(Black U.S. Airman Executed In His Home By Rogue Cop)

Emmanuel Barbee
15 min readMay 16, 2024


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(Black U.S. Airman Executed In His Home By Rogue Cop)

I have some sad news to report, it’s about a brother who was a U.S. Airman in Florida was ambushed in his home. One of these Karen’s called the police about a domestic dispute and she sent the cop to the wrong apartment. According to the footage this Rogue Cop was knocking on the door and he kept ducking out of the way so that you couldn’t see who he was. He was yelling at the sheriff to open the door. You would assume it might be somebody pretending to be a cop. He didn’t know what was going on so he grabbed his gun in one hand but his gun was pointed downward as soon as he opened the door that Rogue Cop jumped out and shot him six times in the chest. Now the Sheriff’s Department is trying to justify the cops action. To watch the full footage just go to my Medium Page and select the same title of this presentation in order to follow along with this topic.

All of a sudden these people are now talking about he shouldn’t have came to the door with a gun, these are the same Second Amendment Crowd who run around here talking about hands off our guns when it’s White America but when a Black American exercises their Second Amendment Rights then these Alt Right People start getting real quiet. All these double standards. This case is about a Black U.S. Airman by the name of Roger Fortson, he lost his life at the hands of a rogue cop because he was sent by a Karen, he went to the wrong apartment and killed this brother now the community demands answers. I am a little late reporting on this story because I only do these commentaries once a week.

On May 3, 2024, a disturbance report was made in a residential complex. Body cam footage shows an Okaloosa County Sheriff’s deputy being told by a woman in a residential complex to go to Apartment 1401. The woman tells the deputy that when walking beside an apartment, she heard some “yelling” and profanities, as well as the sound of a slap, but she was not sure where that sound came from. According to body camera footage, the sheriff’s deputy arrived at Apartment 1401, and initially knocked without announcing who he was. The deputy then moves off to the side of the door, where it seems he cannot be seen from the apartment’s peephole. About 30 seconds later, the deputy knocks on the door again, this time announcing: “Sheriff’s office, open the door.” Around 10 seconds later, the deputy knocks on the door another time, and again announces: “Sheriff’s office, open the door.” According to Fortson’s mother and girlfriend, who had been on Face Time with him, Fortson heard a knock on his door and received no response when he asked who was at the door. His girlfriend also indicated that Fortson attempted to look through his peephole but was unable to see anyone through his peephole, and had armed himself believing that someone was breaking in. According to body camera footage, Fortson opens the door holding a gun in his right hand, with the gun held by his side and pointed downwards. As the door opens, the deputy tells Fortson to “step back” and immediately shoots Fortson. Five or six gunshots were fired. Around the time Fortson is shot, he lifts his left hand in front of his chest. Fortson falls to the floor, and it is only then that the deputy tells Fortson: “Drop the gun!” After the shooting, Fortson was brought to a hospital, where he died.

Another incident similar to this case happened to a brother named Botham Jean. On the night of September 6, 2018, 26-year-old accountant Botham Jean was murdered in Dallas, Texas by off-duty police officer Amber Guyger, who entered Botham Jean’s apartment and fatally shot him. Guyger, who said that she had entered Jean’s apartment thinking that it was her own apartment and believed Botham Jean to be a burglar. She was initially charged with manslaughter. The absence of a murder charge led to protests and accusations of racial bias because Botham Jean was an unarmed Black man killed in his own apartment by a White off-duty officer who had apparently disregarded police protocols. On November 30, 2018, Guyger was indicted on a charge of murder. On October 1, 2019, she was found guilty of murder, and was sentenced to ten years’ imprisonment the following day.

Another incident happened to a young sister named Atatiana Jefferson, she was a 28 year old Black Woman who was fatally shot inside her home by a police officer in Fort Worth, Texas, in the early morning of October 12, 2019. Police arrived at her home after a neighbor called for a wellness check because Jefferson’s front door was left open. Police body camera footage showed officers walking outside the home with flashlights for a few minutes then one officer yells, “Put your hands up! Show me your hands!”, while discharging his weapon through a window. Police found a handgun near Jefferson’s body, which according to her eight year old nephew, she was pointing toward the window before being shot. On October 14, 2019, Officer Aaron Dean, the shooter, resigned from the Police Department and was arrested on a murder charge. On December 20, 2019, Dean was indicted for murder. The officer who shot her was White.

