(California Governor Gavin Newsom Doesn’t Support Cash Payment Reparations For Descendants of American Slaves & Who Should Lead The Reparations Conversation?)

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Today’s topic of discussion is as follows:

(California Governor Gavin Newsom Doesn’t Support Cash Payment Reparations For Descendants of American Slaves & Who Should Lead The Reparations Conversation?)

Our First Topic — California Governor Gavin Newsom Doesn’t Support Cash Payment Reparations For Descendants of American Slaves.

The California Reparations Commission recommended for Black Americans in the state to be eligible for up to $1 Million dollars in cash payments for slavery. Governor Gavin Newsom has made a response to everything that has been going on with the California Reparations Commission Taskforce according to CNN entitled “California governor responds to recommended reparations payments for Black residents” I am not going to read the article I provided my source you are more then welcome to read it yourself. He’s the person who created this Taskforce back in 2020. It was Gavin Newsom who called for a study for Reparations in California. Black residents in California started participating in those public meetings and making sure that the language was on point and lineage based to preserve our claim specifically for the Descendants from those plantations.

Gavin Newsom made a response because the number came back from the California Reparations Commission Taskforce which was up to $1 Million dollars each for restitution for slavery. Gavin Newsom is suppose to be talking about Black People but in his speech he was mentioning systematic changes that would ensure inclusive and equitable future for all Californians. He is just using Democrats talking points. State Senior Steven Bradford also made a response about cash payments to hear his interview just go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to the video clip entitled “Sen. Steven Bradford discusses California Reparations Task Force” under show and prove. He said “He wouldn’t count on the legislatures passing cash payments” California is a Democrat strong hold. If the Democrats in California won’t pass reparations then we might not get reparations anywhere. You have the Democrat Party that have many of it’s members at the top who are against reparations that’s just the facts. The party that 90% of Black Americans vote for and they’re telling you there’s resistance within the party that you have been voting for for the past 60 years.

The Democrats says it’s contentious to give Descendants of American Slaves reparations but it’s not contentious when the Biden Administration give billions of dollars to Ukraine or give millions of dollars to Illegal Latino Immigrants who are crossing the borders that’s not considered contentious. Black Voters need remember this during the next election in 2024. If Gavin Newsom don’t pay reparations then we need to vote for the Republicans. But if Gavin Newsom pay reparations then we need to back him by voting for him and other Democrats. I’m laser focus on Gavin Newsom and what the California Democrats are doing. It has to be cash payments to help close the wealth gap between Blacks and Whites in America. It should include tax free status and a Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill. I think that we should get what the Native Americans get. Our ancestors worked for 246 years for free force labor.

The Democrats had Black residents in California attend public meetings wasting the California Reparations Taskforce Commission time and energy for two years while fellow Democrats disagree with the taskforce. This is the lowest thing I’ve seen the Democrats do. I agree black people should be upset because of the inconsistency of the governor statement of what he said to Fox Business. They don’t do this no any other group in America except black people. Black People are being dogpiled on with all this uncheck Illegal Immigration. Black People have looked up to this Democratic Party as their Lord and Savior. Your black celebrities get paid to influence you to vote for Democrats. Hey let’s keep it a buck at least the Republicans don’t have an open border policy to flood the black neighborhoods with Illegal Latino Immigrants.

Look at what happen to Jordan Neely in New York the Mayor and the Governor both Democrats are siding with Daniel Penny. If you respect yourself as a black person then you should not vote for the Democrats. If you are still going to vote Democrat then you are a sell out. Our grandparents were able to obtain Civil Rights legislation because our people were dominant workforce in domestic work and farm work they had economic leverage. During the 80’s when the United States of America was outsourcing manufacturing jobs know as (NAFTA) North American Free Trade Agreement. The Arabs and Asians went back to their homeland and started building up supply chain and infrastructure. Today East Indians dominant the Gas Industry and the Hotel Industry in America. Black Americans who view African Immigrants and Black Immigrants from the Caribbean as other prevent us from practicing group economics on a global scale.

