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Emmanuel Barbee
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The first topic American Politics Understanding The Political Game

Over the weekend I received an email from a man name Rev. Raphael Warnock about voter suppression. He is trying to get me to sign a petition. It’s true that the GOP has launched an assault on our democracy by introducing over 100 new voter suppression bills in over 28 states. I said to myself the nerve of people who can send me information about voter suppression but don’t give a whoot about our cause which is Help Stop The Genocide In American Ghettos. Biden gave executive orders for the LGBT, Illegal Immigrants and Asians. In addition he gave the Asian community a hate crime bill and 50 million dollars to help their businesses while excluding Black People.

I remember during the 2020 election Ice Cube created the Contract With Black America which is similar to what I wrote about in my revised book of course great minds think a like. Basically we’re saying let’s leverage the black vote. In other words, let’s put tangibles on the table for any of these political candidates to receive our vote.
Roland Martin was the biggest cheerleader for Biden and Kamala Harris. I remember Roland Martin had an attitude with Ice Cube about the Contract With Black America when he said we need to demand something for our vote.

Once Biden won the election people started celebrating in the streets. Biden tweeted that black people help him win the election and he has our back. Eight months in and black people still have not gotten an executive order like other groups. Roland Martin was upset about For The People Act. The Republicans have decided to launch laws to restrict the Black Vote. I found a video entitled Where Y’all At? Roland says LGBT, Whites, Asians and Latinos must protest for voting rights. I provide a video clip from on my Medium transcript under show and prove. Roland Martin brings up all these so called allies who are suppose to be fighting with us. Everybody has sat on the side lines watching us get beat down and or killed. While these other groups get to benefit off our struggle. These immigrants coming over here to make money they’re not here to fight for freedom and rights. A lot of us are saying let these other groups fight for their own causes. These so called allies never show up when we need them. They never show up during jury selection. Roland Martin has realize that all his liberal friends have abandoned him and the Black community. Other groups never had to fight in the manner we had to fight. They sit back and watch us then reap all the benefits. Dr. John Henry Clark said we have no friends. That day is over. Truth be told White men in America never had to worry about voting rights.

Once White women got their right to vote they became solidified. In contrast, Black people’s Voting Rights and the Civil Rights Act are voted on every 25 years. This was meant to be temporary the financial elites can take away our voting rights with a stroke of a pen. Joe Biden does not want to get rid of the filibuster. All of a sudden you see these Republican Democrats that’s the trojan horse the financial elites created. I remember watching a video about Joe Biden on the Breakfast Club he told Charlamagne Tha God that if you vote for Trump then your not black. He would never say that to any other group because he knows black people are politically ignorant. I provide that video clip from CNN on my Medium transcript under show and prove.

For example, the Asian Hate Crime Bill none of these career politicians argued about a
filibuster it passed but when it comes to black issues white supremacy wants to keep us enslaved and at the bottom of the economic ladder. We have people like Roland Martin who has a large platform are misleading black people to think that the Democrats & the Congressional Black Caucus have our best interest. All you Biden supporters this is what you voted for tell me what has changed? Voting Rights isn’t in the interest of white society. The bad part about all of this is we had all these
voting rights for years but black people did nothing with them except re-elect the same people over and over again.

Black people allowed these black politicians to be black faces in high places promoting white supremacy. They are no different than a lot of African leaders who are in the pockets of the financial elites. The reason why the Democrats don’t take black people serious is because black people are going to continue to give away their vote freely. They can get away with this because we lack unification. Part of Black America want to be included with the black Boulé Sigma Pi Phi. We have another class of black people who don’t want to get involved with any thing black then you have the Pookie and Rayray who are terrorizing the community and killing black life.

