(Breaking The Willie Lynch Mentality Within Black America & Breaking The Colonized Mindset Among Africa Immigrants In America & On The African Continent).

Emmanuel Barbee
33 min readMar 29, 2024


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We host our virtual conference every last Saturday of the month until we are able to raise funds for our film project (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins).This is a solution base docu-drama based on my experience growing up in the inner cities of Chicago and the purpose why I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. This is our Black Panther moment except it’s not owned by Disney it’s owned by GRCAM Members.

Join our crowdfunding on our GoFundMe Page or on our PayPal Page for this historic film project. The donations will help with our marketing campaign, production and legal expenses to make this docu-drama. What made the Black Panther movie successful? When you look at the Black Lives Matter Movement and the killing of Mike Brown we can go on and on so Black Americans start marching and protesting in the streets this inspired many black youth to become conscious of our fate in America. Marvel Studios and Walt Disney decided to capitalize off of Black Americans frustration by putting out a Black Panther Movie. A movie that made Black People proud to be ourselves. I admit it was one of the best movies I have ever seen.

Disney knew that the timing was right as Black Americans marched in the streets against Police Brutality. This movie for many of us represented a win for us. It was a defining moment. We all wanted to be in that Wakanda environment. We didn’t make any money from the film. It made 1 Billion dollars worldwide. I was saddened that the film was not produced by a Black owned production company. What made the movie a success was the commercials and the sales of West African Dashiki’s. Black Panther on social media was free promotion. I would love to see us put that same energy behind this Black owned film. Black Panther was well put together. There are certain things about Black culture and Black liberation that were dropped in the movie.

It depicted Black People in a positive light. Let’s take advantage of the Black Panther effect. These multinational corporations are creating products to cash in on the Black experience. The condition of our people has not changed. The Black Panther movie belongs to them not us. This film project belongs to us. We must use the Black Panther movie as motivation and inspiration. What was brilliant about the movie was that it gave us a very powerful picture of what our unity could look like if Black Americans and Africans worked together as a team. Our condition will never change unless we unite with other like minded Black People and African People. I don’t want to be doing this another 32 years.

We have a lot of material to cover, but before I go into my presentation I would like to encourage everyone on my Facebook friends list which is (1,952) people please join the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement. You don’t have to live in the Black Ghettos to be part of us. You don’t have to live in the United States of America to be part of us. All I ask is that you purchase my revised book (The Solution For Black America: Reclaiming, Rebuilding And Restoring The Urban Ghettos In America) second edition and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on this platform so that we can talk about it and get others involved. Also donate what you can towards our film project.

My book is on my Amazon Author Page it’s available in two forms. The Kindle E-book for $9.99 and the Paperback for $15.00 plus shipping and handling. I also have items on our virtual store to help raise funds for our film project. We have renewed our GoFundMe Page, it will be used as an indicator of our progress towards getting this film project fully funded and made. We’re using crowd funding so that everyone know where the money will be use for. We’re asking that you donate what you can we aim to raise $250,000 dollars to start with. If you are a US citizen then you can donate through our Paypal Giving Fund. You can use this as a tax write off because this is a legitimate 501(c)(3) non-profit Faith Based and Community Advocacy Organization. So far only one person have donated towards our film project on our PayPal Page “Minister Achelitta Sunday” shout out to that sister. Anyone on my Facebook Friend’s List that’s not interested in our cause then delete me from your friends list and don’t come to any events with my name on it and that’s real. You can find all the links below this video podcast in the comment section.

I have invested 32 years of my life trying to connect with other like minded Black Americans and like minded African People I refuse to be ignored. All I have is my revised book, my virtual store, this online platform and my social groups. This film project is my last attempt to try to do something positive for my racial group before I cut and run to Africa. The purpose for me doing all of this is to gather like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants in America to work with me in building a black institution for our Black Youth & their families in Chicago for credibility to let the Black World know who we are and making a positive impact in the African American community and in the African Immigrant community before we expand to Africa.

Lord knows I would like to do more than just news and social commentaries but without financial support from the Black Grassroots and the Global African Family then I am unable to do my God given assignment and that is to build the Grass Roots Community Activist Institute of Chicago. This is a Nehemiah assignment.

I encourage all of my international friends in my African group (GRCAI of Africa). Even if you are unable to participate in this event please watch the replay, leave a public comment about it on my YouTube Page and share with all your friends on all social media sites you are on this will help get the ball rolling.

