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Emmanuel Barbee
2 min readMay 19, 2023


Attention everyone on Medium when you have a moment please read my latest blog post entitled (I Want To Discuss Business With My Real Riders. Where’s My Real Riders At?) I have 1,676 people on my Facebook friends list alone. I want to discuss business with like minded Black People African People and Others who are interested in being part of our film project then send me your email address to my Facebook inbox so that we can talk directly. I spoke with an Amazon representative about lowering my book price so that everyone would be able to buy it. My e-book is now $8.23 and my Paperback is $7.65 plus shipping and handling. I am asking everyone on my Facebook friends list & everyone in my social groups to please purchase my book and read my story. If you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on my platform so that we can discuss it and get others involved with getting this book on the best seller’s list as well as supporting our film project through our GoFundMe Page. #NotAnother31Years

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