black World to take us seriously. We have to get our story on the big screen so that Black youth and African youth will know what we’re trying to do for our people who are trapped in American ghettos.

We will build GRCAI of Chicago for both Black Americans & African Immigrants. We will vet everyone who walks through our doors and weed out Con Artists, Degenerates, Harden Criminals, Off Code Negroes, Pedophiles and Urban Terrorists. There will be no corruption on my watch and we will have protocol in place in case Con Artist slips through the cracks. In order to become an official GRCAM member local residents must attend our mandatory orientation, sign our Community Pledge and submit their thumb print in our database. Anyone who tries to change our focus will get two warnings the third time that person or person’s will have their name, photo ID and address printed on our Judas list and they will be barred for life. If they stole money from us we will take them to Federal Court and sue the pants off them. We want to get GRCAI of Chicago established in America first for credibility before we expand to Africa, the Caribbean & Brazil. Mainstream Media is waging a propaganda war against Black America. Notice every time Black People are trying to do something positive you always see some Black Person trying to undermine it. Reparations will benefit Black People as a collective.

When we get our reparations in America then Afro-Caribbean, Afro-Latinos and Native Africans will also get their reparations for Colonization. It will be a domino effect. Black People in America have a special position politically when it comes to voting there’s 47 million Black People in America and about 34 million are registered voters. It’s been proven Black Americans vote in mass for one political party 90% vote for Democrats no other group vote like that which makes Black Americans the swing vote which determines elections. We’re watching the Democrats give millions of dollars to all these other groups, even non-citizens like the Migrants who are getting free resources. No other group in America had an equivalent George Floyd experience, not a one. Notice our so called Democrat friends don’t stop Urban Gentrification in our neighborhoods. They don’t stop Mass Incarceration. The Congressional Black Caucus co-signed the 94 Crime Bill and they approved the Asian Hate Crime Bill. According to FBI data Black Americans are the number one victim of hate crimes in America. When it comes to these other groups it’s just for their group but with Black Americans it includes People of Color or Minorities we want tangible specifically for Black Americans. Like lineage based cash payment, Reparations for Descendants of American Slaves. We’re being sabotaged by Black Politicians who are in the pockets of the White Supremacist Financial Elites.

It seems like Black People on a global scale have not learned anything from slavery and colonization. We’re still doing the exact same thing we’re still not on code as a collective. Notice none of our so-called Black leaders are talking about ending slavery in America. As I mentioned in my revised book the 13th Amendment is the only amendment that has an exception clause, do the research. I don’t hear any of our Black leaders talking about this. There’s no Black movement to have that clause removed from the 13th Amendment. GRCAI of Chicago would take the lead to do it but as I mentioned many times on this video podcast I have little to no support. It is what it is. The reason why we have Mass Incarceration in America It says slavery is abolished except when you are convicted and the punishment of a crime in this country has never ended slavery if you think about it. Which group of people is targeted for slavery in America?

Failed Leadership in Black America:

I found an article from the New York Times entitled “Black Churches in Georgia Unite to Mobilize Voters in a Key Battleground” To read the full article just go to my Medium Page and look for the exact title of this presentation then click on it and scroll down to show and prove. What I learned from this article is that Black Preachers in Atlanta united at the State capital to get the Black Community to register to vote and help keep the Democrats in office. They’re not uniting to help the Black Homeless population in Atlanta get off the streets, they’re not uniting to help Black Americans with job training, They’re not uniting to help the sick and shut in no these Pastors are uniting to make sure Black People are registered to vote and for them to vote Democrat. I will play this short video clip fair use 11 Alive. The Black Church today has failed the Black Community. The African Methodist Episcopal Church and Christian Methodist Episcopal Church went to the Georgia State capital to announce a historical partnership combining their resources across the state of Georgia to increase engagement among Black Voters. Their current plans include training pastors at their various churches, and host voter registration workshops for church members. Bishop Thomas L Brown who leads the 6 CME Church District in Georgia says “It’s even more important this year that Faith leaders listen to young voters who make up a significantly larger part of the voting population during this election. The challenge I think we deal with is we don’t listen to Young people. We want to tell young people what to do and the time has come we need to listen. You can teach us some things. Help us do a better job at what we’re doing.” Hey Bishop let me say something if you want to sit down and talk with me then come on my podcast. I’m glad you at least acknowledge that you’re trying to listen to Black Voices. The issue is you guys are only uniting to get Black People to help put Biden back in office. The Bible says be in the world but not of the world John 15:19.

