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Emmanuel Barbee
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Welcome Facebook friends, Associates and Group Members to our monthly virtual conference. I’m your host Emmanuel Barbee. Please hit that like button, subscribe and share with your friends ladies and gentlemen. We host our virtual conference every last Saturday of the month until we are able to raise Five Hundred Thousand dollars for our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins).

This is a solution base docu-drama based on my experience growing up in the inner cities of Chicago and the purpose why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. This is our Black Panther moment except it’s not owned by Disney it’s owned by GRCAM Members. We want to get this film in front of five hundred million people worldwide. We will offer a 21st Century solution both domestically within the United States of America and internationally on the African continent, the Caribbean and in Brazil. GRCAM is my gift to Black Millennials, Generation Z and my group members.

Our goal for 2024 is to get everyone on my Facebook friends list (1,880) people and everyone in my social groups to participate during our free Facebook Live Events. If you are unable to participate then when you have a moment please leave a public comment about the topic on my YouTube Page and on my Facebook Page also share this video podcast with all of your friends this will help get the ball rolling. I want to give a special shout out to Mr. Ferman Jackson Jr. who had allowed me to come on his platform so that I could promote my revised book, my virtual store and our film project. Those of you who have a large following please allow me to come on your platform so that I can promote what I am doing for our people.

Before I jump into my presentation I need all of my listeners to please follow me on my Medium Page so that you can have access to my transcript and all of my sources. To find my just go to my YouTube Page and next to my photo on the far right where it says more links click on it and scroll down until you find my Medium Page click on it and look for the exact title of this presentation and click on it scroll down to show and prove.
Also mark your calendar for the entire month of February we will be hosting our annual “Black Business Affair 2024” I am encouraging Black Artists and African Artists such as Authors, Entrepreneurs, Musicians and Poets to make arrangements with me to come on my platform and promote yourself to my listeners from the global community. If you are serious about being a part of our film project or doing business with me then please send me your email address to my Facebook inbox so that I can email you everything I do online. Those of you who join our film project will go down in history with me and Sister Rena.

One of my group members told me they had an issue with trying to donate to our GoFundMe Page. Come to find out GoFundMe is no longer using Paypal they did not notify me. I wrote GoFundMe and all I got was an automated message. Once we get everything straighten out with GoFundMe then we will repost our new GoFundMe Page.

I’m not just on here to sell my revised book and items from my virtual store. I use my platform to interact with everyone on my Facebook Friends List and everyone in my Social Groups both Christian & Secular. I am giving everyone an opportunity to shine. For those who are Black Entrepreneurs for them to promote their products and services, I give people in the Faith Community an opportunity to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, I give Black Artists and African Artists an opportunity to share their special talents/skills to my listeners from the global community. After the show I offer my guest speakers an incentive by teaching them how to create their own podcast and Youtube channel to help them earn extra revenue. I also assist people on my friends list with creating basic websites, finding college scholarships/grants; housing and legal services all for free. This is how I give back to my community. At this time all I can do is news and social commentary because I have little to no support. My revised book has been on Amazon for 12 years and still barely selling. Same thing for items on my virtual store. But I refuse to be ignored. We’ve come a long way but we also got a long way to go fortunately I have all of you with me.

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First watch this video-podcast this is called side A. After I finish my presentation then I will open up the phone lines through Facebook messenger this is called side B. You can interact with me in real time either by Voice call by clicking on the Phone icon or by Video call by clicking on the Camera icon.

For those of you who don’t know who I am my name is Emmanuel Barbee. I am the founder and president of (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. I am a Descendant of American Slaves. I am a professional blogger, an online talkshow host, an upcoming social entrepreneur, a film maker in progress and a new urban author of the book “The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding, And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America” second edition available on Amazon. This book is an auto-biography about my experience growing up in the inner city of Chicago. In my book I provide a 21st Century plan on how my Christian business will help eradicate urban violence in Chicago while meeting the needs of the low income African American community while strengthening the Black family if given a chance.