I encourage all of my Christian friends in my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group & Christian Spoken Word Network) Even if you are unable to participate in this event please watch the replay, leave a public comment about it on my YouTube Page and share with all your friends on all social media sites you are on this will help get the ball rolling.

I encourage all of my supporters in my Secular groups (GRCAI of Chicago & New Black Voices of Media etc…) Even if you are unable to participate in this event please watch the replay, leave a public comment about it on my YouTube Page and share with all your friends on all social media sites you are on this will help get the ball rolling.

I would like to publicly thank Minister Stephanie M Seaton and Mr. Ferman Jackson Jr. for allowing me to come on their platform to promote my vision and plan for Black America and Africa. Those of you who have a large platform please allow me to come on your platform so that I can promote my vision and plan for Black America and Africa.

I am calling on African Immigrants within the United States of America from 10 African Nation’s: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Uganda, Angola, Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Nigeria. We will bring the best of the Diaspora to each African nation so that we can setup local chapters and do international trade among our people. We will reconnect Black Entrepreneurs with African Entrepreneurs, Black Artist with African Artist. In This Christian business our objective is to heal from enslavement and colonization. GRCAM will take the lead in solving black issues within the United States of America before we expand to Africa, The Caribbean & Brazil.

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The title of this presentation:

(Breaking The Willie Lynch Mentality Within Black America & Breaking The Colonized Mindset Among Africa Immigrants In America & On The African Continent).

Our First topic — Breaking The Willie Lynch Mentality Within Black America & Breaking The Colonized Mindset Among Africa Immigrants In America & On The African Continent.

I am using my life experience as a way to help our people that want more out of life. I was raised in the inner city of Chicago I was dealt a bad hand I came from a broken family and I have family members who are full of Willie Lynch. I was able to beat the odds I was bless to make it through high school and I was bless to make it through college. My life calling was to create a positive Black institution that will serve both the African American community and the African Immigrant community so that we can expand this business on the African continent. A majority of my family members are full of Willie Lynch when I wrote and published my first book they were not supportive especially the ones who have a little money. When I published my revised book they still had negative things to say but they did not support me. I discuss this in my revised book and if I am like this with my own family how do you think I am gonna be with strangers? Breaking The Willie Lynch Mentality Within Black America is way overdue and that is why we have so much disfunction within Black society.

It’s been 168 years of Pan-Africanism with no results we’re not supposed to talk about this publicly but I offer an alternative to Pan Africanism and that is GRCAM. We need to have this conversation Family. I have an obligation to share this information with our young Black Men and young Black women. It’s been 168 years that Black People have been pushing Pan-Africanism and Repatriation and still we have nothing to show for it. I don’t want to see our Black youth parroting information that was parroted to me when I was young it never materialized. They’re selling you the same story repeating ideologies that failed. Ideologies are being sold because it sounds good. No body from my generation which is Generation X wanted to have this debate because I would bring up too many failures and any young person that would want to have this debate they’re living in a dream world. The founders of Pan-Africanism were Martin Delany he is credited for the term “Africa for Africans.” Alexander Crummell, Edward Wilmot Blyden is known as “Father of Pan-Africanism” and Marcus Garvey. They started pushing the Pan-African ideology after the end of American Slavery.

Marcus Garvey migrated from Jamaica to America and he embraced Pan-Africanism during the 1920s. I was exposed to Pan-Africanism when I was eight years old during the time when I was taken out of my home and became award of the State I wrote about this in my revised book. I read many books by Black scholars like The Autobiography of Malcolm X, Frederick Douglass and many more. During the Civil Rights Movement it begin to split from a non-violent crowd to a more radical view a brother from Trinidad named Stokely Carmichael was given credit for the term Black Power. These Brothers and Sisters were about the business. The police was beating Black People in California, Chicago and New York which gave rise to the Black Panther Party. When Alex Haley Roots film came out then there was a different type of movement happening in America the focus was on Africa. The Nation of Islam was starting to make traction meaning their membership was starting to grow due to the Malcolm X film by Spike Lee. Reggae music was start getting big and dreadlocks was starting to become the new fad. This was the era when young Black entrepreneurs were selling big T shirts with the letter X on it.

