Exposing Racial Targeting OF Black People In America, The Importance of Black Economic Empowerment, Black Immigrants Desire The American Dream Just Like Everyone Else, And Why Is Black Leadership In America Ineffective?

Emmanuel Barbee
16 min readJul 13, 2022



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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows: (Exposing Racial Targeting OF Black People In America, The Importance of Black Economic Empowerment, Black Immigrants Desire The American Dream Just Like Everyone Else, And Why Is Black Leadership In America Ineffective?)

Our First Topic — Exposing Racial Targeting OF Black People In America.

Look family we really got to do more then sit around here and tweet about the issues that’s taken place in this country. It’s too bad that we don’t have the numbers to hold a march on Washington but what we can do is write our State representatives and our Congressmen to tell them that we need a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill and Reparations because we’re being racially targeted by white supremacist Rogue Cops in law enforcement. We need reparations in order to reverse the effects of slavery in the form of redistribution of land, compensation, black business opportunities then there can be an even playing field.

Notice how these white supremacist are doing these mass shootings in schools, churches, grocery stores and parades. They are not getting the Jayland Walker treatment. There’s too many white supremacist working in law enforcement and in the Criminal Justice System. These racial targeting that white supremacist Rogue Cops are doing is not right and is unacceptable.

In Akron Ohio members of the police department brutally murdered our young brother by the name of Jayland Walker. The police have released bodycam footage showing multiple police officers approaching walker’s vehicle he decided to jump out of his vehicle and began running and unarmed they shot towards him 90 times he was hit by 60 bullets 12 were in his head all over a minor traffic stop. This racism is real out here. One thing I noticed in the video they didn’t show the interaction between Jayland Walker and the police. According to the police they said he began shooting at them when they tried to pull him over. Ladies and gentlemen this was an execution. This should be that wake up call to Black Americans nationwide. There’s absolutely no justification for how they executed this brother. The police said they found a gun in his car. Ohio is an open carry state. What piss me off was a black woman at the rally start telling black men to vote. We’re under a democratic administration, a democratic senate a democratic house and Ohio is a democratic city and state. Black Americans voted for Joe Biden and then the Afghan refugees, Illegal immigrants and Ukrainian refugees all received benefits and resources. The Asians got a hate crime bill and resources, the LGBT got protection and resources but nothing for our group.

The Biden Administration approved the George Floyd Justice and Policing Act but it lacks teeth. One of the things this bill was supposed to do is prevent racial profiling by law enforcement. It was also supposed to limit unnecessary use of force by police officers. It restricts choke holes and no knock warrants. They did not include qualified immunity to the bill. The Congressional Black Caucus knew that this bill was just for show and symbolism. This bill leaves black people unprotected when encountering police officers.

American Financial Elites have Black Americans as a collective poor and destitute they’re the reason why were in these conditions in the first place. The whole world condemn America because of what law enforcement did to George Floyd. America goes around the world bragging about it’s human rights and being the leader of the free world. When countries like China call out America for violating black Americans human rights all you need to say is I agree. Use China to embarrass our black politicians who is not speaking out about this in public but they can talk about everything else. I’ll bring anyone on this show who is advocating for black people. If other countries are speaking out on our behalf then we need to promote that for our advantage.

The New Black Panther’s were at the rally standing around with guns. That means nothing it’s only for display many of those guys are trying to entrap other black men into catching a case. Law enforcement put them out there to give an illusion there’s black men who are going to put in work that’s an old trick out of the 60’s play book. Also beware of people online talking about what we need to do. If you come across people like that know that they are bought and paid for to entrap you.
For example, Tupac’s mother Afeni Shakur was a member of the Black Panther’s. She ended up getting indicted and was known as Panther 21 Trial. CO-INTEL-PRO was a series of covert and illegal projects conducted by the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation aimed at surveilling, infiltrating, discrediting, and disrupting domestic American political organizations like the Black Panthers.

Afeni Shakur represented herself in court and was allowed to cross examined Ralph White who was a paid agent to infiltrate the Black Panther’s. He admitted he was planting the bombs. All of the charges were dropped. The Asian guy who was part of the Black Panther’s Richard Masato Aoki was a FBI informant. What’s understood does not need to be explained. Another example is the case of Takashi. He made a plea deal with the prosecutor in exchange to turn witness against his own crew. Now they are being sent up the river. We have to stop being in denial these are racial executions against black people. Where are the black celebrities? Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — The Importance of Black Economic Empowerment.

Like Moses he used his vision of the Promise Land to mobilize his people for a 40 year journey to a land upon which Jews built functional communities, families, commerce, schools and a strong sense of community. The Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago aim to become the heart of the black community by focusing on strengthening the black family while improving the black community by forming an alliance with Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. America is balkanizing along racial, economic and religious lines. The financial elites are allow different groups to come here to compete for resources and political power. For example, Latinos are assembling their economics and political intentions behind their culture. As more and more people from around the world immigrate to America the competition for resources will intensify. The main reason why immigrants come to America is for a better quality of life and to advance economically.

