(How Can We Fix The Black Community? Obama vs. The New Black Voices of Media)


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I cite all of my sources on my Medium transcript under show and prove. I encourage my listeners to click on the link to my current Medium Transcript so that you can read my sources in real time and respond when we open up the discussion for Q & A. We’re dedicated to discussing controversial issues such as the genocide which is taking place among our youth in our inner cities across the United States. We can’t sugar coated genocide. Although I have little to no support from people in my city I refuse to be ignored.

Purpose: To educate Black People/African People and Others who are serious about solving Black issues in America, solving African issues on the continent and throughout the Diaspora. As well as to raise funds for our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins).

I use this platform to interact with everyone on my Friends List and everyone in my Social Groups by giving Black Business Owners free air time to promote their products and services, I give people in the Faith community an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ and ordinary law abiding citizens an opportunity to share their special talents/skills to my listeners from around the globe.

After the show I offer my guest speakers an incentive by teaching them how to create their own podcast and Youtube channel to help them earn extra revenue during COVID-19. I also assist people on my friends list with creating basic websites, finding college scholarships/grants; housing & legal services all for free.

Our goal is to raise Five Hundred Thousand dollars so that I can can be in a better position financially to hire professional Black Production Company or an African Production Company with quality actors. Without support from the Black Grass Roots and the Global African family I am unable to do my job. Non-black sympathizers are welcome to join us and to patronize us but it’s black people responsibility to built it and to own it.

I am calling on all of my Christian group members in (Light OF The World Inspirational Group & Christian Christian Spoken Word Network) to pray that God would connect me with people who have the means to support our film project. Pray that my revised book would get on the best sellers list. Pray that the spirit of God would allow our film project to get fully funded and made in Jesus/Yeshua name. I am encouraging all of my group members to do what you can to help us reach our goal so that we can move from behind a computer starting with getting our story on the big screen and getting our Christian business up and running in Chicago.

Notice on our GoFundMe Page only two people has donated to our film project out of 1,489 people on my Facebook Page. We raised $1,000 dollars last year on our virtual store called GRCAM Online but this is why it’s taken me so long because our people talk a good game but when it’s time to practice Group Economics they become ghost. This is why I am going public with my story and using my online talkshow for crowd funding through social media as a way to reach other like minded brothers and sisters throughout the United States and around the globe.

It’s my hope that The Lord would connect me with people who have the means to support our film project. I am doing all I can on my part to get our urban Christian film fully funded and made. Please continue to pray over my film project that The Lord would bless me to get this film fully funded and made so that I can move to the next level that is the proceeds generated from the film would put me in a better position financially so that I can hire Black Middle Class professionals, buy office equipment and purchase property in Chicago.

It’s my hope that GRCAI of Chicago will become a franchise just like McDonald’s and spread to other cities within America. Through the business we will launch African & Caribbean tours to ten African nations in order to form an alliance with our brothers and sisters on the continent so that we can do international trade among our people. We will also setup the business in South Africa. Please share our GoFundMe Page with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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Today’s discussion is as follows: (How Can We Fix Black America? Obama vs. The New Black Voices of Media).

Our First topic — How Can We Fix Black America? Truth be told the average Black American don’t care about a solution, don’t care about economic mobility within the black community. Black America has rejected my vision and plan for 30 years.
70% of what’s going wrong in the black community is our fault. We have to take responsibility for the bad choices we make. Allowing degenerates to take over the slums and influencing at risk youth to become criminals and drug dealers is also our fault. Because we are failing our youth. When we setup GRCAI of Chicago on the Westside of Chicago we will raise the bar in Black America. Everything which I have written in my revised book we will carry that out to the best of our ability. We’re not coming to be seen but to work directly with black families that want more out of life for their children and their family.

Majority of problems in the black community are self-inflicted for the past 60 years. I wrote my revised book in order to propose my plan to other serious like minded Black People in hopes that they would come forth and work with me in turning my vision and plan into a reality as well as to generate capital to help fund our Faith Base Community Advocacy nonprofit organization. My revised book has been on Amazon for 10 years and it’s still not on the best seller list. I created our virtual store GRCAM Online in order to sell items to help generate capital for our Faith Base Community Advocacy nonprofit organization. Still the items are barely selling now I plan in taking my story to the big screen. This is spiritual warfare Ladies and Gentlemen.

