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I created GRCAM in 1991 on a site called Gopher. I wanted to create an organization that focus specifically on solving black issues in America. I also wanted to connect with other like-minded African Americans, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Canadians, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Europeans, African Immigrants, Afro-Latinos throughout the Diaspora. I also wanted to build a bridge between the Diaspora and Continental Africans or Native Africans which is the Global Black Family.

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Tonight’s Topic — The Black Vote In 20/20

I understand lots of our people don’t like politics but we have to use them until we are able to educate our people about the fundamentals of politics. District Attorney Paul Howard was the prosecutor in Georgia who put charges on that Rogue Cop who killed Rayshard Brooks in the Wendy’s parking lot. The white supremacists are upset. I was encouraging people in my Secular groups who live in the Atlanta area to re-elect Paul Howard because he’s doing the right thing punishing the Rogue Cop for his crime. The system prefer to have Coons and Mammy’s in office to do there bidding. If we want politicians to do our bidding we got to support them. The problem is we have the Mammy coalition and the Coon train trying to be the voice of the black community while in the pockets of the financial elites or white supremacists. The white supremacists back Fani Willis a black woman and she defeated District Attorney Paul Howard. A black man who tried to protect the black community yet the black community fail to show up at the polls. Given a green light to Rogue Cops to continue harming black people. Lord have mercy on my racial group.

For example, in Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson allowed Officer Peter Liang to avoid prosecution for killing an unarmed black man (Akai Gurley) because the Asian community supported there own.

It’s a messed up choice. I believe Donald Trump would have won a second term if it wasn’t for the Coronavirus. President Trump failed to take responsibility as a leader and as a result 160,000 people died many blacks were included this could have been prevented if the Trump administration would have intervened during the early stages of COVID-19.

African Americans are 12% of the population, we see Illegal Immigrants getting concessions like Sanctuary cities yet we are denied tangibles our ancestors built America through blood, sweat and tears. Let’s begin with Joe Biden history with the black community. He created the 1994 crime bill which gave rise to Mass Incarceration. First, Joe Biden needs to apologize to Black America for destroying the black family and offer specific tangibles to African Americans. He needs to end the three strike laws can promise to create specific policies to end Mass Incarceration by offering incentives to states that offer home confinement for ex-offenders of non-violent crimes.

In contrast, Kamala Harris was tied to Wall Street when she was California’s Attorney General. Her department determined that Steve Mnuchin had committed fraud she chose not to prosecute him. Come to find out she was accepting campaign contributions from him throughout the years. Her decision as a prosecutor to enforce truancy laws where she would literally prosecute parents. It disproportionately affected poor black families. Instead of looking at the situation from a socio-economic issue she chose to view it as a criminal issue. Instead of asking the question why are these children having a difficult time attending school. These laws can be misused to make poor families even worse off then they were. Now that these families have racked up fines and are unable to pay then they get arrested and jailed. If you are in jail you are unable to work. These are the issues Kamala Harris have to answer if they want to win the election.

To take the author of the 1994 crime bill and a Biracial woman who has weaponized the law against poor blacks and put them on a ticket is an insult to Black People. Black Americans learned from Obama that race didn’t equate to policy as the first black president Obama failed to act against police brutality. There message is aimed at older black women. The Democrats want us to forget about Kamala Harris sending single black mothers to jail. When we talk about Black Empowerment on this show we mean it. All of this is meant to lead black people away from tangibles and break the black voter blockade. We have to make it clear that we’re not falling for the okeydoke.

Joe Biden selected the most anti-black woman as his running mate. When Kamala Harris was a prosecutor she believed in the incarceration and the destruction of the black family. She did an interview with The Grio and was specifically asked about reparations I have an audio of the interview I will play it for you. She don’t talk like that to these special interest organizations and other groups that she believes in representing.

In 2016 a documentary by Ava Devernay called 13th in the film they mentioned how the 1994 Crime Bill destroyed the black community. Black Americans started pushing for Prison reform, Police reform and ending the school to prison pipeline. Four years later we have Joe Biden the person who created the Crime Bill now the Democratic nominee for president. Back in the 90’s I tried to do my part in cleaning up our community I kelp preaching about separating ourselves from harden criminals and urban terrorist in the community. I received a lot of backlash people were saying Emmanuel you ain’t from these streets, you ain’t down for the cause or you don’t understand the struggle. I notice that the black community is getting behind Joe Biden just to get rid of the orange man (Donald Trump). This is embarrassing and pathetic to have these two people on the ballot. We know that Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t care about us or our issues so don’t vote for them sit it out. The mainstream media is trying to clean up Kamala Harris image and manufacture a narrative that they hope will work to get black women back on treadmill. They are using Black sororities, the black boule and black celebrities.

Kamala Harris has been one of the most zealous and aggressive perpetrator of this system. She is one of the most anti-black actors within the system of white supremacy. Prisons were created to warehouse black people. Kamala Harris cultivated it by putting truancy law on the books. Under white supremacy your circumstances in society are based on your race. All you have to do is create laws that targets the circumstances in order to entrap your intended group and in this case poor black people. She has been doing this for 30 years. Kamala Harris is a career corrupt bureaucrat. This is the very thing black people are angry about and that’s why she failed to get black support. Elections is a business exchange the candidate wants something and in return they promise the voters something. The time to hold a candidate accountable is when they’re asking for your vote that’s when you hold them accountable that’s the lesson we learned from the Matrice Richardson case. Kamala Harris only pretended to re-open the investigation just as a cheap cynical way to avoid being held accountable for the first time she dropped the case. As soon as Kamala Harris got re-elected she closed the case.

We only vote when our interest is on the ballot. Without the young black vote no Democrat can make it to the white house and the road to the young black vote is through the black media. In this season power is coming from the ground up through the black grass roots. We have presidential candidates talking about reparations because we made it an issue. Family don’t ever think that you’re not making an impact we are. This is more than about whether or not someone thinks we deserve reparations it’s a debt that’s owed to African Americans. The African way of seeing success is when success is received by the black masses. As long as the black masses are suffering then we don’t claim success.

We demand specific policies aim at African Americans. The wealth gap. I discuss this in detail in my revised book (The Solution For Black America) second edition chapter four p.134 Nothing has changed in 40 years for black American families. We demand an end to Qualified Immunity for the police. Those Rogue Cops that killed Brianna Taylor are still walking the streets as if nothing happen that’s not right they need to be punished for their actions. We want Black Reparations. There were no study for the 2 trillion dollar Coronavirus stimulus checks. We want universal healthcare or Medicare for all.

What make you think that Black Americans will continue voting for Democrats when the Democrats refuse to address our issues? Black Americans are the majority of your voters. Family we gotta watch out for all of these so-called white liberals who claim to speak for us while play both sides of the fence. For example, people like Tim Wise will talk a good game and get many endorsements but when it comes to providing solutions to solve black issues it becomes a problem.

We’re the only group in America who’s success is seen as a threat to other groups. We are the only group in America who has been racially sabotaged when we are left alone. For example, Reconstruction, Black Wall Street and Rosewood just to name a few. The white supremacist and their Coons and Flunkies are always throwing salt. They don’t want us to get into the habit of becoming self sufficient.

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I am a professional blogger, blogtalkradio host, an upcoming social entrepreneur and a new urban author.

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Emmanuel Barbee

I am a professional blogger, blogtalkradio host, an upcoming social entrepreneur and a new urban author.