It seems like you all are servants of the Democrat Party and you want to get our people to vote them back in office. We have not gotten nothing from the Democrat Party. The average Black Family in Atlanta is struggling. 20% of Black People said that they want to vote for Trump 10% said they wanted the couch. These Mega Black Churches are the biggest cheerleader for the Democrat Party. You all do not unite to do anything except to serve up the Black Community to the Democrat Party. The migrants are coming across the border every day and getting rewarded for breaking federal law. You’re not at the state capital fighting against Urban Gentrification, you’re not at the state capital talking about funding to fix our neighborhoods, you’re not fighting for anything like that, you’re promoting voter registration to encourage Black People to vote Democrat. You’re not talking about Reparations for Descendants of American Slaves, you’re not talking about the Migrant crisis? The main problem in Black America are Black Politicians, Democratic Shills and a few bad Black Preachers who are undermining our progress. They have no problem selling us out. I remember as a child Democrat politicians would come to our church and talk to us and after they win the election they disappear until it’s time to come vote for them again.

Black churches in the inner cities where I’m from have not built any institutions for the Black Community. This is why the younger generation is not attending their churches. Once we get our film project fully funded and made and the proceeds from the film start pouring in then I will be in a better position financially to purchase property in Chicago and through GRCAI of Chicago offer quality and affordable child day care services for our members and students. Also through our for profit sector of the business open up Community Grocery store, Community Healthcare clinic and Community Housing. Global African Family what are you waiting for don’t be like Black America sitting up here and taking me for a joke. I am documenting what I am trying to do through this video podcast. The sooner we get it popin in America the sooner I can turn it over to qualified Black Middle class professionals and African Immigrants we will serve both the African American community & the African Immigrant community this is what I want to be remembered for before I cut and run to Africa. We see these preachers living their best life. Some are millionaires while the congregation is suffering. No one under my leadership will have to suffer because GRCAI of Chicago will look out for our own first and that’s real.

My message is not for all Black People or all African People my message is for like minded Black People and like minded African People. GRCAI of Chicago is my gift to Black Millennials and Generation Z. These Democrats do not deserve the Black Vote at all. What has Raphael Warnock done for Atlanta? Preachers are supposed to stay out of politics, they should be talking about God’s word, they should be calling out the filth in American society. More people will support you if you call out sin and unrighteousness then go along with it to collect a check. We got to just hold the line, brothers and sisters, just hold the line. These Democrats don’t deserve your vote at all. These Democrats haven’t done anything for us so why in the world would you reward them another four years?

I believe that Black Americans as a collective are afraid to travel to Africa. We blame the White Man for everything we live in the information age. We have access to the internet. All you need to do is research what you want to know about Africa and the country you want to visit. Also you could chat with Native Africans in real time in my African group called GRCAI of Africa and connect with Africans who live on the continent. I’m tired of the term program. It just means you can’t think for yourself and it’s the White Man’s fault which is a weak excuse in 2024. Black Americans have no problem traveling to Mexico with all of those drug cartels. There was a violent kidnapping in Mexico that left 2 Black Americans deleted. I want to play this video clip for you all fair use GMA. There was a Black Family that was kidnapped in Mexico and two of them were deleted; they were mistaken for a rival drug cartel. This does not stop Black People from going to Mexico.

Black Americans are traveling to Europe, Canada and Asia yet they complain about experiencing racism in those countries instead of traveling to an African nation or Caribbean nation. We talk about how we’re not going to circulate our money with racist people here in America but then Black Americans travel to Europe, Canada and Asia and complain about racism it doesn’t make sense. My critics say Black Americans don’t want to travel to Africa because they feel betrayed but don’t feel betrayed by Europeans. That doesn’t make any sense to me. Once we get GRCAI of Chicago up and running in America we will promote African tourism in each African nation we set up local chapters. I know that in Ghana & South Africa you don’t need a visa. Many Black Americans don’t want to go to a predominant Black population. Through the business I want to bring like minded Black Americans who think this way what can I do to help improve the African economy? How can I make myself useful?