Conscious Rap was also big during the late 80’s and 90’s. Black Festivals was starting to take off. For example, the Reggae Festivals, the Kwanzaa Festivals and the Ghana Festivals. These festivals put us in a position where lots of Black People could gather and interact with each other. The reason why Pan Africanism failed is because the concepts were not accurate and still today people are teaching you inaccurate concept of back to Africa because it’s based on nothing other than leaving America and
going to a land where a majority of Black People live. Africa is full of natural resources and Africa is the second largest continent on Earth. When Black Americans travel to Africa we have to compete against other non-African foreigners like Arabs, Chinese, East Indians and Europeans because all of those people are moving there but Black Americans are taught to move there and then build something while other groups are building where they’re at and then they expand their businesses to Africa. This is the main flaw with Pan-Africanism because when we go to Africa we are unable to compete against non-African foreigners because they have large companies in their homeland backing them.

They have established corporations and businesses most of all they’re all on code with each other. They’re coming to Africa with more money and connections to sell items such as refrigerators, home appliances, solar panels, generators etc… Majority of foreigners own businesses in Africa what a shame. These are not Africans these are people that have an advantage because they’re coming with the business already intact in their homeland and they’re expanding in Africa. Usually Black Americans are just coming by themselves as a single Pan-African and when Black Americans come to Africa they have to buy items from people that’s non-African. That’s why I’m saying Pan-Africanism is all talk no action because Black People are being taught to go to Africa as a bunch of individuals but you’re not going to be able to compete against non-African people that’s already established there because they have corporations and their governments backing them.

You’re going to be a customer renting a places from them and paying them for an apartment and buying goods and services from them. In GRCAM we will setup our Christian business in America first and teach our members and students to become established first before we expand to 10 African nations. These other groups are bringing what they already have established in their homeland before they expand to Africa. Black Americans are traveling to Africa unestablished many don’t have the corporations we don’t have the manpower we’re not powerful enough here in the United States of America. We don’t have Black Businesses on a big scale like that. Preparation is the most important thing and if Black Americans do not unify with other like minded Black Americans then we will not be able to compete against other groups here in America or in Africa. The average Pan-African ain’t talking about this at all. In order for Pan-Africanism to work they have to have an international group. What’s the name of the Pan-African group in America?

Marcus Garvey had the concept to get ships and go back to Africa but he did not have the investment to pull it off. The White Supremacist Financial Elites felt threaten that Black Americans would buy into the idea of leaving the United States that’s why they had him deported. The United States Government is not going to back us if we go to Africa. Hell that’s why they don’t want to give us reparations. Those non-African foreigners are exploiting our brothers and sisters on the continent. GRCAM offers a new concept for Black Americans and African Immigrants in America all you need to do is purchase my revised book and read my story for yourself. If you agree with my vision and plan for Black America then make arrangements with me to come on this platform so that we can talk about it and please make a donation to our film project. Pan Africanist are going to be mad at me for telling you this so what. If you’re not powerful over here then you’re not going to be powerful in Africa. There is no powerful Pan-African movement in America. We have no factories, no distribution centers or manufacturing companies. All I see on social media is a bunch of individuals parroting all that Black stuff no action behind it. Show me you got 100, 000 active members, show me your international logo, show me Black People all across the country wearing your logo and promoting your Pan-African organization?

Today we’re just a bunch of Black men and Black women speaking as individuals for the group but can’t build a group. Until you can get boots on the ground until you can get a bunch of people to join one movement then we can do something constructive that’s all I am trying to do with GRCAM. Our goal is to mobilize like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants in America for us to get our story on the big screen so that the whole Black World will know who we are and for us to build GRCAI of Chicago from the proceeds from the film and make a real movement within the African American Community and the African Immigrant Community with real membership.

So that we can create real factories with real workers and employees. In America our Black Businesses are obsolete and when inflation hit then nobody want to buy our items because we ain’t got nothing of value. We don’t own and control utility companies such as phones, lights or gas. Food chain the main things for survival we don’t make none of that but we constantly talk about going to Africa. No type of financial mentality, no type of transportation mentality and no type of security mentality. When the president of Ghana invited Black Americans to come to back to Africa we didn’t make no requests to negotiate you’re supposed to negotiate a deal first they made 10 Billion dollars and what did those people get that went nothing. Truth be told Black Americans only get together when they go to work for somebody else. we’re only good with getting up in the morning and going to work for somebody else we’re not good with getting up in the morning and going to work for ourselves.

