From the Era of warning to the Era of consequences, The Reason Behind Kanye West White Lives Matter Shirt and Black Voter Outreach


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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows: From the Era of warning to the Era of consequences, The Reason Behind Kanye West White Lives Matter Shirt and Black Voter Outreach

Our First Topic — From the Era of warning to the Era of consequences. As I mentioned in my revised book that social factors along with this Willie Lynch mentality will be the down fall of Black America if like minded black people don’t work together to fight against the enemy within our culture. I reviewed the 2020 U.S. Census according to the data there are 62 million Latinos are in the United States. Since the Biden Administration came into power 6 million Illegal Latino Immigrants has flooded American soil because the Democrats has this open border policy.

Let’s talk about the Asian Hate Crime Bill. Asians have a less population than Black Americans yet they were able to elevate above black people and ended up receiving a Federal Hate Crime Bill. The Latino community have been elevated over black people have been given sanctuary cities to prioritize these other groups for political gain by the White Supremacist Financial Elites in order to neutralize the black vote. For example, Illegal Latino Immigrants are put up in hotels and receiving food and medical aid thanks to American Tax Payers. While black people in California are living in the streets. These are people who have broken the law are being rewarded but let a black person break the law this is the double standard we have been talking about.

I tried to warn Black America back in the 90’s when I done street ministry but no one done anything in our community about it. We are in trouble and things are going to get worse. Our black politicians have sold us out because they are bought and paid for by the White Supremacist Financial Elites. The only way out of this mess is to build up our economics and form an alliance with African Nations. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — The Reason Behind Kanye West White Lives Matter Shirt. Kanye
has a point and I’m gonna say why but I won’t be buying his shirt. I found a video clip about Kanye West and Candace Owens wearing a White Lives Matter shirt in Paris. He followed it up with Black Lives Matter is a scam. You can watch the video on my Medium Transcript under show and prove. How can you be outraged over a shirt but you have an organization called Black Lives Matter who supposed to be fighting racism and White Supremacy are doing nothing for the black community yet black people are up in arms about Kanye West shirt. These same people are making excuses why the Black Lives Matter money is being used to acquire real estate in the most whitest neighborhoods. BLM is corrupt they had no genuine loyalty to help black people. On InstaGram, I read a comment by Russell Simmons he was defending BLM. None of the resources went into the black community. Where’s the 6 million dollar Black Lives Matter community center? There’s no BLM infrastructure in the black community instead they used your BLM money to buy million dollar homes within the white community. Is Kanye West wrong yes but I am looking at the comments. Why you guys don’t have the same smoke with BLM organization instead of what Kanye West is wearing? Truth be told I stop listening to Kanye West when he said slavery was a choice. I think that was more insulting than his T-Shirt.

Dr. King Jr. said near the end of his life he believed that he was integrating us into a burning house. The United States of America has not been a great country for the majority of black people. We have to reclaim Africa as our ancestral homeland so that Descendants of American Slaves can have an option about where they want to raise their children. You can’t have 80% of single parent house hold and think we can build a community.

Through GRCAI of Chicago we will teach our members and students about the importance of group economics, getting married and rebuilding the African American community. W.E.B Dubois created the talented tenth who were Black Doctors and Lawyers they were part of the Black Boule. They separated themselves from the black masses. Today we have all of these Black Athletes, Black Entertainers and Black Professionals in America they could help fix the African American community but truth be told many black people have become Americanized with the mentality of I got mine you get yours. Individualism is now the norm which is a form of Narcissism. When I did street ministry I ran across many Black Americans who told me they were not interested in my vision and plan to improve our community this is why I create the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement to connect with other like minded Black People and African People. This is also why I wrote and published my revised book.

Black People tore the streets up behind George Floyd but when the Biden Administration gave 100 Billion Dollars to Ukraine black people in public office said nothing. Our culture is curated we are told what to think and what to be outrage about from White Liberals through mainstream media. There’s a financial incentive for black people who align themselves with White Liberals they make the coons rich. Look at all these Black Celebrities people like Tiffany Cross, Joy Reed, Roland Martin and Jesse Lee Peterson just to name a few keep telling black people to vote Democrat. These coons are getting paid to mislead black people. Notice their message isn’t vote for a candidate that can offer you the best policies it’s about vote down ballot Democrat that’s why we call them Democratic shill. GRCAI of Chicago will take the lead in educating Black America about politics. Our votes must be earned along with reparations.