The African American community took credit for saving democracy and putting Joe Biden in office. The African American community demanded the Biden Administration to put a Black Woman in his cabinet because Black America saved Joe Biden’s political campaign. Biden said his top priorities were Immigration and LGBT Rights. On the other hand, President Donald Trump talked about how to grow the African American Middle Class and offered “New Deal for Black America” according to Bloomberg TV. I will play a video clip of this fair use Bloomberg TV. As you heard that deal was grounded in three promises: Safe Communities, Greater Education and High-Paying jobs. This is what Black Americans voted against now Black Americans are being replaced by Migrants this is what the 90% of Black Americans voted for in 2020. I been warning Black Chicagoans/Black Americans for 20 plus years online and in real life about dealing with this Willie Lynch mentality within Black society because all these other groups are on code against us.

Back in 2020 I encouraged all of my listeners within the United States of America to demand tangibles from these politicians and look at what policies will benefit the African American community but just like they did when I used to do street ministry Black Chicagoans paid me no mind. Now we’ve moved from the era of warnings to the era of consequences. Here’s a video clip of President Trump saying “Every African-American citizen in this country is entitled to a government that puts their jobs, wages and security first. One of the greatest betrayals has been the issue of Illegal Immigration violates the civil rights of African Americans” That’s what’s been happening. This is where we’re at now.

I found a video clip by Oshay Jackson entitled “A flashing red light for Dems: Chicago resident on Biden’s handling of the migrant crisis” Fair use Oshay Jackson. This was not happening under the Trump Administration. Joe Biden was very clear his top two priorities Immigration and LGBT Rights this is what Black America voted for. Black Chicago is done if they re-elect Biden and Chicago would end up looking like California which makes up only 6% of the Black population which means the Black Vote is neutralized in other words the Black Vote is worthless. I discuss this issue in my revised book. I said in so many words that our Urban cities will be sabotaged by the White Supremacist Financial Elites because of all this off code behavior among Black People.

I explain that Illegal Immigrants there people will fight for them to become legal citizens and they will compete against our children and our families for resources. My revised book has been on Amazon for 12 years and is still barely selling the same items on my virtual store. Without support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job. Before I can come to Africa I have to complete my God given assignment and that is to build GRCAI of Chicago which will help the African American community and the African Immigrant community. Not too many people wanted to listen to me. Now what I have said is starting to come to pass. It’s gonna get worse for Black People in America especially those who are off code. Black America has two choices: either embrace annihilation or embrace survival. I will only work with those who want to survive and are GRCAM Members or Students. The migrants are getting free food, free medical care and free shelter while thousands of Black Chicagoans are struggling to make ends meet. These politicians are using our tax dollars to finance non-citizens who have anti-Black sentiment towards us.

Notice the White Supremacist Financial Elites are dumping these migrants in majority Black neighborhoods to pin us against each other. With so much resources being given to the migrants the question is what about the citizens of Chicago? People are starting to complain about budget cuts. If we don’t have respect for ourselves then nobody will respect us. For Democrats, getting immigrants into the country is the number one concern because Democrats need new voters who will be loyal to them and help these mega corporations gain a cheap labor force. This is the time that Black America should embrace my vision and plan and join the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement.

Our goal is get our story on the big screen and then make our presence known in the African American community starting in Chicago. GRCAI of Chicago will teach our members and students how to build Black Businesses and educate our members about pushing a Black Agenda. There’s no better time than now and this is the time that we need to learn how to respect each other. How to do business with each other here in America before we expand to Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. I will put the link in the chat room if you want to call in and add to the conversation. GRCAM is an experience but I want to meet all of my active members in person so that we can turn the ideas in my book into a reality. Do you feel me? We are witnessing what’s happening in the African American community. The plan is to push out Black People from major urban cities and replace us with migrant families. We’re going to be wiped out the way that Native Americans were. The Democrats want to replace us with migrants. Unfortunately Black America is gonna suffer, I’m gonna suffer because I have little to no support but we still have a chance to get it right in November.

Democrats in Illinois plan on spending $250 million dollars on migrants while refusing to pay reparations to Descendants of American Slaves. The question remains will Black America come out in mass to re-elect Biden and the Democrats in November 2024? The White Supremacist Financial Elites want to see a a mass exodus of Black Chicagoans fleeing to other Urban Cities because they want to use the Migrants as a buffer class to take over our neighborhoods thanks in part to this Willie Lynch mentality within Black society. We have been in Chicago for hundreds of years. As a matter of fact it was a Black Man by the name Dusable who discovered Chicago.