The White Supremacist Financial Elites are allowing Illegal Latino Immigrants to enter the country in order to neutralize the black vote. White Supremacy and Racism is a political strategy in America. I explain to my group members years ago that The Democrats and the Republicans are one bird with two wings they both are invested in keeping black people at the bottom while maintaining White Supremacy. The Question is why are they so upset about Reparations? I would understand that people are upset over Governor Gavin Newsom spending 22 billions dollars on Illegal Latino Immigrants in California. We have not heard a word about that. You would think that they would be outrage that the Biden Administration is giving billions of dollars to Ukraine while we are facing a record inflation and yet none of these politicians have a word to say about that. This has nothing to do with American tax dollars because we’re paying for Illegal Latino Immigrants everyday and no body is complaining about that. No body is complaining about foreign aid so this is not about tax issue it’s about the issue is giving black people reparation as a reparative justice. It’s supposed to repair the harm that has happened to Black Americans. Giving black people reparations will mess up the social order. The social order is based on a racial pyramid putting Black People on the bottom and putting White People on the top.

The White Supremacist Financial Elites don’t want black people to have an equal playing field because then they would have to compete with us for resources. This global White Supremacist system was created to keep the black man and the black woman at the bottom. Their social order has been ordained by God to come to an end. This is why nations are starting to turn against them. For example, BRICS the acronym for five economies: Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa are uniting to form their own currency to weaken the dollar. Once we obtain our reparations then people in the Caribbean, Brazil and on the African continent will get theirs. These European nations that are responsible are as follows: Belgium, The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Portuguese, Spain including Saudi Arabia. All of you are implicated in slavery and we need to hollah at you.
All the West is implicated and you must pay your just do whether you like it or not. This is spiritual warfare as I mentioned in my revised book in chapter three On Faith in the book of Luke Chapter two verse One “And it came to pass in those days, that there went out a decree from Caesar Augustus that all the world should be taxed” King James Version.

Caesar Augustus was a White Supremacist he imposed his system and his economy on the world that was not from God. He actually thought he was God. Acts chapter 17 verses six and seven “And when they found them not, they drew Jason and certain brethren unto the rulers of the city, crying, These that have turned the world upside down are come hither also; Whom Jason hath received: and these all do contrary to the decrees of Caesar, saying that there is another king, one Jesus” King James Version.

For example, when the White Supremacist came to Africa they came to kill, steal and destroy our way of life. When the White Supremacist came to The New World they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. When the White Supremacist came to The Caribbean they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. When the White Supremacist came to Latin America or South America they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. When the White Supremacist came to Australia they came to kill, steal and destroy the Native People’s way of life. The scripture that represent our Christian business is Ezekiel chapter 34 verses 11–16. King James Version.

In Africa the White Supremacist Financial Elites want to continue raping Africa of her natural resources which is our birth right. God gave Africa to Melanated People the whole continent is ours but Black Americans want to keep fighting for America do you all we are going to do is do the best that we can to improve the African American community. I do not want to be fighting for the rest of my life for a country that don’t belong to me. The real battle is for Africa if we lose Africa we lose everything.

I want to see Black People in California get Reparations. When our ancestors where on those plantations they had many slave revolts time and time again. We have to keep pushing for our reparations during an election year and after an election year. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement objective is to get black people in America as a collective into the middle class if given a chance. I’m not sitting around waiting for the White Supremacist Financial Elites to decide when they are going to give us reparations our story is well documented in their history books that’s why they want re-write the history books but thank God we are in the information age.

I am using this platform to connect with other like minded Black People and African People to work with me in turning my vision and plan for Black America and Africa into a reality first by trying to raise funds for our film project so that we can spread our story to the black masses and the Global African Family. Once those proceeds from the film being pouring in then I will purchase property, buy office equipment and hire black middle class professionals who will assist me in making sure that our Christian business will be effective and successful for years to come. We will build GRCAI of Chicago and make our presence known in the low income African American community starting on the Westside of Chicago and eventually expand to the Southside of Chicago.

Why we need to build GRCAI of Chicago? I’m going to do the mission God has called me to do and that is to build the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago. This Christian business is based on my experience. After 31 years of being rejected and overlooked by Black Chicago and Black America I decided to use this platform to reach out to the Global African Family especially African Immigrants in America and Black Immigrants from the Caribbean and Brazil/Latin America to assist us in getting our film project fully funded and made. Those who will be part of our film project will go down in history with me and Sister Rena.