I don’t hear anyone talking about a plan to save our black youth who are trapped in American ghettos. We are getting priced out in America and Crime is on the rise in every inner-city in America. We are also dealing with benign and neglect by our so called black leaders such as the Congressional Black Caucus who are in the pockets of the financial elites. The Democratic Party has held control over the black community for six decades since President Lyndon B. Johnson and the Civil Rights Legislation. Every 25 years the Civil Rights legislation has to be renewed no other group has to endure this in America. The financial elites enjoy this monopoly over black people without being held accountable for human rights abuses especially when it comes to the 13th Amendment. There’s a clause that allows for re-enslavement of black people in the event that a person is convicted of a crime. As I mentioned in my revised book I explain how the Penal System is using prisoners labor basically for free. There are mega corporations who invest in prison labor because their labor is cheaper than paying non-prisoners.

We failed politically as black people because we believed our black politicians were going to fight for our interest but Obama woke us up to the political game. We have to start looking at candidates track record and their policies. Politics alone will not solve our issues. Through GRCAI of Chicago we want to form a strong alliance with Africa. I don’t know what it will take to get black people to move collectively for our best interest instead of fighting other people’s battle.

The push back is not coming from White People but from Black People. Black America is in worse shape now then it was during the Civil Rights Era. Black America hear me loud and clear you have two choices either embrace Annihilation or embrace Survival. I am hear to talk with like minded Black People within the United States of America who want to survive then work with me in building this new organization called the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute starting in Chicago. GRCAI of Chicago will offer a 21st Century solution in solving black issues across the United States and throughout the Diaspora as well as on the African Continent if given a chance.

All of us who reside in America are dealing with psychological warfare due to this wicked system called white supremacy. There’s a lot of black people in Atlanta but very few black ownership in terms of owning a home or a black business. Atlanta is no longer the Black Mecca today Atlanta is white corporate owned but black managed. The way housing prices are going in America we as Black People are being priced out of America. The financial elites are targeting the black working class and black middle class through Eminent domain which means the government or it’s agent can expropriate private property from the owner for public use such as creating an airport or an expressway. For years I’ve been trying to encourage my group members and my listeners within the United States to develop a African Plan.

I know that a majority of black people prefer to remain in America and they will suffer through whatever comes there way. Black People do not want anything other than to be recognized and accepted by White People. Over here we plan on doing the best we can to improve the black community while building an alliance with Africa, the Caribbean & Brazil. We will encourage our members to get their passports and apply for dual citizenship in an African nation or in a Caribbean nation just like the Jews. We will launch our African & Caribbean tours to reconnect with our brothers and sisters on the continent and in the Caribbean/Brazil so that we can bridge the cultural divide. We also plan on doing international trade among ourselves from African Entrepreneurs & Black American Entrepreneurs, Caribbean Entrepreneurs & Black American Entrepreneurs, Brazilian Entrepreneurs & Black American Entrepreneurs through this Christian socialist organization.

We never had the opportunity to own anything in America since Black Wall Street. The financial elites have been swindling our people for generation. Going back to the topic at hand How Can We Fix The Black Community? First we have to deal with the criminal element in the Black Community. There is crime in every community but we can use the Amish Community & the Jewish Community as a model. Truth be told lots of black people are moving away from negative black people. How can we complain about Urban Gentrification when we are the ones fleeing from our own people? The main problem in Black America is the criminal element which is destroying the black community. Our people left the south because of Racism and Violence from the Klan. The culture is also the problem. Our children who attend public schools are going to under perform because of the influence of their peers who are degenerates. We are being influenced culturally by the dominated society.
The mainstream Media agenda is about promoting the worst behavior in black culture over here we plan on changing the narrative by promoting stories like mind and yours to our audience around the globe.

What Makes GRCAI of Chicago different from other Black Organizations?
GRCAI of Chicago is based on my experience. A lot of established black organizations who are well funded by the financial elites only sit around and talk about problems. In contrast, the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago represent the soil and we get our support from the Black Grass Roots and the Global African Family. As soon as we are able to generate capital for our film project first. The proceeds from the film will allow us to do all of the things which I have written and talked about on my online talkshow show for years. It takes capital to start a business. Also you can’t have a community without unity. It’s my hope that through GRCAI of Chicago we will encourage our male members and students to enroll in our truck driving classes so that they can learn the ins and outs of the trucking industry. We also want to encourage our female members and students to enroll in our beauty school so that they can learn the ins and outs of the beauty industry.

We want our members to consider investing in Africa because Corporate America, Asia and the Europeans are there buying real estate left and right. We as (DAS) Descendants of American Slaves must educate our people about our experience living in the United States of America for the past 400 years so that our African brothers and sisters will not have to go through what our ancestors endure during enslavement. Our ancestors were brought to America by the financial elites as Human Capital. The U.S. Government owes (DAS) Descendants of American Slaves reparations in the form of cash payments.