I found a Fox News video talking about how the State plans on spending $138 million for the migrants but nothing for Reparations. The politicians did not need a study or a commission. The migrants get free health care, free housing and free food while American citizens are begging for free health care. It’s not just Chicago it’s also New York City and every Democrat stronghold because they are Sanctuary Cities. Black Chicagoans didn’t learn anything from Mayor Rahm Emanuel who tried to cover up the murder of Laquan McDonald during the middle of his re-election. Black Chicagoans didn’t learn from Lori Lightfoot now you’re complaining about Mayor Brandon Johnson notice what do all of these mayor’s have in common? They’re all Democrats first. It’s not a Brandon Johnson problem, it’s a Democratic policy problem. In Boston Mayor Michelle Wu is doing the same thing. As long as Black People continue to vote for them in office we’re gonna continue to have the same issues.

This is why I wrote my revised book in order to connect with like minded Black People beyond the internet but that is not working. My film project is my last attempt to reach like minded Black People and like minded African People in America. The migrants are going to keep taking our resources because a majority of Black People don’t want to leave the Democratic Plantation. They will complain about the circumstances yet don’t do anything to change the situation. This is what the White Supremacist Financial Elites beckon. Remember they created this Slave mentality they know Black Americans will not do a mass exodus from the United States of America to Africa. All I am trying to do is gather like minded Black People and African People within America to work with me first by getting my revised book on that best seller’s list so that the Black World would take us seriously. Secondly, I encourage everyone on my friends list and everyone in my social groups to donate what you can to our film project.

Once the proceeds from the film start pouring in then I will hire qualified Black Middle Class professionals and African Immigrants in America to help us build GRCAI of Chicago for credibility then I will expand it to the African continent starting in South Africa. Black Americans can stay and continue fighting for the rest of your life, more power to yeah. Life is too short to be going through unnecessary drama. As for me and my house I will reclaim my ancestral homeland Africa. Before I cut and run to Africa I want to make sure that we establish GRCAI of Chicago and I want to make sure that I will be able to sustain myself and be in a position to offer tangibles to my African group members in GRCAI of Africa. I also want to make sure I am in a position to hire the locals in South Africa. I will lead by example by applying for dual citizenship and making our second film entitled (African Liberator Battle Against The Colonized Mindset). These White Supremacist Financial Elites are taking our Black tax dollars and giving it to Ukraine, Israel, all these other groups and telling Black Americans there’s nothing for you.

We’ve been hearing about all these millions of dollars thrown around in Illinois and other Democratic States and Cities but they don’t have funding for Homeless American Citizens. White America let me ask you a question. A lot of you say reparations are unfair, why should you pay you didn’t own any slaves? and all of that but you’re paying for migrants and the cost is unlimited. Why aren’t you protesting and saying it’s unfair for you to pay hundreds of millions of dollars to migrants who didn’t pay into the tax system? Who didn’t fight in any wars? You owe Descendants of American Slaves not only for 246 years of free labor, after American Slavery 100 years of Jim Crow, Convict Leasing, Institutionalized Racism and Discrimination. Your people stole millions of acres of land from Black Americans. The injustice that happened to my people in this country we need our reparations.

I’m noticing White America is not complaining about all your tax dollars going to the migrants. When Black American says well we need our reparations in the form of cash payments you say why should you pay well you’re paying the migrants. These career politicians don’t care about Homeless American Citizens, they don’t care about high inflation, they don’t care about any of that. Their focus is on giving migrant $1,000 cards trying to justify it by saying they’re saving American Taxpayer money but your pockets are being drained in New York City, in Chicago and other Democrat lead cities and states. Look at what’s happening to our cities. They will end up being bankrupt because all the city services that should be going to taxpayers will be going to migrants and their families. The only way you can slow this mess down is you have to vote Republican or sit it out. It has been estimated that 6 million people have crossed the border since Biden has been in office.

I remember back in 2019 Ghana hosted the Year of Return. I had a few friends who traveled to Ghana, they wanted to have that connection to the continent. They told me what they experienced over there. They had to pay the same amount of money as everyone else to visit the slave dungeon. They told me they felt like foreigners instead of displaced Africans. They didn’t have the infrastructure in place for the diaspora and they said they heard a lot about land scams. Black Americans aren’t culturally African but we’re of African descent and that’s fine. In America Pan Africanism is not working for us that’s why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement in order to unite like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants for us to work together to build (GRCAI of Chicago) the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago before we expand the business to Africa. There are many Black Grassroots organizations out there one such group is (FBA) Foundational Black Americans.