On this platform I talk about the struggle our community face and provide solutions in my revised book yet it is still barely selling that’s not the White Man fault we have to take responsibility. I wrote the book in order to generate capital. I create my virtual store in order to generate capital because it takes capital to start a business no matter if it’s a nonprofit organization or a for profit business. We focus on what’s going on in the real world and try to get real world results. 90% of the low income African American community household is headed by single black mothers. We got to be strategic about how we nurture and raise our children. These public schools are trying to push all kinds of agendas on our kids. A lot of these boys don’t have the emotional maturity from their father side and they don’t understand the consequences for their actions until it’s too late. These kids need their mother and father. We have to invest in our black youth and this is why we need to build GRCAI of Chicago. This will prove to our young people that we can build something constructive by creating black institutions for them. We welcome those of you who have a mentality on building and growing.

What’s coming down the pipeline with these newly arrived immigrants ain’t nothing nice. They don’t care about our story they are only here to get the bag and to compete against us for resources. Notice they are getting all kinds of assistance from the government. They have access to sanctuary cities, free food, housing, free access to public school and healthcare thanks in part to black voters who vote for a party that promotes open borders. I predict by 2050 if black people don’t unify and start putting my ideas into practice then as a collective black people in America will become a permanent underclass. I don’t have another 31 years to waste once I am able to get my management team in place then I will turn over my Christian business to qualified black middle class professionals. Before I cut and run to Africa I want to be sure that I am able to sustain myself and offer tangibles to my African group members in GRCAI of Africa.

GRCAI of Chicago will take the lead in rebuilding the inner cities of Chicago as well as take the lead in improving the African economy through our African tours. We aim to visit 10 African nation’s they are as follows: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. We’re going to meet local Africans from my African group GRCAI of Africa. Each nation that we will visit we’re going to set up a local chapter and match Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs and Black Artist with African Artist so that we can do international trade among our brothers and sisters.

GRCAI of Chicago will be committed to assisting with improving the African American community while having a strong connection to our chapters in Africa. We will train our black youth in such areas as Parenting, Information Technology, Blockchain Technology, Coding, Electricians, Petroleum Engineers, Landscaping, Film Making, Oil Painting and Journalism. We also plan on offering Associate Degree for our students. In contrast, GRCAI of Africa will focus on the advancement of African infrastructure, promoting African businesses, so both travelers and the communities we visit receive beneficial exchange. Our core values will focus on integrity, quality, safety and sustainability. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — Who Should Lead The Reparations Conversation? The Reparations Conference and Panels was embarrassing people were acting a fool. I encourage my listeners to go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to show and prove and look for the video entitled (Reparations task force meets in Sacramento | To The Point). These reparations conversations are suppose to be business meetings. When it comes to business you have to put your ego to the side. I believe we should have had a small group of people who would represent our interest that would consist of a Black Lawyer, a Community Activist, a Black Historian, a Black Economist and a Lay Person. Because if it’s an open mic then it becomes a circus. We have black professionals economist who is able to break down the numbers and know our history but many of them are not patient like me I am getting burned out. They are the ones who should lead the reparations conversation. It was the human cargo which was our ancestors who was sold in the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade from West Africa is the primary reason why the United States of America became a world economic super power.

The purpose of reparations is for Chattel Slavery allowing Africans to be bought and sold just like an animal while living under a system of social control. Which transformed into Black Codes, Share Cropping, Convicted Leasing, Jim Crow, Red Lining, Housing Discrimination and Mass Incarceration. Reparations is due to living in a society which Black Americans have been under a system of social control since our ancestors landed on these shores. Black People is treated as second class citizens. The Western nations became the most industrialized and developed part of the world due to the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade which was the transporting and selling of black bodies provided the financial based for the industrialization of Western Europe and the United States of America.
The slave owners in the UK and in America received their reparations. White Farmers in Zimbabwe is about to get their reparations in order for America to lift those sanctions.