My online talkshow is open to anyone on my friends list and anyone in my social groups. I would like for us to start having these conversations so that collectively we can begin solving these issues at the grassroots level. We’re not all going to be on the same page but we all need to admit that we have some serious issues within black society that needs to be corrected and we will take the lead in solving those issues. For us GRCAM is the code. The code is being in agreement and on one accord. If we are serious about solving our issues then we must understand politics 101. We need to know what is a lobbyist? How to obtain political leverage? Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube channel. Most of all please share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second topic — Obama vs. The New Black Voices of Media. President Joe Biden has lost a lot of his black supporters. Many black voters are upset that the Biden Administration gave Federal Protection and resources to Asians, Executive Orders, protection and resources to the LGBT community, Executive Orders, resources, to the Latino community, resources to non-citizens such as Illegal Immigrants, Afghan Refugees and now Ukrainian People but nothing specific for Black People. The Democrats know they can’t remain in power if black people don’t participate in their political game. Tell the Democrats to send Obama to talk with all those other groups that received resources from them? Notice they did not pass the George Floyd Bill. We are worse off now then we were under Trump. The only thing the Democrats did for Black People was to give us symbolism no tangibles. Like Hip-Hop Appreciation Day, Juneteenth and Katanji Jackson.

The Democrats are sending Obama out to speak against the New Black Voices of Media. He’s using trick bag language such as disinformation because President Joe Biden is not doing to good in the polls. Obama came back to Chicago to speak at the University of Chicago. I provided a video about his speech on my Medium Transcript under show and prove. He urge social media companies to be more trans parent about monitoring content which may lead to violence. You have billions of users on these social media websites only a few misguided individuals who are prone to committing violence. Y’all have to understand the words Obama is saying. People like Obama is making thing up especially when it comes to you voting.

The Democrats can’t hide behind Trump any longer because he’s not in office they are. They control both the House and the Senate and look at what’s happening food and gas prices are on the rise. Obama discuss his concerned about the loss of local journalism, the nationalization of anger based journalism and the growth of social media companies making profits off of conflict. Let’s keep it real first social media makes profits off of a lot of things. What about all this content which are targeting our children? He did not addressing all of the toxicity that’s going on online.

For example, I hate black men and I hate black women videos. He talked about the nationalization of anger based journalism. Should black people be happy about their position in America? Did you vote for Afghan Refugees to receive $500 million dollars? Did you vote for Ukrainian People to receive 13 billion dollars? Did you vote for the Asians community to get a Hate Crime Bill? Did you vote for the LGBT community to receive executive orders, protection and resources? Did you vote for Latinos to receive executive orders and resources? Are you going to allow the Democrats to influence you through Black Celebrities? Obama didn’t do anything for the black community but he helped promote and pass legislation for the gay agenda. The midterms are coming up what are you going to do? I am just asking a question. Black People voted for the Democrats in large numbers during the last election. The only ones who benefited that were black were Democratic shills.

We watched every other group get either Federal Protection/resources and or Executive Orders and resources while we got nothing. If black people are discussing these issues and we’re not happy about the situation then it’s up to the Democrats to right the wrong by giving us tangibles in order to win back the black vote. The reason why you have a loss of local journalism is because they are phony. People from the grassroots ain’t putting up with the lies anymore thanks in part to social media. Obama had 8 years in office to protect black people from Rogue Cops. These mega corporations and career politicians don’t like the internet because they can no longer control the narrative. The fact that we can hold them accountable for their empty promises. We can look up policies online and read the bills to find out what these politicians are voting on.

As we get closer to the midterm election the Democratic shills will step up there game to attack our message. People like Roland Martin, Joy Reid and Tiffany Cross they are paid to attack the Black Media. Those Democratic shills want to finesse you again in voting for the Democrats. I predict that these big Wigs will pay these social media companies to shadow ban our content from our listeners and viewers during the midterm election. The Democrats have always use censorship on anyone who speaks out against them.

Certain people on Facebook have shut down my Facebook Page because they did not like my content. This is my third Facebook Page in 18 years that I have been on Facebook. I know that I am being effective because they are forever hacking my account. The financial elites want to dumb down our society and that people focus on entertainment. This is why they made Marijuana legal in many states to keep you high and un-focus on the issues. Anyone trying to expose the Democrats or Republicans they are going to be looked upon as a threat. Y’all in the Black Grass Roots Media get ready the Democratic shills are coming. I was born ready.

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