How Has The Migrant Crisis In Chicago Effected Black Chicagoans? & Who Benefits From Illegal Immigration?

Emmanuel Barbee
20 min readApr 6, 2024


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How Has The Migrant Crisis In Chicago Effected Black Chicagoans? & Who Benefits From Illegal Immigration?

Our First Topic — How Has The Migrant Crisis In Chicago Effected Black Chicagoans?

Chicago is a Democratic stronghold. We had an incident where our Mayor Brandon Johnson decided that he wanted to take over the community park known as Amundsen Park Fieldhouse in the African American neighborhood and turn it over to The Migrants. Forcing local residents such as our senior citizens and after school programs to travel elsewhere for services. The Austin community decided to fight back; they got together and filed a lawsuit against the city of Chicago and won. What was so impressive is that the people showed up at City Hall telling the mayor that this was unacceptable. For 60 years a majority of Black Americans 90% have been supporting the Democratic Party and at some point we have to stop and say what are we getting for our vote? It’s more than just fighting for our neighborhood parks. Look at what’s happening in our Urban Cities that are run by the Democrats and have Sanctuary City status where these migrants are being sent. When you look at the amount of money being spent to house migrants and you compare our situation then you will begin to understand that this is all done by design. I found a video clip by Oshay Duke Jackson entitled “West African Migrants Ask For HELP in Harlem” to watch the video just go to my Medium Page and select the exact title of this presentation then scroll down to show and prove. Here’s the audio version fair use Oshay Duke Jackson.

The Democrats haven’t done anything for Black Americans since the Civil Rights Era. Our ancestors built this country. We deserve better treatment than this. The Mayor said a couple of days ago there is enough money for everyone. Well if that’s the case then why haven’t we seen it in the African American community? The borders are still open; they are still coming by the thousands everyday. The Biden Administration has the executive order to stop the Migrant Crisis if they want to. Democrats have no issue giving migrants resources, that’s our reparation money being spent on everyone else except for Descendants of American Slaves who were victimized by the 1994 Crime Bill, by the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs. Those generational methods of Destroying the Black Family are still affecting Black Americans today. Notice that the Crime Bill hasn’t affected anyone from his community? Also there’s not a Mass Incarceration of White Americans like it was in Black America during the Crack Cocaine epidemic. I remember during the Crime Bill law enforcement would round up everyone in the streets and take them to jail. Like I said in my revised book the White Supremacist Financial Elites flooded the Black Ghetto with Drugs, Guns and Liquor stores which I call perfect genocide. It destroyed Black Families and it caused Black Americans to be divided based on social class.

For 60 years Black America has been loyal voters to the Democrats but where has that gotten us? We need to become politically independent and only vote for policies that will benefit the African American community. This is what we will teach our members and students who join the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement about the importance of politics. We have to vote for our own interests. Vote what’s best for your family and your community that’s politically educated. Also demand economic tangibles from these political candidates in the form of Cash Payment Reparations for Descendants of American Slaves.

The two main issues are the Migrant Crisis and the Economy. The Democrats are prioritizing foreigners over Black American Citizens. They’re dumping all these migrants in urban areas where Black People reside. They’re taking resources away from Black Americans in Chicago. Black Chicago you have one last chance to get it right, don’t give Biden another four years if you do then we won’t have a Black Community and our children will suffer. I hope and pray that young Black Voters will listen to my message. Look at the current economy under the Biden Administration. Look at the price of gas, the price of food and employment. cities like Chicago, Boston, New York are getting tired of these career politicians. The Democratic Convention is coming to Chicago in August.

We still have a large homeless population in Chicago. If Chicago can house the migrants then Chicago should also provide shelter for homeless Chicagoans. Our community has been disinvested. Our schools are failing our children because our children are below grade level. Notice these Democrat cities look at it with the most Police Brutality that happened to us in Democrat cities. What sickens me about our community is when it comes to voting we have a lot of Black Democrat shills who mislead Black People and are against our own interest. That’s Willie Lynch at it’s best. Notice Black America doesn’t put people like me in office but instead they put people like Mayor Tiffany Henyard in leadership positions. We’re bound based on trauma, that’s how we are as a people. Chicago is probably one of the most segregated places in America. There’s a reason for that and a lot of that has to do with systemic racism. We’re afraid to call out systemic racism. I gave Black America a solution yet 12 years later since my revised book I am still on first base. Truth be told Black America doesn’t want a solution.

My critics often ask me why is it taking me so long to get my Christian business up and running? I ask them have they purchased my revised book? Have they bought any items from my virtual store? They say no then I tell them that’s the answer without support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job? If you don’t support your advocates then you won’t have any advocates. The reason why we don’t have many Black Owned Businesses in the African American community is because many Black Americans don’t patronize them. Before I cut and run to Africa I have to get my Christian business up and running in America for credibility within the African American community, the African Immigrant community and the Black World.

