(GRCAM Virtual Conference Theme: Healing from Willie Lynch for Diaspora & Healing from Colonized Mindset for Continental Africans)

Emmanuel Barbee
18 min readAug 24, 2022


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Today’s theme: Healing from Willie Lynch for the Diaspora & Healing from the Colonized Mindset for Continental Africans.

This is the most taboo topic in Black America because black people have not completely confronted this issue let alone heal from it’s negative impact it has played in black society. Our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins) is based on my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America second edition” No one on my friends list answered my question when I did my virtual conference on July 30th entitled What’s Up Black Grass Roots & The Global African Family When Will We Get This Film Fully Funded and made?

We will begin with the Willie Lynch letter, which was shared to an audience on the bank of the James River in Virginia in 1712 regarding control of slaves within the colony. Many people believe that this letter was a hoax. I say to each his own. The letter gives specific instructions to American slave owners how they can control their African slaves by setting them against each other. He explains to them that their current violent method of handling unruly African slaves by lynching them was counterproductive from a business viewpoint. Instead, if they adopt his method, which consists of exploiting the differences such as age, field slaves and house slaves as well as skin color light skin slaves verses dark skin slaves can be used to pit slaves against each other. This method, he assures his audiences will control African slaves for the next four hundred years. Our ancestors were forced to come to the United States of America against their will. They were stripped from their culture, language and religion.

Today so called black organizations like the Congressional Black Caucus, The National Urban League and so called black leaders like Representative James E. Clyburn are just a front for the financial elites they do nothing for black people. Clyburn has been in public office for 30 years he has the worse district in the South yet Off Code Negroes continue to vote for him this is Willie Lynch in real time. Black America failed George Floyd no one intervene on his behalf they just video record him while he was dying in the streets this was a modern day lynching. The exact same thing happen to Eric Gardner.

For 30 years Black America has rejected my vision and plan this is why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to connect with other like minded Black People & African People who would work with me in turning my ideas into a reality. After 15 years of being ignored I wrote and published my revised book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition. It has been on Amazon for 10 years and yet it is barely selling.

I created a virtual store in hopes of raising enough capital to jump start my Nonprofit Faith Base and Community Advocacy Organization GRCAI of Chicago. Our mission to eradicate urban violence in Chicago through Arts, Culture, Commerce and Spiritual Development. I am called by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ to rebuild our inner cities in America starting in Chicago similar to that of Nehemiah who was called by God to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah used qualified engineers, architects and inventors to rebuild a new city. Likewise, I want qualified Black Middle Class professionals within the United States of America who will come forth and assist me in making sure that our business will be effective and successful for years to come. GRCAI of Chicago will be a multi purpose facility we will offer quality programs and services to our members and students in the black community. GRCAI of Chicago will operate under 7 separate functions all under one roof.

1. A social service component
2. A Spiritual component (optional for secular people)
3. A Political component
4. An Entertainment component
5. An Entrepreneur component
6. A Black Media component (New Black Voices of Media)
7. A Health and Wellness component

We will turn all of my ideas into a reality through our films, stage plays and music. This will create jobs for our black youths. Our goal is to create original stories that challenge the mind as well as entertain. We believe in creating our own black business to help Black People cultivate the skills needed to effectively and successfully navigate the modern workforce and achieve self sufficiency. GRCAI of Chicago spiritual component is geard for the Greater Works and will be a HUB for Believers or those who want to operate in what Jesus told us to operate in which is Greater Works.

Our focus is on revitalizing black neighborhoods by investing in the development of its residents. Our belief is that jobs are the vehicle for an individual to move from being a recipient to a contributor in their neighborhood, resulting in long term neighborhood stabilization. The goal of the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago is about creating a pathway that will lead to job creation in the heart of the black community.

We will also host African/Caribbean tours in order to reconnect the Diaspora with Continental Africans from my African group (GRCAI of Africa). Building GRCAI of Chicago will be beneficial for both the Diaspora and Continental Africans. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago will invest in Africa by assisting in building infrastructure and bringing business development to African nations where we setup chapters. We want African entrepreneurs to host international trade among Black entrepreneurs in order to help improve our inner cities starting in Chicago.

The goal is to match African Entrepreneurs with Black Entrepreneurs so that we can do international trade among our people and others. We also want to match African Artist with Black Artist. I will lead by example by applying for dual citizenship in South Africa. We also plan on visiting the Caribbean nations such places as The Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica and Trinidad/Brazil. We want to connect with the black Caribbean nations in order to boost trade among Black America and working together as an economic unit. So far I have only made a thousand dollars. Our film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group in America. This vision is bigger than me I am doing this for our black youth who are trapped in American ghettos. I am not affiliated with anyone because no one wanted to be part of this. Mark my words once I start making money and this Christian business is up and running everyone in Chicago including my family members will want to be apart of it. Ain’t nothing changing my message has always remain the same. Black America has two choices either embrace annihilation or embrace survival.