They created the Delineation Movement because of all the disrespect that a few African Immigrants and Afro-Caribbean people have been saying about Black American culture on social media. I found a video entitled “Sista Goes Off On Nigerians For Speaking On What They Would Do Better If Living In America” (Fair use African Diaspora News Channel).

It’s not just limited to them but all these other groups such as Asians, Latinos and Whites. None of these other groups reciprocated when we stood up for them. Now Black America is starting to get on code. This is why I wrote my revised book. All of the principles in my book are the code for GRCAM members because all these other groups are on code to compete against us for resources. Our main problem in Black America is this Willie Lynch mentality within Black society we have to deal with that head on otherwise we as a collective will be done in America. Notice how Kyrie Irving was attacked for posting a documentary entitled “Hebrews To Negroes: Wake Up Black America” Notice how Nick Canon was treated in the media.

Notice White America is not complaining as much about all their tax money going towards Illegal Immigrants crossing the border as opposed to Black Americans demanding our reparations. Anything we say we get attacked so we’re starting to mind our own Black Business and this is good. We should have been gate keeping our culture and our creations. A lot of these non-black groups are making big money off us such as Asians who sell us Black beauty products. I have a video about how they treat Black People, their main customers. Everybody wants to come in on Hip Hop everybody, everybody wants to come in on R&B everybody wants to come in on Jazz in our genre. We have welcome everybody into what we got going on We respect your boundaries and respect our boundaries. Hopefully we will start creating things like our own Hospitals, Restaurants and Theaters. Things I discuss in my revised book then I will feel comfortable expanding my Christian business to Africa, the Caribbean and South America because that’s how we’re going to do our international trading.

For example, people like Eminem come into our culture and then they get all the awards. How is Eminem better than all of our Rap Artists? When we get more on gatekeeping our culture and our creations that help preserve things for the next generation. When Black Americans were trying to promote Pan Africanism and wanted to get citizenship we couldn’t find partners. This is why my focus is on connecting with African Immigrants in America to work with us by helping us get my revised book on the best seller’s list and donating to our film project so that the Black World would know our story. In Pan Africanism the only people that’s being recognized are celebrities and celebrities don’t bring anything to the table other than cameras. GRCAM is 100% Black Grassroots and Global African Family we’re not celebrities we’re ordinary law-abiding citizens. We will bring the best of the diaspora to help improve the African economy, social conditions on the continent and create jobs for local Africans in exchange for dual citizenship.

This is how my Christian business will help Black Americans who are GRCAM members and how my Christian business will be beneficial to Africa because we will meet the need. I’m only trying to unify with like minded Black Americans and like minded Africans who are GRCAM members. My Christian business will be membership based. Once we get our film project fully funded and made and the proceeds from the film begin pouring in then I will buy property in Chicago, purchase office equipment and hire qualified Black Middle Class professionals and African Immigrants in America to make sure our business will be effective and successful for years to come. We will encourage local residents to join us. We will hold weekly mandatory orientations, we will vet everyone who comes through our doors. Everyone must pass our criminal background checks, sign the Community Pledge and submit their thumb print to be placed in our database.

I will only be responsible for my members those who are not part of us. We will pray for them, show them tough love and keep it moving. Most of the leaders in Africa are Puppets or in the pockets of the White supremacist Financial Elites. They want to re-colonize Africa. That’s the real battle not here trying to get Black People to work with me after 32 years of being overlooked and rejected because I want to build something positive for our Black Youth and their families. People like Eric Prince who is openly talking about re-colonizing Africa again and Latin America again. He wants to colonize you all again and we’re going to do a live stream about that but when Black Americans encourage you all not to get too friendly with your former colonizer you dismiss us. We’re trying to raise funds for our film project on our revised GoFundMe Page & our revised Paypal Page this year in 2024 thanks for listening we’re opening up the phone lines.

Show and Prove

Scriptures to back up my claim for our Christian business (GRCAI of Chicago) Genesis 15:13–14, Deuteronomy 28:68 and Ezekiel 34:11–16.

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