GRCAI of Chicago is more than just a new business endeavor this is personal. Anyone in Chicago who I have reached out to for the past 32 years that have rejected my vision and plan will not be part of my business because this will be membership based. If it was up to me everyone on my Facebook Page, my Instagram Page, my LinkedIn Page and my TikTok Page would join my virtual Christian socialist organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement and help me get my revised book on the best seller list and donate what they can do our film project but God gives us free will. When I talk to Black America about how we can obtain power and wealth by creating our own sports team or creating our own Beauty Products many Black Americans don’t want to have that conversation with me. They say I’m talking crazy. Those are the people I don’t hang around with. Low hangin fruit people that don’t dream big they’re just fine working a 9 to 5 for the Man instead of working for ourselves.

My message is only for those who are like minded and want more out of life. No one is going to fix our problems in our community except us. We have to be the ones to come up with strategies and turn them into action. We have to become self-sufficient that is what has to happen in the African American community. GRCAI of Chicago will take the lead in breaking those generational curses and generational trauma. We would offer a mentoring program for our Black youth in the area of Black Artists and Black Entrepreneurs so that we could have our own somewhat Sundance Festival at GRCAI of Chicago where they can showcase their documentaries, artwork and sell their cultural foods.

I use this platform as a way for us to network with each other. So that when we finally get this film project fully funded then I can know who to reach out to as it pertains to a legitimate production company and having GRCAM members who are in the film or stage play industry to come forward in being part of this film making process. Those of you who will join our film team will go down in history with me and Sister Rena but I need boots on the ground in Chicago. We have to cultivate our young people and make sure that they have a space to thrive and grow. That’s very important. When the White Supremacist Financial Elites see our young Black talented brothers and sisters they plan on capitalizing on them.

Over here we’re going to invest and support our youth. I don’t want any of my members to ever experience what I went through just for trying to do something positive in the African American community. That’s how we’re gonna incentivize them. Through GRCAI of Chicago we will create legitimate jobs for our Black youth and their families. We will offer an Associate’s Degree and or vocational training in the area of Architect, Electrician and Truck Driving to give our members and students skills to pay the bills. This is what I am on. Work with me while I am alive don’t wait until I am dead to embrace my vision and plan. That’s what I want us to talk about on this platform. What is the agenda? We will build our own Supermarkets, Black Institutions, Healthcare Clinics just to name a few. Our objective is to highlight the urgent need for change by exposing the failures of longstanding liberal policies, advocating for solutions that truly serve Black Americans and while making a positive impact in the African American community and building an alliance with the African Immigrant community around the Chicagoland area and throughout the United States of America. If you’re interested in joining us please purchase my revised book and read my story so that you know what you are getting yourself involved with.

If you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on this platform and let’s talk about and encourage others to get involved. Also donate what you can towards our film project. I am working hard trying to change the tragedy of what is happening in Black Chicago. I’m trying to make people aware of what’s happening in our inner cities in Chicago. I use this platform to educate our people, talk to our people about what is going on in these streets. What’s happening here in Chicago and New York it’s going to happen in every urban area across the United States of America. We have to get involved waiting for a White Savior to come and save us. We have to save ourselves, period. Please hit that subscribe button, hit that like button and share with all your friends on Facebook and any other social media sites you are on that will help get the ball rolling.
We’re raising the consciousness of Black People worldwide and promoting the New Black Voices of media while keeping the focus on Reparations for Descendants of American Slaves. The reparation movement is spreading in the Caribbean, Brazil and in Africa. West African nations such as Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger after 49 years of being exploited by France they finally got on code and was able to kick the French out of there country this is why I want to move to Africa but we have to get GRCAI of Chicago established in America first for Credibility.

Black Chicago has rejected and overlooked my vision and plan this is why I am online to recruit brave and smart like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants within the United States of America to first read my story and if you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on this platform so that we can talk about it and encourage others to get involved. Also donate what you can to our film project. The proceeds from the film will help put me in a better position financially so that I can purchase property in Chicago, buy office equipment and to hire qualified Black Middle Class professionals and African Immigrants within the surrounding areas of Chicago and across the United States of America. Without support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job. All I can do is pray and watch our Black youth die in the streets. This is why I am reaching out to African Immigrants in America to help speed up the process I don’t want to be doing this another 32 years. We’re not going to march and protest. I want us to get this film project popin so that we can build GRCAI of Chicago together and then expand it to 10 African nations God willing. When I bring GRCAM to Africa GRCAM will become Kemet. The Egyptians called their country Kemet, meaning “Black Land” Kemet means “black” in ancient Egypt. We’re tired of these White Supremacist Financial Elites. Our battle is not for America, our battle is for the African continent. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — Who Benefits From Illegal Immigration?