Another case involving a police shooting at someone’s home was a sister by the name of Breonna Taylor. She was shot and killed while unarmed in her Louisville, Kentucky apartment by three police officers who entered under the auspices of a no knock search warrant. After Louisville Metro Police Department ex-detective Brett Hankison was acquitted of felony wanton endangerment of Taylor’s neighbors at the state-level, Attorney-General Merrick Garland announced the Department of Justice was charging Hankison with the unconstitutional use of excessive force that violated Taylor’s civil rights. Three other officers, who were not present at the shooting, were also federally charged with conspiracy in falsifying evidence to procure the search warrant, and then covering it up. Originally from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Taylor worked as an on-call Emergency Room Technician and first responder in the local area at the time of her death. Her controversial death followed the murder of Ahmaud Arbery (February 23, 2020) and preceded the murder of George Floyd (May 25, 2020).

All three deaths spurred an outpouring of protests and became a rallying cry for the Black Live Matter movement in summer 2020. Supporters adopted the motto #SayHerName in Taylor’s memory bringing attention to Black women who are killed by police officers. Yet another incident happened to a young brother named Amir Locke, was a 22 year old African American man, who was fatally shot on February 2, 2022, by SWAT officer Mark Hanneman of the Minneapolis Police Department inside an apartment in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where police were executing a no knock search warrant in a homicide investigation.

The officer involved shooting was reviewed by the office of Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison, the office of Hennepin County Attorney Michael Freeman, and the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension. Ellison and Freeman declined to file criminal charges against the officer who shot Locke in a report released on April 6, 2022. The reason why I am sharing these stories with you all is because I want you all to be aware of what’s happening in America. The average Black American is more focused on the battle between Kendrick Lamar vs Drake. You need to be aware about the people around you, and be aware about the environment you are in. We’re reminded of Philando Castile and Breonna Taylor. We’re reminded about the State of Florida where Ron DeSantis and his collaborators have made it known that White Supremacy is still alive and well in America. Meanwhile these politicians are pushing legislation to prevent you from saying things that are offensive to Jewish people but notice they’re not trying to push for an Anti-Black Hate Crime Bill like they did for Asian Americans.

Where are all of these Second Amendment Organizations like the NRA? Where’s Black Twitter? Everybody is quiet, no statements on their social media where are all these people who are pro-gun? Every time something like this happens to a Black person who is legally exercising his Second Amendment Rights then usually the person ends up shot dead. I’ve been preaching to Black America for the past 32 years telling Black People that if we don’t confront this Willie Lynch mentality head on then this will be our down fall. All of this off code behavior among Black People is making it harder for us to live in America. It’s a catch 22 meaning not answering the door can be taken as being non-compliant and that alone can create a situation for you and your family.

In the case of Roger Fortson, this Rogue Cop wanted him to open the door so that he could ambush him because he was a soft target. If law enforcement have probable cause then they really don’t need a warrant the only reason for asking about a warrant is to establish what type of interaction will take place. None of these other groups have to go through what the average Black America has to endure. We’re taught to hold your hands 9 to three on your steering wheel when pulled over by law enforcement. Before you open the door you gotta stay three steps ahead of them, first ask them what they want? Secondly, tell them you need to see them before you open your door. Law enforcement have to justify why they came to your place when you go to court.

I am your anchor man for the New Black Voices of Media. So when somebody says something stupid like what the laws aren’t and spread misinformation you’ve got me here to put a halt on it in its tracks. I’m not giving you my opinion, you can Google the information because we live in the information age. This is what they say about it on their Sheriff Department website in Florida. I want to see all of my brothers and sisters being safe and sound. We have to have one voice and demand the same kind of protections that other Americans have under the law. That’s what GRCAM is all about. We can’t continue to allow Rogue Cops to run up on our loved ones and kill them in cold blood. We have to stop avoiding these types of issues. America has a bunch of White Supremacists working in law enforcement. Real Talk I think that police officer should be fired and go to prison. I also think that Karen needs to be punished and serve prison time too. This is the same scenario that happened to Emmett Till. Like I said this many times before as long as Black Americans remain in America we will be treated as third and fourth class citizens that’s why I’ve been trying to get Black America on board with building GRCAI of Chicago to give Black Parents options about raising their children outside of America and having dual citizenship either in a African nation or in a Caribbean nation because the pressure to live in this country is getting out of hand. Through my Christian business we would exchange our skills to help improve those nations in exchange for citizenship. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all share this video podcast with your friends. This will help get the ball rolling.

Thank you all for listening and we’ll see you on the next video podcast. Please join GRCAM by joining either my Christian groups (Light OF The World Inspirational Group or Christian Spoken Word Network) or join my Secular groups GRCAI of Africa, GRCAI of Chicago or New Black Voices of Media etc… also exchange emails with me so that we can stay connected because this is my third Facebook Page hackers are forever bugging. Please leave a public comment on my Youtube Page about the topic. Most of all, share this video podcast with your friends this will help get the ball rolling.

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