Before the Wall Street Movement, Black Lives Matter Movement, (ADOS) American Descendants of Slavery and (FBA) Foundational Black Americans there was (GRCAM) the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. I started GRCAM on a site called Gopher back on November 10th 1991. After 15 years of being overlooked and rejected I decided to write and publish my story. I wrote my book for three reasons: One reason is to raise awareness about the genocide which is taken place within our inner cities in America specifically in Chicago. Another reason why I wrote my book is to promote my virtual Christian socialist organization the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is about real Kingdom Building, Global Black Unity and promoting Black Economic Empowerment in order to solve our social problems within the United States of America, as well as throughout the Black World meaning on an international front Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. We will offer a the 21st Century solution to old problems.

For me Christian socialism is an authentic form of Christianity. A Christian socialist is a form of socialism based on the teachings of Jesus. We believe that capitalism is idolatrous and rooted in greed, social inequality, and institutionalized racism which most Christian denominations consider a mortal sin. We will focus on what we stand for: Love, Compassion, Social Justice, and Liberation Theology.

Jesus told us to focus on the lease of these in society according to Matthew 25:35–40. He also commanded us to be a witness to others not just for us to read his word, but to activate social change in the world according to Matthew 28: 16–20. We will be committed to the healing ministry of Jesus by showing compassion to inner city youth and their families which will promote dignity to the people and community we will serve.

We emphasize the importance of morals and character development for both Christians and Non-Christians. We will also focus on strengthening the black family while improving the low income African American community by focusing on solving black issues on a domestic front and also on an international front. We will focus in the areas of Socio-Economics, Education, Family, Religion, Entertainment, Employment, Media and Politics.

My goal is to turn my social groups both Christian and Secular into a real Christian business known as (GRCAI of Chicago) the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago. GRCAI of Chicago mission is to eradicate urban violence in Chicago through Arts, Culture, Commerce, Spiritual Development and hosting African tours in 10 African nations. We’re going to meet people from my African group GRCAI of Africa.

GRCAI of Chicago will be committed to assisting with improving the African American community while having a strong connection to our chapters in Africa. We will offer our members and students Parenting Classes, Information Technology classes, Blockchain Technology classes, Coding classes, Electrician classes, Petroleum Engineering classes, Landscaping, Creating Black Empowerment Films, Oil Painting and Journalism. We also plan on offering Associate Degrees. GRCAI of Chicago will help prioritize the African American community such as securing our neighborhood and protecting our women and children. We will offer stipends for black youth who will act in our films, music videos and stage plays pending on our budget and sponsorship.

We will also offer a Second Chance program to reach out to Former Gang Members, Ex-Offenders of non-violent crimes and Homeless Individuals within the community. GRCAI of Chicago will be a multi-purpose facility, two main sectors a Nonprofit sector and a For Profit sector. GRCAI of Chicago will operate under 9 separate functions under one roof. We will practice group economics in real time by pooling our resources together in order to create and control our own Community Healthcare Center, Community Grocery Store and Community Housing this will be group economics in action.

1. Social Service component
2. Spiritual component (optional for secular people)
3. Political component
4. Entertainment component
5. Entrepreneur component
6. Health and Wellness component
7. Black Media component
8. Science and Technology component
9. Travel and Tourism component

For 32 years Black America/Black Chicago has rejected and overlooked my vision and plan this is why I am reaching out to African Immigrants within the United States of America from the following African Nation’s: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria to help speed up the process. I don’t operate like the next Black Man I have my own style and way of doing things. There’s no middle man you will work with me directly. It was Black Americans who help fight for Africans and Afro-Caribbean to come to the United States of America during the Civil Rights Era. I need your help in getting my revised book on the best seller’s list and to get this film project fully funded and made so that the black masses will know our story and what we are trying to do. The question remains why does it take Black People and African People so long to get things done.

Shout out to Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger after 40 years they we’re finally able to get France out of their country because they were able to connect with other like minded Africans. I encourage African Immigrants in America to go to my Medium Page and select this presentation then scroll down to show and prove to learn about The Willie Lynch Letter this is what Black Americans experience and still do this day but through my Christian business we are going to declare war on this slave mentality that is affecting my racial group for 400 years.

Once we raise the funds for the film then I will look for legitimate production companies first I will reach out to Black production company and see if they will work with us if not then I will reach out to an African production company and if that does not work then I am open to work with the best production company. I will direct this film but will use the money to hire a legitimate production company that will help tell our story in a professional manner. Those who have rejected my vision and plan will not be part of my business because it’s membership based.

