(Black Voters Remorse With The Biden’s Administration)


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(Black Voters Remorse With The Biden’s Administration)

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Alright we are talking about (Black Voters Remorse With The Biden’s Administration).
Career politicians are trying to keep black people on the Democratic tread mill that’s not benefiting us as a group. Your Biden supporters are real quiet right now. The Biden Administration has given executive orders for the LGBT community, the Asian community even non-citizens are getting things. One of the founders of Black Lives Matter Patrisse Cullors bought a 1.4 million dollar home. I provide a couple of videos about this on my Medium Page. Notice they don’t fund independent black film makers like me who is trying to do something positive in the black community.

I found a video of Sheila Jackson Lee and the Congressional Black Caucus who visited Tulsa. The Democrats are trying to latch on to Tulsa in order to impress black voters. They’re doing symbolic gestures like dancing and singing in commemoration of the Tulsa race massacre. These career politicians just want to acknowledge what happened so that when the election comes around they’ll point out they came and showed their support. Those of us who are woke are not buying it. It’s just a big kumbaya we’re all equal love fest. They are not offering any tangibles. This is the political game to keep black people on that hamster wheel by voting for Democrats. If you vote that means you have faith in the system. I provided a clip of Joe Biden’s Tulsa speech on my Medium Page under show and prove.

It’s Obama 2.0 notice Biden says nothing about compensating the victims of Tulsa. He never talks about what the government is going to do about it. Joe Biden said “We’re gonna do something to help black wealth creation that’s also gonna help the entire community” the entire community did not have bombs drop on them only the black community in Tulsa. This is insulting politicians don’t talk this way to Asian Americans, the LGBT community, the Jewish community, or the Latino community. The COVID-19 Hate Crime Bill is only for Asians. The House and the Senate from both political parties immediately passed the Hate Crime Bill for the racism they experience for a year. Black People was bombed and killed so let’s give compensation to everybody in America including the perpetrators and their children. Family this game has to stop. If y’all keep voting for this then we as a group will end up back on those plantations. Your voting for people who come out just to insult our intelligence. The Financial elites are afraid a new system that once black people are fully waken then we will create a new system that will counter theirs.

That new system is here I just need brave a smart black people to help me turn the ideas into reality. GRCAM members think outside of the box. This current system does not work for us as a collective. GRCAM members will create a system which will give us real Freedom, Justice, and Equality. The Congressional Black Caucus didn’t fight for anything. None of them was talking about reparations for black people in Tulsa who were aggrieved and their descendants. If this were Asians the politicians would have been talking about how much money they’re gonna receive and all types of Asian development they wouldn’t dare talk about giving something to other groups. The Congressional Black Caucus don’t advocate for reparations for black people in Tulsa. No type of develop specifically for the black areas in Tulsa.

This is what GRCAI of Tulsa would have said the black families and their descendants need compensation for what they had to endure. GRCAI would push for a Marshall Plan with specific develop in the black community in Tulsa. When it comes to us the Congressional Black Caucus focus on everybody else except black people what’s up with that? When you go to the Asian Caucus they only talk about what they do for Asians.
When you go to the Latino Caucus they only talk about what they do for Latinos.
When you go to the Jewish advocacy sites they only talk about what they do for the Jewish community. When you go to the Black Caucus they talk about lifting all boats we got to put an end to that. Only Black People were slaves in America no other group. We’ve been taught by white supremacist there’s some type of moral honor being impoverished. They told us Jesus was poor and we should want to be like him. I might not have money but I’m rich in morality that’s plantation talk.

You can’t do anything without resources and money. The something for nothing game has been monopolized by white supremacist. We as black people have to understand the importance of networking and sharing information so that we can protect each other this is why I created all of my social groups. Now I am ready to turn all of my groups into a real Christian business (GRCAI) and this is what my film will be based on.
Our issues are paramount we are the people in the most trouble everything else have to be on the back burner until our issues are resolved. Black People have shown white society that we’re not serious about our demands because after a few weeks we go back to the status quo. What black people are lacking worldwide is a solid agenda. Black People have been trying to get politics accomplished without having an economic base.
Politicians are brought to us by the dominant society they are chosen by the financial elites to only serve the interest of the financial elites not the people.