I predicted in my revised book that the Latino Community will fight like hell to get their people to become American Citizens because all these other groups are on code with one another except Black People. This is another reason why I wrote my book. All of the principles in my book is the code for GRCAM members. We will separate ourselves from Con Artists, Degenerates, Harden Criminals, Off Code Negroes, Pedophiles and Urban Terrorists. Once we have our physical building intact then we will encourage local residents on the Westside of Chicago and eventually on the Southside of Chicago to attend our mandatory orientation, sign our Community Pledge, Pass Our Criminal Background Check and submit their thumb print to be placed in our database. Anyone who tries to undermine us or change our focus which is to solve “Black Issues” will get two warnings the third time that person or person’s will have their name, photo ID and address printed on our Judas list and they will be barred for life this is how I get down. Those who are not part of us we will pray for them, show them tough love and keep it movin.

When I created my nonprofit organization many of my family members told me to get a real job which is code for just work for the Man and leave all that Black stuff alone. My message is for GRCAM members worldwide I had little to no support this is why I am online to recruit brave and smart like minded Black Americans and brave and smart like minded Africans. Mark my words once we get this film project fully funded and made and the proceeds from the film start pouring in then everybody in Chicago will want to be apart of us then. Ain’t nothing change on my end like I said many times before our first task is to separate from these negative off code people among us. There will be no corruption within GRCAI of Chicago at lease on my watch. We will have protocol in place in case Con Artist slips through the cracks.

In order to become an official GRCAM member local residents must attend our mandatory orientation, sign our Community Pledge, Pass Our Criminal Background Check and submit their thumb print in our database. Anyone who tries to undermine us or change our focus which is to solve “Black Issues” will get two warnings the third time that person or person’s will have their name, photo ID and address printed on our Judas list and they will be barred for life.

What are the benefits of becoming a GRCAM Member? GRCAI of Chicago will be committed to improving the African American community and building an alliance with local African Immigrant community around the Chicagoland area. We will offer our members and students Parenting Classes, Information Technology classes, Blockchain Technology classes, Coding classes, Electrician classes, Petroleum Engineering classes, Landscaping, Creating Black Empowerment Films, Oil Painting and Journalism. We also plan on offering Associate Degrees. GRCAI of Chicago will help prioritize the African American community such as securing our neighborhood and protecting our women and children. We will offer stipends for black youth who will act in our films, music videos and stage plays pending on our budget and sponsorship.

We will also offer a Second Chance program to reach out to Former Gang Members, Ex-Offenders of non-violent crimes and Homeless Individuals within the community. GRCAI of Chicago will be a multi-purpose facility with two main sectors, A Nonprofit sector and a For Profit sector. GRCAI of Chicago will operate under 9 separate functions under one roof. We will practice group economics in real time by pooling our resources together in order to create and control our own Community Healthcare Center, Community Grocery Store and Community Housing this will be group economics in action.

1. Social Service component
2. Spiritual component (optional for secular people)
3. Political component
4. Entertainment component
5. Entrepreneur component
6. Health and Wellness component
7. Black Media component
8. Science and Technology component
9. Travel and Tourism component

I want to grow this platform and I want my listeners to become GRCAM Members so that you can be part of this film project and once we get this docu-drama fully funded and made then we can focus on building GRCAI of Chicago with our own studio within the African American community starting in Chicago and eventually expand to Africa. Bottom line: it takes capital. We appreciate the support for the growth we’re trying to take this platform to the next level the big screen and then turn this into an international Christian business. I’m not trying to create a small storefront, I want to create a multi-million dollar international business for our members in America, Africa the Caribbean and in Brazil. When Bob Johnson created BET it was successful. I remember BET was educational and entertaining. Our ancestors fought and died for us to thrive and it would be a shame if we don’t keep that legacy alive. Black America don’t let our ancestors die in vain because we didn’t do anything with the opportunities that we’ve been blessed with. I’m here today because of what my ancestors did in this country. If they didn’t do it I wouldn’t be here today.

We will give our Black Youth an opportunity to be in our Black Empowerment films and they will earn a stipend. We will hold Christian Spoken Word vs. Secular Spoken Word, those who can flow the best will win five hundred dollars in cash.