Our political component will push a black agenda that addresses the needs of Black people. We envision an America where Black people are liberated in the politically, economically and socially. We will be committed to promoting Black Economic Empowerment which will improve the quality of life for Black people in America. We demand the redistribution of wealth in this country to advance racial and social equity for Black people. We will support elected leaders who understand our priorities and will work to advance our goals.

I tried to encourage my group members and listeners during the 2020 election to demand tangibles and policies that would benefit us such as getting an Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill for Black People, Reparations and Removing Qualified Immunity for Law Enforcement. Black America did not listen to my warning and now look at the mess we’re in today. Our culture has been hi jacked by criminals and degenerates. This Willie Lynch mindset keeps us fighting against one another. The average black person does not care about the issues. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Third Topic — Black Voter Outreach. Black voters were ghosted by Biden and the Democrats. Now they’re worried that Black voters will ghost them on election day. The Midterm Elections is on Tuesday November 8th 2022. I found an article on CNN politics entitled “Democrats are lagging among Black voters, and that could cost them in November” Remember when Stacy Abrams went on the 85 South Podcast Chico Bean asked her about doing something specifically for black people? She said Black People are only 13% of the population the Democrats can’t just focus on black people there’s not enough votes they have to focus on everybody. The same response Kamala Harris said. Notice every election season the mainstream media always focus on black voters. There are Asian voters, East Indian voters, and Latino voters yet they constantly focus on the black vote why? Since the 1970s black people have been 12% of the population. There’s a lot of black people who are not counted in the U.S. Census.

The city of Detroit has filed a lawsuit against the Census Bureau for under counting black citizens. Why is that important? Because the Census is a way to finesse money. For them how many people there is you have to allocate resources. A bias person could undercount black people in order to justify not giving a community certain resources. There’s no category for East Indian People. Labeling other groups as white is all about finesse money back to the white community. It also gives them more representation in the Senate.

My question to Black Voters what have the Biden Administration done for Black People? The Biden Administration gave the Asian community a Hate Crime Bill. They didn’t go through slavery, Jim Crow, Red Lining and Racial Covenants. The Biden Administration gave the LGBT community protection and an Executive Order. The Biden Administration gave Afghan Refugees and Ukrainian Refugees resources. The Biden Administration gave Illegal Latin Immigrants resources. The Biden Administration only gave black people symbolism June Teenth and Katanja Brown Jackson no resources. I explain to my group members and my listeners that the U.S. Government is practicing a policy called Benign and Neglect on Black People.
Black Men don’t like the Democrat agenda because it does not address our issues. I believe in reparations but again black people in America have been marching for 60 years I try to encourage black people to give my vision and plan a chance but for the past 30 years they have rejected my vision and plan.

I believe in reparations but Black Economic Empowerment is going to help put food on the table. I support policies that’s gonna benefit the black community. We can never forgive the Democrat Party for giving the Asian community a Hate Crime Bill because that same year the FBI revealed the actual data that Black People had more hate crimes than Asians. All of the Congressional Black Caucus members were on board to pass the Asian Hate Crime Bill but won’t say a word about Reparations and a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill. They all voted for billions of dollars for Ukraine why should we vote for them too? Black People should be single issue voters about Reparations. The Biden Administration did not say nothing about a study when it came to the Asian Hate Crime Bill. The Biden Administration did not say nothing about a study when it came to giving billions of dollars to Ukraine.

Tell the Democrats to ask all of the people they gave resources to come out and vote for them. I predicted that the Democrats would most likely make another get your booty to the polls video but they took degeneracy to another level aimed at Black Voters. There’s a song called “No Voting No Vucking” by Sausage Santana and Trina. Here we go with the LGBT agenda. In the video he said “If you want to hit this booty you gotta do your civic duty” I have posted the entire video on my Medium Transcript just scroll down to show and prove for more information.
Two years ago the mainstream media promoted strippers urging black men to vote. If we don’t reject these images then the media will continue making these images. Notice we’re always presented with degeneracy. They don’t do this to any other community in America. They’re trying to get young black people to vote through music. Out of all the issues they can sing about what about singing about reparations y’all got the gift of doing music and this is the best you can do?

If you want to show these Democrats that you mean business then there needs to be a major backlash against this video and we need to teach the Democrats a lesson not to take our vote for granted. We have a sub group in our community who likes this kind of behavior. I always say we need to separate ourselves from these low hanging fruit within our society. People from around the globe see this video and assume we support it. We need to apply collective pressure to any black person that’s doing raccoon behavior. I feel disrespected as a Black American voter. It should be all of us from the Black Grass Roots speaking out against this mess.
Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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