I found an article from the Sun which is a British newspaper. The Sun is owned by Rupert Murdock founder of Fox News. The article is entitled “STOP THE SPREE Buckhead crime wave — Atlanta’s richest neighborhood wants to BREAK AWAY from city & have their own police force.” You are welcome to read the article I provide the link on my Medium Page under show and prove. Buckhead is a wealthy area in Atlanta where most black people reside. When you look at who’s on the Buckhead Exploratory Committee you don’t see any black people. I provide the website along with a photo of the Buckhead Exploratory Committee on my Medium Page. When you go to their website it says Help Save Buckhead. All BEC members are volunteers. They say we are proud to be a diverse group. They have raised thousands of dollars. The financial elites want to divide Buckhead into it’s own city.

Black People continue to operate under this ridiculous notion that if we just ignore
white supremacy white supremacy will ignore us. The plan is to remove black people from Buckhead. While all this is going on where is your black representatives? I tell people don’t tell me about Atlanta being a black mecca because as a collective group we don’t own the real estate. While black people pretend they are running things the financial elites are practicing urban gentrification. I am using Buckhead as one example of what’s happening in Black America. The financial elites are gentrifying Harlem, LA, Chicago etc… If you don’t control the economy then what are you controlling?

The Financial elites tactics is to allow crime to elevate that’s how they clear black areas out or they could use public policy into their favor because they are the law makers. What I have written and what I have been preaching to black people for 29 years is coming to pass. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is trying to improve what little black community we have left this is why my film is so important.
Our black politicians are telling us the agenda should be legalizing marijuana and more LGBT parades which will in the end make black people become squatters in our own cities. We need to demonstrate that we can collaborate with each other in America first before we expand to Africa. The white supremacist are not coming at us as individuals they are coming as a group this is why black people must practice group economics and we have to unite with other like minded black people period. If Black America continue to ignore my vision and plan then were done as a group. The main issue Black Americans will face in the United States is urban gentrification and affluent white people coming into black areas and buying everything which is the plan same thing in Africa. It’s called economic warfare.

Have y’all heard about what’s taken place in Florida? Career politicians are trying to create laws against pull up summer. These politicians want to stop people from protesting in residential areas because demonstrators pulled up on Derek Chauvin’s the man who murdered (George Floyd) his home in Florida. Everyone have to respect the law in order for people to obey the law. When you have people who are suppose to enforce the law are the ones breaking the law then you create a lawless society the citizens have to check reckless people working in law enforcement in order to get them back in line. People are pulling up because the laws are not being respected.

I posted a video on my Facebook Page about a 6 year black boy in Detroit who was shot by an Asian man because he left his bike in the man’s front lawn. When these other groups are shooting our children then black people become ghost. I don’t respect that. If we don’t protect our children who will? After I posted my blog on Twitter the Black Grass Roots step up and begin calling the prosecutor and the judge to increase that man’s bond and he was re-arrested. The media stream media was not going to reveal this story to the public that’s why we have to support our black media outlet. Come to find out the prosecutor and the judge are democrats. This is why it’s important for us to be on code ladies and gentlemen.

You had an attorney by the name of Mark Mccloskey, who displayed a rifle at BLM protesters now he is running for Senate. In Missouri the Republicans are running against black people and saying the issue is crime. In contrast, in Atlanta your so called black representative is running against black people while saying the issue is crime. The financial elites don’t want to next election to be about black issues but rather crime prevention. First the issue was about Stop Asian Hate. Every time you turn around these career politicians have some excuse to avoid black issues. The financial elites strategy is to get black people to vote for them and their interest. If we don’t make it clear that if there is no black agenda on the ballot then we will with hold our vote during the national election.