These other groups who are piggy backing off our struggle are receiving all kinds of give a ways from the government. These other groups are focusing on building up their community and their economic base. People like Roland Martin just want to focus on begging the financial elites for voting rights. Voting is not going to get us out of this mess. America is rolling back all of the protections our grandparents fought and died for during the Civil Rights Era. If black people fail to unify then we are doom in America. If black people would work together as a group we would not need these political parties. I am trying to connect with other like minded black people before I cut and run to Africa. I will do my best to get my Christian business (GRCAI of Chicago) established in Chicago and hopefully in five other cities before we expand to Africa. We see what’s going on in public schools the financial elites are trying to shine a positive light on the Klan and they want to remove black history from the text books. Automation and robots are expanding in the new workforce. Machines does not need vacations, sick leave or a union. The time will come when all stores will have a self checkout station. It’s a dream come true for mega corporations.

If Black America would have embrace my vision back in the 90’s and begin building our own institutions and creating our own economic base then we would not be in this predicament. We just don’t want to work together as a collective so as a result
urban gentrification on a national level will take place for being off code. We have so many sell outs and we keep going down the same path every four years. Not practicing group economics and targeted boycotts against businesses in the black community who disrespect local residents. The financial elites want to make black people destitute because when you are individualistic you become a narcissist and care less about your community or your racial group. The financial elites are using the Corona Virus to shift some things. It’s not our responsibility to take care of grown people who didn’t want to take care of themselves. Collectively we are losing. This is why I continue to promote unification and empowerment. The reason why I am focusing on Roland Martin is because he is an influencing other black people and they think he knows what he’s talking about.

The second topic Mainstream Media Attack Woke Culture.

I warn Black America to withhold their vote until tangibles are put on the table by either political candidate. I also said if the Democrats win the election they would embark on a nonstop campaign to change the subject away from black issues. Next thing you know it’s all about LGBT, Illegal Immigrants and now Asians. Our job is to remain on point and on code. Roland Martin promise if black people would listen to him then we would get results. I never wavered I’ve never changed my position. My message is consistent. When has Roland Martin ever talked about LuLac? LuLac means (League of United Latin American Citizens). They never had a history of supporting black people. All of the stuff I’ve been blogging about and talking about on Facebook and other social sites and all of a sudden he is saying the exact same thing. I have a video clip of Roland Martin giving an interview with Ali Velshi from MSNBC. You can listen to the entire interview on my Medium transcript under show and prove.

Mainstream media is complaining about the back lash of woke culture. Woke is a new code word for black. They claim that black people who are woke is going to cost the Democrats the 2022 election. Roland Martin encourage black people to vote for the Democrats and now all of a sudden he’s being held responsible for lack of results now he’s trying to sound pro-black. The Voting Rights Act doesn’t target anyone else except black people. White people don’t need the right to vote they have whiteness. The only thing Roland Martin can do is symbolic gestures. He can’t name anything concrete that can be done. We don’t need to see any white politician getting arrested because getting arrested has never been part of the white agenda. We don’t need a minority coalition we need more black people on code. When society see that we’re serious then society will start changing their behavior towards us.

The financial elites know that Roland Martin got ran off the block in Baltimore. He did not talk like this during the election. When Roland Martin heard that Jeff Bezos gave Van Jones a hundred million dollars that got under Roland’s skin. In contrast, Stephen Colbert decided to give Charlamagne Tha God his own talk show on Comedy Central called The God’s Honest Truth. First he’s not a God, second he is not honest and finally he’s not going to tell the truth because he is bought and paid for. His talk show will bring more diversity in the media. His show is going to revolve around
Charlamagne’s culturally fluent take on social issues. According to Daily Beast in 2001, when Charlamagne was a young man he was accused of an alleged sexual assault.

Even though there was no evidence of anything happening other than an accusation. What I believe they are going to say is Charlamagne violated this underage girl when she was 15. The female friend claim they were given a drink and afterwards they became unconscious. He was arrested and plead guilty to contributing to the delinquency of a minor. We’re talking about in the state of South Carolina. All the prosecutor has to do is threaten the accuser of an all white jury is enough to get a black man to take a plea deal. All of those white feminists groups aren’t saying anything at the moment they’re waiting for the right time. Keep in mind Charlamagne sign a plea deal so they cannot open the case sounds familiar oh yeah Bill Cosby. We all know what Charlamagne’s show is gonna be about toting a white liberal perspective.