Under the For Profit Service Business Sector: which will be known as the Red Zone we will offer state-of-the-art recreational center which will have bowling, high ropes adventure, captivating game rooms featuring the latest video and amusement, stylish billiards, energetic dance rooms and quality restaurants, various businesses, onsite childcare and an onsite music recording studio for our members and students making documentary films and stage plays. In addition, we will host family friendly activities including combination deals, birthday parties, weddings and corporate parties/events.

Under the Nonprofit Cooperative: which will be known as the Green Zone. GRCAI of Chicago will be governed by an Advisory Board. GRCAI of Chicago will be membership based and operated for the mutual benefit of our members. Also, any earnings we make are returned to our members in the forms of lower prices through our quality programs and services. We will assist our members with their utility bills pending on our budget and sponsorship. We will offer lite groceries through our food pantry and tutorial services for Black Youth and their families. Here’s one reason why African Immigrants stay away from Black Americans in the case of Mahogany Jackson, a 20 year old sister and mother was found unlive in February in Birmingham Alabama authorities said. 8 suspects arrested in ‘sickening’ kidnapping and murder fair use WVTM 13. There was 3 separate shootings in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. Again this is why I have to separate ourselves from Urban Terrorist who look like us.

I ran across a YouTube video entitled “Non Black American People finally doing the math after we gave them the answer sheet” We have called out inadequate health care in the low income African American community. We’ve talked about these issues for years but people outside of the Black Ghettos tell us to pull yourself up by our bootstraps and get your own insurance. Now other Americans are complaining about the same issue: they can’t afford quality health care. For example, American Citizens want the Biden Administration to lower the cost of insulin and other life saving drugs. Yet places like California are offering free health care to the migrants. These politicians don’t do anything for Black America, they don’t listen to American Citizens, they are more loyal to corporations and foreign governments.

More people are voicing their concern about certain issues. 2019 was when things in America started to change. First we were hit with the pandemic which literally destroyed Western Nations economy. I remember Bill Gates was talking about how bad the pandemic would be in Africa and many of the White Supremacist Financial Elites were thinking that they would recolonize Africa and get all of her land and resources. I believe 2019 was the start of God’s judgment on Western nations. The Western nations have destabilized so many third world countries that people from those nations are going to Europe. Their global order is going to change because they’re losing influence in the world. In my revised book I talk about the rise of Russia, Iran and China which will be the beginning of World War Three. Our last battle in America is for Reparations. These construction companies prefer to hire migrants because they can pay them for half the price of an American Citizen. All of a sudden White Americans are complaining about the migrants taking their jobs.

Everyone that comes to this country feels they have to stay away from Black Americans. They get caught up as the sister said they find out the hard way. Let’s get to gentrification y’all had no problem with Black Americans being gentrified out of our neighborhoods out of our households. We said hey these developers are building condos while jacking up the property taxes we can’t afford it we have to move out. You should have been advocating a law to stop that when it was happening to Black Americans but now it’s happening to your people, you can’t afford your house any more because they inflate the value of your home inflate your property taxes.

Now your mortgage has gone up because of the property taxes. Every time Black People build something in this country it gets sabotaged by the White Supremacist Financial Elites. For example, Black Wall Street and Rosewood just to name a few. Your politicians are giving your tax money to the migrants in the billions now you see how it feels when you watch another group of people getting things that’s rightfully yours. Now you want to complain about the high cost of living Black Americans have been saying the rent and light bill is too high Black America has been struggling with the high cost of living for a long time y’all didn’t care. Our people were together for survival a black man and a black woman worked together to survive for the community.

I ran across a YouTube video that talked about Black Immigrant from African & Caribbean Harbor Anti-Black American Sentiment. Fair use the Black Congregation. Before we launch our African tours & Caribbean tours we are going to learn how to get along with one another through GRCAI of Chicago. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

Our Second Topic — Tyson Foods has fired 1,200 American workers while hiring 42,000 Migrants in New York.

The Democrats are destabilizing the country by supporting open borders ladies and gentlemen. There are American Citizens on the street but the Democrat Party don’t care about Americans they are focusing on foreign nationals based off of what they are doing. It’s up to Black voters in Chicago, New York and around the country to send a strong message to the Democrats in November. These corporations want low skill workers such companies like Tyson Foods undercut the American workers by hiring the migrants. Black America needs a referendum on the Democrat Party and any company that prioritizes migrants over American citizens is anti-American. We need to do an economic boycott against such companies.