I found a video clip on Fox Business News entitled “Tyson Foods is seeking cheaper labor” to watch the video just go to my Medium Page and select the exact title of this presentation then scroll down to show and prove. Here’s the audio version fair use Fox Business News. Businesses are happy when there’s no consequences. They prefer cheap labor because there are never consequences when White Business is employing Illegal Immigrants. It’s called a white collar crime. I’ve been talking about this issue for 20 years.

Understand when Black Men is involved with organized crime whether it’s selling bootleg movies we get the FBI on our case. There’s no way you would see a Black man living in a multi-million dollar home while they’re breaking the law. They would be shut down real fast and yet here we have some of the biggest corporations in America. For example, Tyson Food laid off 1,200 American Citizens so they could hire 40 times that number. You don’t do that if you’re not trying to save money. They’re telling American Citizens they have others who will displace them for a lower wage. They’re hiring Illegal Immigrants and nobody from Local Government, State Government or Federal Government is doing anything about it. This is White Supremacy in real time. No Black Business could get away with this in America. These are the White Supremacist Financial Elites who own multi-billion dollar corporations from around the globe.

Notice law enforcement drive pass Illegal Immigrants picking beans and rice they don’t seize these CEO of mega corporations assets at all. They’re the reason why Illegal Immigrants are coming over here in the first place. They are allowed to openly operate and break the law with impunity. Death Row Records could never have done what Tyson Foods is doing. Law enforcement went after them for far less than what these White owned corporations are doing. Black Americans are not allowed to break the law with impunity. Where is the District Attorney? Where is the State’s Attorney? In these places to prosecute? The White Supremacist Financial Elites are allowing the Illegal Immigrants over here because they can hire them for less than what they’re paying American Citizens. I want y’all to understand this is real talk when you see that society allows them to do this with impunity breaking the law. When we point out this double standard they say do you mean Systemic Racism? They’re operating in public a criminal enterprise.

If you all understand that this is big business, in Corporate America then hit that Like button. If you agree that the US Government and mega corporations benefit from Illegal Immigration for big profits then give me the thumbs up emoji in the chat room But it goes even farther than that Black Americans have been talking about reparations forever every time we talk about it something else always comes up. I found an article from Newsweek which said migrants could get $500 a month under a new bill now this is a story out of Minnesota the headline does not reflect that it makes you think they’re talking about nationally they’re not check this the Minnesota Democrats are pushing forward with a $500 Statewide guaranteed basic income plan that critics have argued would give free money to undocumented migrants the new state legislation known as HF 2666 mark of the beast and introduced on March 8th would provide $500 monthly payments for 18 to 24 months. We’re talking about a lineage based reparations for Descendants of American Slaves in order for us to create generational wealth. Yet they’re talking about how the state has passed legislation for Illegal Immigrants, make it make sense. When we start to bring up reparations these career politicians start playing dumb. I have been telling GRCAM members and my listeners for the longest time that Black Americans are targeted. We don’t have a Anti- Black Hate Crime Bill specifically for our group.

The next generation of children will not learn about American Slavery because the White Supremacist Financial Elites is white washing our history. The Migrant children will outnumber our children and they will compete for resources against our children. I predict if Black America as a whole don’t embrace my vision and plan by 2050 Black Americans as a collective will become a permanent underclass. I know I won’t be able to reach everyone but I am doing my best to get this Christian business up and running in Chicago so that I can turn it over to qualified Black Middle Class professionals while expanding it to Africa in order to make that connection on African soil. It’s not accidental what they’re doing there’s big money behind this. For example, The real estate companies in California, Chicago and New York also the hotels industry and the delivery services are all cashing in on this.

I don’t think Black America really understand the threat that we’re up against in the United States of America. One of the things they’ve been working on is to get you to be quiet because there’s the real problem. Our Black Politicians are in the pockets of the White Supremacist Financial Elites and they are suppose to be our representatives this is why they don’t say anything or do anything for us. This is why it’s so important that we build GRCAI of Chicago and select people from this grassroots organization to be our representatives because we have vetted them and they are coming from the soil. Black America has two choices either embrace annihilation or embrace survival I am only working with those who want to survive. On this platform we talking about fighting against White Supremacy. Over here we’ve been talking about what’s been happening on the African continent for decades. This is why I created my African group GRCAI of Africa in order to have a safe space for my African members can gather and network among each other until I make it big in America then I can come to Africa and hire many people from my African group before we put boots on the ground.
Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

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