The financial elites are trying to promote people like Van Jones and Charlamagne Tha God in hopes that they can incentives the black grass roots to get them inline with the program. I explain to my members that white supremacy believes in financing their puppets. When he was kissing up to Hillary Clinton he thought that he was auditioning for a White House Press Secretary Job. He did the same thing for Kamala Harris. He extended his platform to these Democrats so that they can spew their propaganda. He is just looking for a sponsor literally. He’s trying to leverage black society so that he can benefit off of it. He did not promote reparations for black people yet he is begging Jeff Bezos for funding.

This is the New Black Voices of Media. On here we separate ourselves from those who are disingenuous within black society. We belong to black society and we serve their interest. Our objective is to train and build up more skilled black laborers. We give our listeners relevant intelligent reliable information which cannot be disputed. These sell outs want to use black people by misleading them to vote against our own interest by delivering the black vote to the Democrats without tangibles. When you hear black people like me talking about building and controlling our own institutions and building up our economic base black sell outs usually would start arguing against it because of this Willie Lynch mentality they don’t want us to own and control anything. In their minds they think a white infrastructure is better and they prefer that we continue to depend on the system which has enslaved our ancestors and continue to enslave our people through mass incarceration.

Following the uprisings of George Floyd the Democrats won the Presidency, The House and The Senate. You would think that the biggest political threat facing the Democrats should be all of these red states which are passing all of these voter suppression laws by Republicans nope not even close. According to CNN the biggest threat to the Democrats are the young outspoken voters who gave the Democrats the Presidency, The House and The Senate. In the last couple of months the main stream media CNN, MSNBC & FOX NEWS have made a distinction between the Democrats and Progressives. They are using coded words or euphemism for the word woke which means black. What the financial elites is saying is all of these woke people are becoming a threat to their political system. The next attack by the financial elites will be to use our words to confuse our listeners and to make a point that the 2022 election is going to be a referendum by the Democrats against what the black grass roots has been promoting on social media. Also there will be no woke candidates on the ballot.

I came across an article from the Washington Post by James Hummon entitled “Nina Turner’s loss in Ohio means Biden doesn’t need to keep caving to the left.” James Hummon said Democrats need to quit caving to the left. In the case of Nina Turner she loss the election because she did not galvanize the black grass roots and this is what happens to establishment candidates. The Congressional Black Caucus can be beaten but it’s going to take a fully galvanize and organized effort at the grass roots level.

I thought the Democrats were the left? Now all of a sudden the left means black people. I’ve explain to my members for years these political terms Democrats and Republicans does not apply to black people. These terms are interchangeable. When we talk about being descendants of American slaves or Foundational Black Americans when we start talking about our status as a group all of a sudden the dominant society start calling us left wingers. The mainstream media will start calling black people who fight against white supremacy radical leftists.

The third topic Kenya Continue Fight For Their sovereignty From The UK

Kenya were brutally evicted by the British army between 1895 and 1963 to make way for tea plantations owned by white settlers. Having never received any form of redress for the human rights violations they suffered, they filed a complaint to the UN calling for an investigation in 2019. The UK claim that Kenya gain it’s independence in 1963 yet the former colonizer continue to control Kenya behind the scene. This is why the diaspora is needed on the continent to help our brothers and sisters reclaim our rightful land from western nations. Please watch the video by Wongel Zelalem from the African Diaspora News Insider. I provide the video on my transcript Medium page under show and prove. The sooner I am able to get GRCAI of Chicago established in America the sooner can launch our African tours and move GRCAM from behind a computer the ball is in your court Black Grass Roots and the Global Black Family.

Show and Prove

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