For example, these Career Politicians are trying to get rid of American Citizens while they are flooding the zone with migrants. Dr. King Jr. understood how to use Economic Boycotts he understood that America is a Capitalist system the White Supremacist Financial Elites depend on everybody spending money if people don’t spend money then their economy will crash. For example, during the pandemic people were not spending as much and prices began to drop. What will it take for the American People to boycott Tyson Foods? I found an article from Daily Mail entitled “Tyson Foods BOYCOTTED as it sacks 1,300 staff at Iowa pork plant and offers ‘job-and-lawyer’ packages in bid to hire 42,000 asylum seekers in New York” According to the article it said Tyson Foods has fired 1,300 American workers while hiring 42,000 migrants from New York. Tyson will pay migrant workers $16.50 per hour and offer free on-site childcare, free housing, and free immigration lawyers.

The Montgomery Bus Boycott was very successful due to our ancestors not riding the bus for a year. our ancestors fought for their dignity and self-respect. America had to change the law in the Supreme Court.

We better confront these career politicians, corporations and let them know that this will not be tolerated. Our career politicians are in the pockets of these mega corporations. I am proud that Black Chicagoans are starting to wake up. They don’t want to hear “vote blue no matter who” any longer. This country has not made it right with Black America. We should not give these career politicians a pass. Notice the majority of your Black Democrat Politicians are affiliated with the Black Boule. They are attached to some Sorority or Fraternity. The Black Boule don’t have our best interest in mind because they are in the pockets of the White Supremacist Financial Elites. Notice The Black Boule don’t talk about Black Empowerment in fact they are Democrat Shills their job is to misinform Black Voters to keep us voting Democrat which 90% of Black Americans have been doing for the past 60 years expecting a different result. I predicted the Migrant Crisis in my revised book.

If Black America helps put Biden back in office I promise there will be no Black Community in our urban areas as we know it. If he wins a second term he will continue his policy allowing everybody to cross the border. The Democrats will try to give them citizenship to solidify a new voting block for the Democrats. The Black Vote will be neutralized, understand the political game 12 million plus people are going to compete against you and your children for resources. If you vote for Biden expect more migrants coming to Chicago, New York, Denver and Boston just to name a few.

Black Americans need to push back because these career politicians want to destabilize America. Understand most empires have failed from within; they were not invaded. These corporations and both political parties want to destabilize America because these corporations help fund the Democrats and Republicans that’s the problem. We got to push for term limits. We need like minded people from Generation X, Black Millennials and Generation Z to run for public office from the soil the Black Grassroots. These career politicians who are tied to these corporations need to be voted out of office.

Everything goes back to slavery. American corporations don’t want to pay American workers a fair wage. When we talk about reparations that’s a debt which is owed to Descendants of American Slaves. Those reparations would stimulate the American economy but all that money going to Migrants actually is transferred outside of the United States back to their homelands. In the beginning America had chattel slavery. Corporations were getting free labor then after slavery Black Americans became “lazy” when we didn’t work for free. All these groups coming over here have no investment in America. These mega corporations don’t care about American Citizens. Black People have been losing their jobs now you see how unfair things are. Dr. King Jr. tried to help us get our check now America is going to pay a lot more with these migrants. They’re getting your jobs. Americans need to make Tyson Foods pay for their actions over this issue. The Biden Administration and the Democrats are anti-American. They don’t care about the American people all they care about is foreign Nationals and getting paid. Y’all keep voting Democrat if you want to. I promise you won’t have a country for your children. Biden is not going to shut down these mega corporations because he doesn’t care. Don’t demonize the migrants, keep the focus on the Democrats and American corporations. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

Our Third Topic — Donald Trump Delivers A Message To All Christians In America. According to the Bible it says God uses the foolish things to confound the wise and that his ways are not our ways his thoughts are not our thoughts 1 Corinthians 1:27 and Isaiah 55:8–9.
God raises up Kings and he tears them down and it’s a significant thing because it signifies a time frame. I found a YouTube video about former President Trump reaching out to Christians in America fair use Forbes Breaking News. We need to focus on what moves are being made we know that the Bible says in the End times a lot of things will happen we know that we’re living in the last days living here in America the eyes of the world are on America. We influence the rest of the world that’s why it’s so important you know who is leading America what kind of legislation is being passed and if you are a kingdom minded person and you’re looking at America from a Kingdom Minded viewpoint you notice something is wrong.