I don’t want to die in America I want to get this business up and running in America first for credibility. I will invite my international friends who came on my online talkshow to speak at our live events. Before I cut and run to Africa I want to make sure that I am able to sustain myself and be in a position financially to hire local Africans from my African group GRCAI of Africa. What makes us different from other black organizations is that we will take the lead in raising the standard or the bar in Black America. Once GRCAI of Chicago is established we will separate ourselves from degenerates in black society by holding mandatory orientation. People who are interested in becoming members must pass our criminal back ground checks, sign the community pledge and submit their thumb print in order for us to weed out Harden Criminals, Off Code Negroes, Urban Terrorist, Con Artist, Pedophiles and Active Gang Members. We will offer a second chance program for ex-offenders, former gang members and homeless individuals within the community. My revised book is the foundation of my Christian business. Since Black America has rejected my vision and plan this business will be membership based.

How is Willie Lynch affecting Black Americans today? I found an article from CNN entitled “Youth Football Coach Killed” Suspect accused of shooting a coach during a Dallas-area youth football game turns himself in Yaqub Talib, 39, in the fatal shooting of Michael Hickmon, 43, police in the Dallas area. According to witnesses, Talib pulled out a gun and shot Hickmon multiple times after a disagreement between the opposing coaching staff of two youth football teams over calls made by the referee led to a physical fight, police said. Hickmon was later pronounced dead at a hospital. A black football coach murdered another football coach it’s really sad. When we talk about the survival of Black Males in America the death rate is higher compared to other male groups in America. From my understanding Mike Hickmon was a youth football coach. There were some sort of argument it seems like the referee made a ball call that lead to somebody losing the game a fight occurred Mike Hickmon ended up getting shot by another youth football coach named Yaqub Talib. It bothers me that we had a brother loss his live over youth football game. Anything that affects Black People matters to me. This speaks to a bigger issue we have in the African American Community and that is hyper masculinity and violence we have a problem with 30 year olds who have a mindset of teenagers. We’re the ones who are suppose to set an example for the younger generation. These kids are now traumatized. The reason why black wealth is declining in the African American Community is because of issues with Black Men.

We know what happen when the CIA flooded drugs in the African American Community. When know about Joe Biden’s 1994 Crime Bill which gave rise to Mass Incarceration of Black Men. We know about toxic culture that is being promoted through the Music Industry, the Movie Industry and through main stream Media. The Mass promotion of ignorance and violence is just one way to remove Black Men from the community. When Malcolm X body guard was interviewed he said being around Malcolm gave him a chance of being a man. I ran across a lot of athletes back when I was in college who were warriors on the field but lack the understanding about the game of life. There’s a value that you can gain from sports. For example, Values about hard work, discipline, determination and consistency all can prepare you for the game of life. For me this is bigger than sports.

In GRCAI of Chicago we will teach our young black youth both male and female how to deal with conflict on an emotional viewpoint. I know your favorite rappers make you think it’s cool being a harden criminal shooting and killing black people. Unfortunately, many young brothers was not taught that life is not the movies until they face a judge who sentence them from 25 to life in prison. This takes away their whole youth. My question to all of my listeners how many of you know a black male who’s been murdered by another black male? If so then please leave a message in the comment section below this video podcast. In GRCAI of Chicago we will manifest the reality we want to see. Power is the ability to pursue your agenda despite the opposition of others. I think the best way to honor Mike Hickmon is for all of our listeners world wide to donate to our film project on our GoFundMe Page I provide the link in the comment section below this video podcast. We will hire qualified black professionals to mentor black youth and how to resolve disputes without leading to violence. It’s time for us to stop traumatizing our children. Here’s another reason why we need GRCAI of Chicago in the black community. I watch a video entitled Employee Killed At Atlanta Subway Over ‘Too Much Mayonnaise’ On Sandwich and Man charged in shooting of Brooklyn McDonald’s worker during cold fries fight.

We’re getting on code as far as identifying our lineage because White America in the past have imposed terms on us such as referring to us as American Negroes, People of Color and Minorities which allowed other groups to latch on to our struggle and our entitlements. For those of us who are Black Americans we embrace the term DAS Descendants of American Slaves which is our lineage. We’re talking about receiving reparations from the American Government. We’re also pushing for a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill. The Criminal Justice System is getting desperate. I found an article entitled “Kansas City Police won’t respond to calls as retaliation against DeValkenaere verdict, lawsuit says” It’s about a white officer in Kansas City who was convicted of shooting a black man. He only received 6 years but in retaliation the police are not responding to certain 911 calls I provide the entire article on my Medium Transcript under show and provide. We have case from News Week entitled “Town’s Black Citizens Sue Police Department Over Mississippi ‘Martial Law’ The Lexington Police Department has a White Supremacist Rogue Cop who bragged about killing 13 black people. Black citizens filed a lawsuit to protect themselves from the police department.
We have a constitutional right to protect ourselves. When we get on code that’s a threat to the dominant society. These are intimidation tactics against black people in America.