Many non-black immigrants open their businesses in the black community because it’s easily penetrated and their are lots of consumers who are willing to spend their money. The next time you are in a black neighborhood pay close attention to who owns the business. Usually you will find a Mexican restaurant, a Chinese Nail Salon literally every business is own by someone who is not black. Economics is culture. For example, your culture is I’m gonna look for a job working for the man that’s a slave culture. I get called uppity all the time just because I say this platform is for intelligent black people. Our motto is Intelligence over Ignorance. One benefit of Jim Crow was it force black people to work together. We built a vibrant culture. The push for social integration and cultural assimilation caused black people to abandon their businesses, communities, culture and code of conduct. My question to my listeners have black culture gotten better or worse since social integration?

I believe that we have to have our own separate conversation about these sensitive issues and not let that conversation be driven by the white agenda, the liberal agenda or the democratic agenda it has to be driven by the black agenda. In this space we focus on solving black issues in America. When we expand to Africa we will focus on solving African issues. When we expand to the Caribbean we will focus on solving Caribbean issues and when we expand to Brazil we will focus on solving Brazilian issues. How can anyone live in a country for 403 years without resolving our issues?

I found a video entitled “Atlanta mayor backs approval of police training facility” you can watch the video clip on my Medium transcript under show and prove. Basically in Atlanta city leaders are trying to create a city within a city called Cop City. They’re going to put 90 million dollars of tax payers money toward building this city up. This is what our so called black leaders do they allocate resources away from the black community but they can give law enforcement a blink check. In laymen terms, they are going to create a mock city so that they can practice urban warfare against poor blacks.

The Democrats have been elevating certain groups and individuals who look like us and placing them in media to target us and attack our culture. We have to start cleaning house beginning with the Boulé classes people like Roland Martin who is bought and paid for by the financial elites and is working against our interest.
Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Third Topic — Black Immigrants Desire The American Dream Just Like Everyone Else

Before we jump into the topic I’m gonna give this disclaimer I am by definition (DAS) Descendants of American Slaves but I am Africa first. I agree there is a blood debt owed to DAS by the American Government. I believe immigrants should come to America learn the skills they need then return back to their homeland and develop there countries. Some people get offended by that I don’t know why. For example, Ghana, Jamaica and Nigeria these nations are not gonna get better if they continue to experience brain drain meaning all of their smart and talented people leave their nation. This is where I disagree with ADOS American Descendants of Slavery and FBA Foundational Black Americans. I’m not going to keep saying Black Immigrants have fled their country or we fought for them to have an opportunity to enter the United States of America. On this platform we welcome Black Immigrants from Africa and from the Caribbean. I am having a hard time trying to get Black America on board to work with me and Sister Rena that’s why I am reaching out to the Global African Family on the continent and here in America specifically in Chicago. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Forth Topic — Why Is Black Leadership In America Ineffective?

As I mentioned in my revised book our black leaders are cherry picked by the financial elites. They’re not people we elected they are not screened and they don’t have our best interest in mind. True be told a lot of our people are not politically educated it’s easy to brain wash them with talking points from Civil Rights leaders and Congressional Black Caucus. They don’t push a black agenda instead they promote a Democratic agenda. For example, I warned Black America during the 2020 elections about Joe Biden track record that he was a segregationist for the past 50 years. He destroyed thousands of black families through his policies and 94 Crime Bill which gave rise to Mass Incarceration of black people. Yet black people still voted for him.

I found two video interview about Hosea Williams. I encourage my listeners to go to my Medium transcript and scroll down until you find his video under show and prove. In the first video entitled “Hosea Williams tells stories of MLK assassination” Hosea Williams explain that Dr. Martin Luther King junior warned them about the government and how they will try to win them over by given them political positions and funding their organizations. This is the MLK junior the mainstream media don’t tell us about. The way these black leaders who are in office now have exploited Dr. King junior death for their own selfish gain. When you watch the second video you will get a better understanding about how our black leaders sold us out for personal gain.

Hosea Williams said the greatest political enemy of black people were the elected black officials who were selling out. He said MLK junior told him that black people in America will never be free until we control our fair share of the economy. When he started focusing on economics that’s when the financial elites took him out. Like I said many times before black people are worse off now in Chicago and across the United States under these black sellouts then we were before social integration. I watched a documentary about East Lake Meadows which was a notorious housing project in Atlanta. East Lake Meadows now is completely gentrified housing range from six hundred thousand and up.

I’m about connecting with other like minded black people, African People and Others that’s where I’m at. I’m open to having conversations with anyone as long as they’re productive. We can’t save all Black America because all Black America don’t want to be saved so at this point I’m just trying to connect with other like minded people that is interested in working with me in turning my vision and plan into a reality so that I can turn this business over to qualified black middle class professionals and take my talent and skills to the continent. This is what I want to be remembered for. If you’re not a member all we can do is pray for you and show you tough love I am only responsible for my members. Please leave a public comment on my Facebook Page and on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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This video discusses Black Nationalism & how the U.S. Government counteracted it with the use of the tactics in Memorandum 46. Memo 46 is an U.S. Govt memo to stop African people in the U.S from uniting globally with other Africans. This was done by the financial elites to place a black face in leadership.

‘Benign Neglect’ on Race Is Proposed by Daniel P. Moynihan to President Nixon


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