It is our job to represent the kingdom on this planet God put Adam to have dominion in the Earth and most Christians will tell you to stay out of Politics. The Bible says acknowledge God in all your ways and he will direct your path Proverbs 3:6. We see that politics affected Daniel in the Lions den. Also the three Hebrew boys and even Esther because there are people that use legislation or the media to promote evil agendas and we know that the Antichrist is going to use Politics. The truth of what Trump is saying the Democrats have taken Ten Commandments and prayer out of public schools. Now we have school shootings across America and we have been warning about this for a long time that the further we get away from God the worse things are going to get. God uses the foolish things to confound the wise right if everybody could just understand the importance of treating everyone equally then this would be a great country to live in. The way we are going will end up destroying this nation.

I wrote about the Demonic Hollywood influencers, The White Supremacist Financial Elites, the Freemasons the Music Industry that are pushing all of this degeneracy on our children. The Bible says broad is the way that leads to destruction Matthew 7:13–14 If you don’t have the spirit of God what spirit is making you unite what spirit is making you come in agreement and so the Bible talks about the gods of this world has blinded them the Bible talks about the spirit of the Antichrist what I’m saying doesn’t make sense to non-Christians who don’t like the truth. Most people are saying Trump is pandering to Christians would you rather have someone pander to Christians as opposed to someone who is openly against Christians?

The power that be is trying to indoctrinate our children and push us to become a Sodom and Gomorrah country through legislation, through mainstream media and through the music industry. The Bible says acknowledge God in all your ways and he will direct your path. I challenge any Christian to tell me that you prayed about it and God told you vote for Joe Biden. As soon as he got into office he started promoting the LGBT agenda again. There’s an antichrist Spirit behind it I talked about the secret societies on this platform such as the Freemasons and the Black Boule. Let’s keep it buck what Trump was talking about came true. For example, he said let’s build the wall because there’s going to be a problem at the border the Democrats said he is racist now the Biden Administration is blaming Trump for the Migrant Crisis not his open border policies. What Black America need to realize is that this is all done by design a system called White Supremacy. The White Supremacist Financial Elites want these people to become the new voting block while neutralizing the Black Vote.

If the Democrats really want to help these people out of the kindness of their heart given Illegal Immigrants millions of dollars, free healthcare, free housing and food then why won’t these same politicians give reparations to Descendants of American Slaves? They’re not doing it out of the kindness of their heart they’re doing this because there’s an agenda behind it. The Lord has given me an opportunity to have a global audience and he wants me to recruit like minded Black Americans and like minded African Immigrants to help me build GRCAI of Chicago so that we can expand this Christian business to 10 African nation. God is going to bless it and in this season we need to build we need our own Black Institutions we need our own Farm we need our own truck companies we need everything to prepare for what is to come. Black America was not prepared for the things that were coming but Black America did not want to listen to me so ifyou watch my past video podcasts especially during 2020 you will see that I warned Black America not to vote for Democrats but demand tangibles for our votes regardless which political party but especially from the Democrats since Black Americans have been voting for them for the past 60 years.

Biden has been so horrible I said this was going to happen and so you have to understand I personally believe that God wants to give us another chance to get it right and to get this film project fully funded and made. The powers that be want to know what type of Christian you are? Do you support the LGBT agenda? Do you support a Woman’s Right To Choose? A lot of Christians are bowing down under pressure. God has given us a season to prepare and to build GRCAI of Chicago and I believe Joe Biden he’s a Ahab with a jezebel agenda wakeup Black America work with me so that we can rebuild the African American community and form alliances with the African Immigrant community across the United States of America. We need to be in building mode if you want to support what we’re trying to do in Chicago I need all the help that I can get first purchase my revised book and read my story then make arrangements with me to come on this platform and let’s talk about the book and encourage others to get involved. Finally donate what you can to our film project.

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This video discusses Black Nationalism & how the U.S. Government counteracted it with the use of the tactics in Memorandum 46. Memo 46 is an U.S. Govt memo to stop African people in the U.S from uniting globally with other Africans. This was done by the financial elites to place a black face in leadership.

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Scriptures to back up my claim for our Christian business(GRCAI of Chicago) Genesis 15:13–14, Deuteronomy 28:68 and Ezekiel 34:11–16.

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