I found a CNN video clip entitled “Is American Democracy Teetering?” If elections are not going to serve our interest or not going to be fair then you’re going to see something else occur. The people are going to stop believing in these elections. Dr. King Jr. said if the white establishment does not protect the rights of the people then the people will protect their rights themselves. Professor Wallentz is trying to his black clergy interpretation to White America. He’s not quoting the right people he’s supposed to be a historian but he’s not quoting people like Malcolm X who warned America about the Ballot or the Bullet speech. We never hear about an unarmed White Woman being gun down 60 times in the back or an unarmed White Man being shot 7 times in the back. Rodney King got beaten down in the streets while caught on video and those White Supremacist Rogue Cops were all acquitted which gave rise to the 1992 LA Riot.

I found another video clip from CNN entitled “Data shows big shift in Democratic voters. Expert explains what’s happening” I talked about this in my revised book the financial elites are allowing Illegal Latino Immigrants over here to maintain the status quo. The status quo is not a white numerical majority. I have discuss this issue with my group members for two decades since the creation of GRCAM. The status quo is white socio-economic majority. They don’t care about being in the majority of the population just as long as they can control 75% of the wealth using the model from South Africa. For example, Atlanta white owned black manage. Dr. Claude Anderson said black people own nothing of any consequence. There’s no 500 million dollar establishment owned by black people. The financial elites are allowing Illegal Latino Immigrants to come over here to help bolster the labor force in order to neutralize the black vote. Understand Ladies and Gentlemen colonization is about White People becoming comfortable in places that are majority black like South Africa. This is not just cultural it’s generational.

If you really want to know why American Democracy is failing is because their propaganda is no longer working. Black People are starting to listen to our message. Their democracy cannot be taken serious when you have cases like this from CNN entitled “Grand jury declines to indict Carolyn Bryant Donham, the woman whose accusations led to the murder of Emmett Till” We have an Emmett Till Lynching Act the Federal Government has acknowledged what happen to Emmett Till was a lynching. Yet the State Government and the Federal Government claim they convened Grand Juries. How is it that we have an Emmett Till Lynching Act but we can’t get justice for him? What good is a Democracy that ignores your rights? We have this podcast, our online groups but I am trying to get us to build GRCAI of Chicago so that we can make our presence known in the Black Community. I welcome Black Immigrants from Africa, The Caribbean & Brazil to come forth and help me build this organization for our inner city youth so that they can have something to be proud of and for them to visit our brothers and sisters in Africa, the Caribbean & in Brazil. Nothing will work without the unity of Black People. Once GRCAI of Chicago is up and running then we can focus on helping Africa break free from the shackles of socio-economic oppression. We will bring our wealth of knowledge and skills to the continent. We don’t want this global African awakening to slip away from us we must jump on this right now. We have God and technology on our side.

In contrast, Native Africans or Continental Africans were colonized. They were allowed to keep their culture, language and religion. A Colonized Mindset is the internalized attitude from people who feel their culture is inferior to Europeans who colonized their country. It’s a belief that the cultural values of the colonizer which in the case of Africa was Europeans are inherently superior to African culture.

My Vision For Africa: To reconnect Continental Africans with the African Diaspora so that we can reclaim our ancestral homeland. It’s my hope to connect with African Immigrants within the United States who will work with me and Sister Rena in rebuilding our urban communities starting in Chicago. Before we expand to Africa I need my international friends who live in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda to encourage your family and friends who reside abroad in such places as Canada, Europe and the United States of America, tell them about me and encourage them to purchase my revised book, donate to our film project and send me a friend request to my Facebook Page this will help get the ball rolling. We encourage African Immigrants in America to come forth and work with me and Sister Rena on getting this business started in America first We will go through the proper channels with their government to start our (NGO) Non-government organization. We will offer private employment to our members based on our budget and our sponsorship. We will provide infrastructure for clean running water, agricultural technology to feed the people, offer solar energy to help our members with their electrical generators and most of all help improve the African economy. In time, we will expand to the Caribbean and Brazil.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is a 21st Century community building approach to solving social problems within the black community and throughout the African Diaspora. GRCAM will promote a Black Economic Empowerment agenda, promoting a strong sustainable urban community and rural community through our community advocacy and innovation programs and services.

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