I promise none of my member will never have to experience such foolishness that I did just for trying to do something positive in the African American community. We will invest in our black youth and help them reach their personal life goals. We can’t stop the White Supremacist Financial Elites from gentrifying our community because they create the laws. We can’t stop Illegal Immigration as long as we reside in America we will be sabotage look at what happen to Black Wall Street.

GRCAI of Chicago will help benefit Africa as well because we will launch African tours with those African nations that will work with us. GRCAI of Chicago is non-partisan and we’re independent. I would like to form an alliance with African Immigrants within the United States of America starting in Chicago. In each African nation that we will visit we will set up a local chapter and match Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist so that we can do international trade among our people. We also plan on setting up local chapters in each African nation we visit. Our objective is to unite middle class, working class and so called underclass Africans with the Diaspora and viceversa.

Our focus is on solving black issues point blink and provide quality programs and services to our members and students. We will work directly with single black mothers, single black fathers, and low income two parent families that become GRCAM members. Finally, I wrote my book in order to generate capital/seed money so that I can hire qualified Black Middle class professionals to assist me in the daily operation of my Christian business. We want to make Chicago a model for other cities across the United States of America. It’s my hope that GRCAI of Chicago will become a franchise just like McDonald’s.

I’m just the messenger, I’m just a voice GRCAM members are the focus. The assassination of Dr. King Jr., Malcolm X and Fred Hampton were not the goal, killing the movement was the goal. What the White Supremacist Financial Elites didn’t count on was that when I turned on the microphone I had something positive to share with my people, my vision and plan for Black America and Africa. Over here we will raise the bar. I am encouraging the Black Grassroots & the Global African Family to help me get our story on the big screen in order to let the Black World know who we are, the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement.

Pan Africanism sounds good but it’s just ideas. Marcus Garvey created the so called freedom flag which is Red, Black and Green. I was disappointed when I learned that he never went to Africa. He was educated in Europe and he wanted Black People in America to just get on a boat and go back to Africa that’s hypocritical. He also took donations from the Ku Klux Klan. Don’t take my word for it do the research. Over here we include God in our plan because it was Jesus/Yeshua who gave me this vision and I claim ownership. I offer something that no Black Politician or Black Preacher have and that’s a solution to solve all of our social problems in America. I challenge any Black Politician male or female and any Black Preacher male or female within the United States of America.

Over here we’re turning my ideas into action into a reality first by getting our story on the big screen. The proceeds from the film will help put me in a better position financially so that I can purchase property in Chicago, buy office equipment, hire qualified Black Middle class professionals and African Immigrants in America. We will make our presence known within the low income African American community starting in Chicago. My revised book is the foundation of my Christian business.

Our objective is to separate ourselves from Con Artists, Degenerates, Harden Criminals, Off Code Negroes, Pedophiles and Urban Terrorists. Not saying that I am better than those persons I am saying that won’t be allowed in my business we’re raising the bar in Black America and I want the Black World to know our story. Non-Black sympathizers are welcome to join us not as a group but as individuals and they will have to take a back seat in this business we will be using a Afrocentric perspective in solving black issues. Anyone who tries to undermine us will get two warnings the third time that person or persons will have their name, photo ID and address displayed on our Judas list and they will be barred for life. Anyone who tries to steal money from the business we will take them to federal court and sue the paints off them. If they have no income then we will press for them to do jail time. Those who are not members we will pray for them show them tough love and keep it movin.

Black America have a twisted view about those who have our best interest. For example, when I was a teenager the dope man was looked upon as a hero in the Black Community but I view him as a sell out because he was doing the bidding of White Supremacy that is to delete as many blacks as possible while destroying the Black Community. I discuss this in my revised book about how the White Supremacist Financial Elites divided Black People after the Civil Rights Era by allowing the upper class Blacks and Middle class Blacks to relocate in the suburbs making the Black Community vulnerable. They flooded the Black Community with Drugs, Guns and Liquor stores which I call perfect genocide. The dope man sells pipe dreams and now he is lacing his street drugs with Fentanyl. I sell ideas beyond the Black Ghettos. I hear other Black Grassroots organizations using our terms like getting on code. When you ask them what is the code? They say the code is the leader that makes no sense. Over here all of the principles in my revised book is the code. Anyone who disagree with the principles can not be part of us. Some of my critics ask me since I am not getting the support I want just relocate to another city. I explain to them that this Willie Lynch mentality is in every inner city in America. Just like Ezekiel 37:1–14 I am called to speak life into these Valley of Dry Bones.