During the 2020 election Trump put five hundred billion dollars on the table but Black America in mass decided to vote on the guy who said you’re not black if you vote for Trump. We had Ice Cube who said let’s see what we can get for our vote from both political parties Black America told Ice Cube to shut up. It would be nice to have African nations and Caribbean nations to supporting our reparations movement that would make things much better but Black America take my words and all that I am trying to do as a joke then they wonder why we don’t get any where.
We’re not going to get reparations anytime soon because the White Supremacist Financial Elites know we’re not unified enough. We don’t have allies overseas fighting for Black Americans but if Black America would have step up 31 years ago we would have those allies in place right about now in at least 5 African nations. The Jews and the Japanese were able to get their reparations because they have representatives outside of the U.S. In order for us to get reparations we have to unify with other like minded Black People and like minded African People. We’re still talking about the great things Dr. King Jr. and what the Civil Rights generation did during the 1960s. Until we do something now and that’s revolutionary then nothing will change.

If you want to know who’s against reparations notice your HBCU’s Historical Black Colleges and Universities. I want you all to hear what Democrat James Clyburn had to say about cash payments. He said “Hell No” you’re not getting cash payments. How can we complain about Gavin Newsom when you have a top black Democrat knocking reparations? That’s your black representative telling you “Hell No” you’re not getting cash payments. The problem with Black America is we keep participating in our own oppression and we continue to incentivize people who keep the oppression going. James Clyburn is a collaborator against black people interest. These black politicians get away with this all the time because their is no political consequences to them from Black American voters. This is why we’re not respected. Our black politicians are not on code with us. From the Congressional Black Caucus who does nothing for the African American Community. Black People continue to vote for the same people who are oppressing our community. We have to understand that the Democrats and Republicans are unified when it comes to denying Black Americans Reparations, Freedom, Justice and Equality.

James Clyburn will continue to pass bills for Illegal Latino Immigrants to please his pay masters. So Black America what are you going to do to fix our situation? Look at the Daniel Penny Case this man has raised 2 million dollars for his defense. To learn more just go to my Medium Transcript and scroll down to show and prove. We’re not going to get anything done just by talking about it. If we don’t support our advocates then we won’t have any advocates. It’s really sad to see what’s happening with our reparations it shouldn’t be a debate we know what happen even those who oppose it. If someone tells you that we shouldn’t get reparations because it’s been too long then tell them about the trail of tears.

It was the largest human mass forced migration in American history which happened in 1838. The first Indian Casino in America was established for the Seminoles back in 1979 which was 140 years later. There wasn’t a single person who was still alive who had been affected by the trail of tears and yet Indian Casino has been getting resources ever since. When we show up then all of a sudden the White Supremacist Financial Elites try to tell us we’re too late the time has expired. Notice they’re not saying that to those White People who are masquerading as five dollar Indians. Anyone who is trying to deflect from reparations we have to stand our ground. We are up against a system that allows the wealthy or White Establishment to waste time dragging their feet until everybody die off. For example, look at the case of the Exxon Valdez oil spill I provide an article about it on my Medium Transcript under show and prove. In a nutshell, this happen back in 1989 by the time it was resolved it was about 30 years later. It was intentional by the Exxon Corporation. What they did was use their judicial and political clout to stonewall their plaintiffs.

Descendants of American Slaves or Foundational Black Americans deserve reparations more then any group in America. These White Supremacist Financial Elites have the audacity to sit here and say we don’t deserve reparations. Black People African People it’s time we start putting our money and resources into building GRCAI of Chicago for the purpose of improving our community and strengthening our families as well as reconnecting with our brothers and sisters in Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil. Reparations is our socio-political litmus test. If any politician at this point tell you they are against reparations then just know they are also Anti-Black don’t vote for them. My message to our black youth who are American citizens and are 18 years old as long as you have access to your Social Security Card and your Birth Certificate then you have every right to ask these politicians where they stand on reparations. These politicians need us to keep their jobs they work for us and if they forget then we need to vote them out of office. I am not running for public office all I am trying to do is build GRCAI of Chicago so that I can expand it in 10 African nations that’s what I want to be remembered for if I did not love Black People I would have left this alone years ago. I’m not on here for you to like me I am on here to recruit brave and smart Black People and African People who will work with me in turning my vision and plan for Black America and Africa into a reality. The best way to help me is by purchasing my revised e-book and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my vision and plan then make arrangements with me to come on my online talkshow so that we can discuss it and get the message out to other like minded Black People, African People and Others. Also donate what you can to our film project so that we can move our story on the big screen.
Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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