(Black Wall Street/Tulsa Oklahoma 100 Years Later)


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(Black Wall Street/Tulsa Oklahoma 100 Years Later)

Before I go into my presentation I want my listeners to understand the seriousness of this video-podcast. On this video-podcast we don’t have the luxury of sugar coating this is why I call the show Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos Podcast it does not have to be in the black ghettos but our focus is on bring basic resources to our brothers and sisters who are trapped in American ghettos starting in Chicago. I have been on Facebook for 17 years day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year I have been posting my blogs on social media. Every Thursday I try to discuss topics to get people on my friends list and people in my social groups to participate with me in real time on the show through Facebook messenger. This is why I am reaching out to the Global Black Family you can help me get the ball rolling by sharing my video-podcast and purchasing my e-book on my Author Page on Amazon for $9.99

Last weekend marked the 100th anniversary of the 1921 Tulsa race massacre where over 800 Black Americans were attacked from both the air and the ground in one of the worst days in American history. We will examine the lessons learned from Black Wall Street. Those who do not learn from their history are doomed to repeat it. I created the Grass Roots Community Activist Movement for one reason and that was to provide a safe place where black people can obtain reliable information that can help improve our socio-economic condition. The question is why did I have to create GRCAM? Because if I don’t do it who will? Black People are the victims of a racist campaign aim at robbing us from obtaining wealth and power in America and I can prove it. Although we’re no longer bound by physical chains we are psychologically and socio-economically this is the strategy that white supremacist is using.

America had nothing until African slaves were brought here against their will. As I mentioned in my revised book our ancestors created wealth for the Financial elites through Cotton, Sugar, and Tobacco. The Financial elites did not compensate our ancestors for their labor. As black people in America the dominant culture still view us as a slave class this is why they continue treating us as third and forth class citizens. I’ve tried to teach my group members this for 17 years now. My goal this year is to connect with other like minded Black People on my friends list and in my social groups so that we can move to the next level which is the big screen and DVDs in order to reach the Global Black Family. The competition of a race is to determine who will be the owners and who will be the workers. Individualism is based on capitalism the person focus only on themselves and their immediate family. This person also becomes Americanized they use tunnel vision or focus on the pie in the sky. Without black support I am unable to do my job and this is the dilemma I face.

This is also why the Tulsa race massacre of 1921 is so important. The dominant culture is teaching our children about LGBT history and also that they are immigrants. Also they are trying to say that the slave trade did not really happen. This is why we need to create our own schools I am trying to do that. The dominant culture tell us that what ever position you are in it is because you have not work hard enough. The Tulsa race massacre is the epitome of that kind of thinking. Just think about this picture for a moment our ancestors just a generation outside of slavery had created their own neighborhood and had successful businesses in a place called Black Wall Street.

White supremacist was proud of the Tulsa race massacre so much that they used postcards to brag about what took placed. It was one of those practices in which racist people would memorialize their heinous crimes against humanity. Black People start talking about Florida (Rosewood), North Carolina (Wilmington), and Oklahoma (Tulsa). Black People across the United States of America were improving their socio-economic status. Our group was sabotaged because we were succeeding. American society did something that it did not do to other groups we were targeted against starting with Jim Crow and the Homestead Act.

For example, In Wilmington Black People was the majority of the population. Back then a majority of blacks were Republicans. Black People were gaining economic success and political power. White privileged was threaten by a black citizenry that was building for itself and was getting control of the money. This prosperous black community was overthrown by armed white supremacists who got together went to city hall with their guns and forced black politicians to resign. They don’t teach you this history in public school. This was a coup on American soil to remove the black population from political power. Wilmington got lit on fire because black people created Black Wall Street. When black people are allowed to compete and nobody coming in changing the rules or rigging the system or enact imminent domain and everyone is on a equal playing filed watch the outcome.

They used the State Democratic Party handbook of 1898. It laid out their goal consolidate the white vote by causing white resentment. I posted the link on my Medium Page. When you look at your family and notice that they don’t have anything. Keep looking back at your family tree then will will realize why. When we talk about knowing the numbers and having the data that’s important part of doing the research.
You have a society that enacted Jim Crow laws to stop us economically. The Financial elites encourage more immigrants from Europe through the Homestead Act.

This reminds me of the words of Dr. John Henrik Clarke society understands that they cannot properly educate black people because when a person is properly educated then he understands that you will no longer ask for power instead you will take power. If you want to know what happened to us in (Rosewood), (Wilmington), and (Tulsa). Black People worked hard but government policy have taken everything away from us. We are the only group who built anything with no assistance. No homeland of our own, no ethnic identity to rely on. We are the only legitimate hard working pull yourself up by your boot straps Americans.

Once our ancestors left those plantations they didn’t have anything and yet somehow they survived American slavery. America owes us a blood debt. America took money, land and dreams from our ancestors. America continues tp rob us of generational wealth because racism in real estate. For example, Black People in Chicago pay more in property taxes than their white counterparts. When it’s time to get money our homes are appraised low in value but at the tax assessor’s office our homes are over valued. When it’s time for us to borrow money our homes are under valued at the bank. But when it’s time to pay taxes our homes are overvalued at the tax assessor’s office. This is proof that there is an ongoing campaign of robbing black people of generational wealth.

We are being targeted and robbed at the bureaucratic level, economic level, and at the political level. We did not fall into a permanent underclass we were push. We did not fall into poverty we were push. No body has had to overcome institutionalized racism where there’s an obstacle waiting for us on every turn. The Jews teach their children about Nazi Germany. We have to teach our children about American slavery and about re-connecting with Africa. Understand Tulsa can happen again. Next time the White supremacists will not show up alone they will come with their buffer classes and their collaborators. The deliberate targeting of black generational wealth has been the primary priority of the American social order. The lessons of Tulsa is obtaining tangibles and concrete resources.

Now that you know the history of what happen to our people in Wilmington, Tulsa and Rosewood then you know that we have to start owning things in the black community and stop patronizing these other groups you can start practicing group economics by purchasing my revised book or buying items from our virtual store or you can just donate to our Paypal Page. The Financial elites don’t want to come in our neighborhood and live peacefully among us they want to colonize our community and displace us. This is why I am fighting so hard for to help organize our people and make real connections with our African brothers & sisters on the continent. You can stay and continue fighting or you can work with me and Sister Rena in setting up satellite community within our inner cities in order to help our people who are trapped in American ghettos.

We need to watch out for these sellout black politicians. The Financial elites want to see us as squalors and also landless. Look at what’s going on in Harlem. Harlem was straight black now the Financial elites got their foot in the door while displacing black people. We have all these NBA players and Rap artist but they don’t want to invest back to the black community. No reparations for us but for Asian Americans in one year gets 50 million dollars from the Biden Administration as well as a COVID-19 Asian Hate Crime Bill. They get legislation and resources. We’re done supporting the electoral system without getting specific benefits for our group. The black grassroots is rising.

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Black Wall Street Tulsa Oklahoma


Tulsa Race Massacre Survivors Testify


1898 Wilmington North Carolina


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Black Indianapolis Owner’s Home Value Doubles After Concealing Race


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