Once I start making money and making a positive impact in the African American community mark my words everybody in Chicago would want to be part of GRCAM then. I am not here for people to like me I am just trying to get this film project fully funded and made so that I can earn enough money to hire qualified Black Middle class professionals and African Immigrants in America. Once we have a physical building then we will host mandatory orientations for local residents. Everyone must pass our criminal background checks, sign the community pledge and submit there thumb print to be placed in our database in order to know who is doing what in the business and to weed out those who want to do us harm.

The whole purpose of us becoming global citizens is to give Black parents options. As long as you live in America you will be treated as third and forth class citizens because as I mentioned in my last video podcast entitled (Getting The Political Game During An Election Year 2024).

The U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights they had no intention of providing freedom and liberty to Black Americans they legalized African slavery into this nation’s founding documents. Keep in mind most of these guys who wrote in the Constitution was slave owners themselves. The United States of America was built on the idea that Black People were assets and commodities. Meaning our ancestors were owned and controlled like animals they were denied basic rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They were view no different than Cows, Chickens and Pigs. The framers used broad and ambiguous terms to disguise and minimize debate about the new cast system they were creating. They were faced with the hypocrisy on one hand they were saying all men deserve life, liberty and pursuit of happiness. When we talk about human rights violations we’re always pointing somewhere else we’re always looking at somebody else circumstances.

My job is to make sure that our message gets out to the general public. Now it has influenced American politics. The dominant society told us we should vote for representation and now three decades later the conversation has moved from representation to demanding tangibles such as Lineage based, cash payment reparations for Descendant of American Slaves and a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill. This next election is going to be a monument in American history if Black People do not show up for the Democrats. Ukraine Government tells the American Government what they want and need from them. The state of Israel tells the American Government what they want and need from them. The LGBT community tells politicians what they want and need from them. The Asian community tells politicians what they want and need from them. The Latino/ Illegal Immigrants tell politicians what they want and need from them.

When it comes to Black Americans these same politicians start practicing Benign and Neglect policies towards our issues. We have to check them on that. The Civil Rights generation taught them that they could abuse us and still get our vote. Black Americans have been rewarding the Democrats for 60 years. It’s my hope that Black Americans would have that same energy like our grandparents had during the Civil Rights Era. Instead of pushing for Social Integration and Cultural Assimilation we start visiting these African nations and reconnecting with our people on the African continent, the Caribbean and Brazil. Setting up GRCAI in all of these places so that we can do international trade among our people.

Without financial support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job. This is not my burden alone this is a collective burden like I mentioned before this is a Nehemiah assignment. The sooner we get this film project fully funded and made the sooner we can build GRCAI of Chicago and then expand the business to Africa starting in South Africa. I will lead by example by applying for dual citizenship. I will also set up our first chapter in South Africa and we will shoot our second film entitled (African Liberator Battle Against The Colonized Mindset). We will focus on solving load shedding or rolling black outs in South Africa in exchange for citizenship.
We will replicate GRCAI of Chicago in South Africa but I will have my African group members GRCAI of Africa to reflect South African culture in the business. I can’t make anyone buy my revised book or buy items from my virtual store. All I have left is my film project. Without support from the Black Grassroots & the Global African Family then I am unable to do my job. The sooner we get this film project fully funded and made the sooner we can build (GRCAI of Chicago) the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago then expand to Africa starting in South Africa.

These Democrat shills want Black People to Vote Blue No Matter Who, forget blue no matter who. I view these Democrat Shills as an enemy to the African American community because they’re the people who sell us out to Massa. Not all Descendant of American Slaves were courageous we had many who were sellouts they spoiled lots of slave rebellions and many of them are in our family today. These Democrat Shills are no different than those slaves on the plantation. They know that the Democrats are not doing anything for Black People. They are cool with all the resources going to the Migrants and their families.

