(GRCAI Aim To Strengthen The Black Family & The Black Community)

After 15 years of being rejected, humiliated and ignored by established black organizations in the city of Chicago I decided to write and publish my story (The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America) second edition in hopes of attracting 30 Black Middle Class Professionals within the United States to join my management team in order to make this business effective and successful for years to come.

I want Black Middle-Class Professionals who have the following credentials: Investors, Business Partners, Christian Entrepreneurs, Social Entrepreneurs and Philanthropist.
I am also looking for legitimate Film Producers, Actors, Stage Managers, Grant Writers/Fundraisers, Technical Directors, Marketers, Accountants, Business Administrators, Social Workers, Financial Planners, Lawyers, Real Estate Brokers and Insurance Agents.

I have my articles of incorporation and my bylaws typed and available for my Nonprofit Cooperative. I also have my articles of organization typed and available for my For Profit Service Based Business. Yet to add insult to injury still to this day I don’t have anyone on my management team.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement will take the lead to unify African Americans/Black Americans with other blacks throughout the African Diaspora. We want to promote the best of black culture while focusing on serving our inner-city youth by encouraging our black middle class professionals to join our management so that we can turn my ideas into action starting in Chicago. We will use art, music, Christian spirituality to help raise our consciousness as a racial group. If we don’t stand up for our community who will?

Once I am able to get my film funded then I can begin moving my virtual Christian socialist organization from behind a computer first on The Big Screen in order to reach the masses and generate capital so that I can hire Black Middle Class Professionals to assist me with the daily operation of my real Black Christian Business (GRCAI) the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago.

We will provide interactive visual artist, musicians, poets and family friendly vendors, and educational workshops/seminars in the area of relationships, social issues, health and wellness. This is how we cultivate mindfulness. Mindfulness means becoming awake.
The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will be about facilitating positive vibes and energy in the community we will serve. GRCAI will strive to create a positive atmosphere by promoting healthy living, sustainable mindset. Life is about creating moments and being a moment maker for those around you. We believe every person has a duty to be the best version of themselves and share their unique gifts with people around them.

GRCAI Objective:

*Create quality films and stage plays
*Host interactive events in Chicago
*Provide an infrastructure for our Local Artist and Black Entrepreneurs
*Provide private employment to our members based on our budget and sponsorship
*Provide employment to our ex-offenders of non-violent crimes

GRCAI aim to empower, enlighten and uplift African Americans and their families with informative seminars, panel discussions and live entertainment. We will address such topics as health & wellness, institutionalized racism, police brutality, social inequality travel, career advancement, business/entrepreneurship, the welfare of our children and much more.

In addition, GRCAI will offer African American consumers a showcase of products and services to our members from around the globe. For example, GRCAI will include our vendors: Concession Vendors would offer Food Oasis, by providing food samples of their restaurants and their specific culture. In contrast, our Merchant Vendors would offer their Products and Services during our live events. For example, our Literary Café, which will showcases African American authors and our Health & Wellness pavilion, where local medical institutions from the community can conduct health screenings and a Technology pavilion. GRCAI will target Chicago’s African American consumer and showcase the best in black culture through our diverse audience. In addition to great food, local merchants and activities for kids, GRCAI will host a diverse entertainment lineup from African Americans, Afro-Brazilians, Afro-Canadians, Afro-Caribbeans, Afro-Europeans, African Immigrants designed to appeal to both young and old from up-and-coming local artists to smooth Stepper acts.

The only thing which is preventing me from turning my virtual Christian socialist organization into a real business is the lack of manpower and the capital this is why I turned to social media to get my message out to the public through my Youtube videos, my Social Groups, my Blog Postings, my online talkshow (Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos Podcast), my revised book (The Solution For Black America) second edition and now through my upcoming urban Christian film (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins). This is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group in America.

The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute will be membership based. Everyone will be screen and must attend our mandatory orientation and sign the community pledge no exceptions. No harden criminals, No active gang members, No urban terrorist, No pedofiles, and no half steppers allowed in my organization this is how I get down. This is my contribution back to my community, society and throughout the African Diaspora. This is more than just a new business endeavor it’s a new system.

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Emmanuel Barbee

I am a professional blogger, blogtalkradio host, an upcoming social entrepreneur and a new urban author.