In America, we are living under a white supremacist regime. When white supremacist make it acceptable for one of our black children to get shot and they only give this dude a ten thousand dollar bail for attempted murder. This is unacceptable. If you use a verbal slur to an Asian the authorities can hit you with a federal hate crime. The NAACP and the Congressional Black Caucus are promoting Stop Asian Hate but not talking about this story. Where are the Asian organizations speaking out against this Asian Man who shot this black boy? The Asian Community supported Peter Liang after he killed a black man. Family, we have to stop caping for these other groups who are not reciprocating about our cause.

We have to unite and step to the Biden Administration and demand a crime bill specifically for Black Americans. Black People have to speak out against all of Democrats for prioritizing everyone else with executive orders except us. We are a very powerful people when we get on code. Support what we are doing by sharing our video-podcast, purchasing items from our virtual store, purchase my revised book and read my story for yourself if you agree with my vision and plan for Black America & Africa then work with me in turning my ideas into a reality. Finally donate to our Paypal Page you can find all of my pages on my Youtube channel under About.

I put in a lot of time to do research in order to help our people to understand what is happening to our people on a local, national and international level. GRCAM aim is to heal our people that’s why our first film (Hood Liberator Made In Chicago: The War Against Willie Lynch Begins) is based on my experience and what drove me to create GRCAM in the first place. The process of healing begins with identifying our African heritage. Family you have to understand we are dealing with a socio-economic system that is well funded by the financial elites.

It’s not my burden alone but rather a shared burden for I am just one black man with a vision and a plan, it takes a team to make a dream work. This is why I keep bring up Nehemiah he did not rebuild the walls of Jerusalem by himself he had qualified Architects, Brick Layers and Engineers.

I encourage my group members in (GRCAI of Africa) if you are able to get 5 or more people from your specific country then we will use this platform to promote your country and your businesses or ministries. They are as follows: Liberia, Ivory Coast, Ghana, Angola, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Tanzania and Uganda. We plan on
replicating GRCAI of Africa in 10 African nations God willing. In addition, we plan on having our Caribbean brothers and sisters in such places as the Bahamas, Barbados, Haiti, Jamaica and Brazil to come on the show to promote their businesses or ministries.

GRCAI of Chicago will be about hosting African tours for the Diaspora so that we can come and focus on rebuilding Africa to secure our future. The talent to rebuild Africa is here; we just need to unite Africans on my friends list with the Diaspora and help Africa experience her true potential. Without the Diaspora, Africa will continue to languish, and without Africa, the Diaspora will continue to weaken as well. GRCAI of Africa will promote an African Renaissance in which the Diaspora and the continent pool our talents and skills together rather these resources be mental, monetary or spiritual, help in leading Africa’s return of the Golden Age.

Our objective is to create a genuinely sovereign and self-sufficient Africa in which both Continental Africans and African Diaspora can rightfully benefit from. Our next film project will take place in South Africa. The name of the film is entitled (African Liberator: The Battle Against Colonized Mindset). Once our film project is fully funded and made and the proceeds begin coming in then (GRCAI of Chicago) will begin launching our African tours. We plan on visiting Kibera which is the largest slum in Nairobi, and the largest urban slum in Africa. Unity is strength, division is weakness. That’s a Swahili Proverb. The Grass Roots Community Activist Movement is about uniting the Diaspora and Continental Africans from my social groups so that we can focus solving black issues on a global scale. GRCAM aim to utilize technology to assist black entrepreneurs and black businesses in creating jobs within the African market and diaspora through our future films and stage plays. We aim to create an African reality show once our film project is fully funded and made.

GRCAM objective is to create a think tank that is intelligent and informed on a local, national and international level. Create initiatives which will have a direct impact on job creation within the African community and the black community so that we can trade among one another. We are trying to recruit a team in both the public sector and private sector for our real business (GRCAI of Chicago). We pride ourselves on the quality of our research content we provide on our video-podcast. We aim to deliver relevant information based on quality research, facts, and most importantly, advancing the economic interests of the African continent.

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