This slave mentality is like I don’t care about what happens to the Black masses just as long as I get a check for me and my family then I am good. I’m going misinform Black People and keep them on this treadmill for the Democrats. That’s how they feel. At this point I view Democrat Shills, Black Politicians, the Black Boule, Congressional Black Caucus and the NAACP as White Supremacist sympathizers. You are not for Black People if you tell us to vote blue no matter who. They’re willingly participating in trying to confuse us but over here I am about separating ourselves from these Off Code Negroes. These race traders live among us, they are in our families but over here we will expose them for who they are. This is why Black America as a whole doesn’t want a solution. My job is to get you out of this burning house that Dr. King Jr. talked about before he was killed. I predict by 2050 Black America as a collective will become a permanent underclass in America if we don’t confront this Willie Lynch mentality within Black society. This is what my docu-drama will be about healing from enslavement and colonization.

We’ve been voting Democrat as a people for 60 years and how many strides have we made if anything everything that is happening in our community has rolled backwards now let me let me make a point too to say that the Republican party is not faultless I know how they feel about us but what I can respect is the fact that they tell me how they feel upfront but you’re not going to smile in my face and tell me that I’m down for me but then everything that you’re showing me is something different. Black People seem to forget about that the Crime Bill and the War on Drugs all of those things that tore down our black families happened under the Democratic Party.

We as black people need to be in better positions in America to help take care of ourselves which is why we need our reparations from this government and also from these mega corporations that benefited from slave money. Because reparations will help us build things that are good for us like building and controlling our own hospitals, schools, hotels, banks etc… that will help improve our low income African American community and things like food insecurities. I want us as Black People to think about those things when we go to the voting booth and vote for policies that’s in our favor, not for a politician’s skin color.

We have voted 90% for Democrats for the past 60 years. We have to demand tangibles like lineage based, cash payment reparations for Descendants of American Slaves and a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill. We’ve given our allegiance to the Democrat Party but they don’t give their allegiance to us. Look at the situation with the Migrant Crisis. They are prioritizing foreigners over American citizens. The Ukraine Government is given more resources than American citizens, the Middle East is given more resources than American citizens. Do you want four more years of this or do you want this Illegal Immigration put in check so that our children can be the priority? There are things that we could do now to help our situation like putting into practice group economics by purchasing my revised book and buying items from our virtual store.

Practicing group economics means that we can get this film project fully funded and made so that the proceeds from the film would allow us meaning Black Middle Class professionals and African Immigrants in America to build GRCAI of Chicago the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago so that we can become self-sufficient and take care of ourselves. Practicing group economics means that we keep more of the money within our community making the dollar circulate more than it does now. It is believed that the dollar only circulates 6 hours within our community while it is believed to circulate 20 to 30 days before it leaves other communities. I do these news and social commentaries in order to bring awareness to my listeners. Black People let’s do what we can to help improve our community while we’re waiting for our reparations and let’s keep it real none of these career politicians are ever going to do right by Black People. We still have some power. Let’s think about the concept of group economics. Tell me what you think of this topic in the comment section and for more insightful commentary please subscribe to my YouTube Page. Say it with me #NotAnother32Years, #NotAnother32Years, #NotAnother32Years. Thank you all for listening and we’ll see you on the next video podcast. Please join GRCAM by joining either my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group or Christian Spoken Word Network) or join my Secular groups GRCAI of Africa, GRCAI of Chicago or New Black Voices of Media etc… also exchange emails with me so that we can stay connected because this is my third Facebook Page hackers are forever bugging. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all, share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

I would like to thank everyone who have contributed or will contribute to support us on our Paypal Page, purchasing items from our Virtual Store or purchasing my Revised Book the E-book is $9.99 and the Paperback is $13.65. We appreciate your support. You can find all of the links below this video podcast in the comment section. If you’re listening to this audio podcast on Spotify just click on the YouTube icon and look to the far right next to my photo and it will say more links click on it and you will see the about section, then scroll down to links. This was side A now we’re starting side B and opening up the phone lines for Q and A.

Show and Prove

Scriptures to back up my claim Ezekiel 34:11–16, Deuteronomy 28:68, Genesis 15:13–14

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